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TFI Hyderabad Meets Thread - Latest report on Pg. 100

Discussion in 'Team Fiat Meets' started by atulalvenkar, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. It all started when Kiran landed from NL and was waiting for some action(after missing a couple of meets particularly drive meets) .. i.e driving his 75 on the ORR (idea borrowed from the earlier meet photo-sessions attended by yours truly, NVKale, Probiker and Rajesh) along with the fellow TFI'ians from the city of pearls - Hyderabad.

    Since I am about to leave the country for some time, we decided to meet and eventually it was decided that it would be great to have a full fledged TFI meet instead so that all of us can meet and there were a few to be owners of the Fiats who we wanted to meet as well and vice versa. The date was set, plans made,refined finally to have a drive / lunch meet with families which found acceptance with majority.

  2. varoon9999

    varoon9999 Superiore

    New Delhi,HP 48
    New Delhi,HP 48
    Grande Punto 1.3
    @Kiran Anna
    @Cyberdoc Anna

    pics chala bagaundi. terrific..

    (trans.....pics are really nice)
  3. hillram


    Nice pictures of the meet.It was an enjoyable time with new Generation Fiat owners.I enjoyed myself,so did my son Vijay.
    Thanks for Tejaswini Motors for performing a general check up on my Fiat.It was an awesome gesture from the dealer.Look forward to the next meet,hopefully in my new Linea !!
  4. nk4FIAT

    nk4FIAT Superiore

    Superb Shivagaru!!! Your camera may be outdated but your photography skill and caption to each photo is fantastic.
    Keep it up guys. Ramgaru i could recollect ur white Palio sticker style with Uno.
    Probiker now its ur turn!!!
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  5. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Awesome meet guys.

    Is that Srikar in the checkered shirt and grey trousers? ( Constantly on the phone in every pic :p)

    As always , nice to actually "see" fellow TFIans.
  6. Yup the chocolate boy of TFI Hyderabad .. Ever smiling face ..... It's Srikar who has only the special privileges of coming in a manza (last when he attended) to the meet of TFI.
  7. Group Shot

    Took very less Pics.

    The Group Shot -

    Thanks to every one who made the Meet a success.
    Thanks to the Tejaswi team for coming in spite of a short notice.
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  8. N Kiran

    N Kiran Staff Member Janitor

    The planning

    Before leaving to Hyderabad, I made a post in this very thread that a meet was due, say it an Anniversary meet or a Monsoon meet. :)
    Many of you might know the actual proposal but in brief it was to choose a date before 17-07-2011 and then fix the meet date and in the next 3 days the venue would be decided.

    I reached Hyderabad on 11th July and was expecting atleast few replies to the proposal I made, but nothing happened. :( Then I started calling the members with the contact numbers I had, informed about the proposal and the basic plan. I was hell bent to make a ORR meet like the last meet as many including me missed it.

    When I called Pramit and told him about the plan he suggested me that it would be nice to go to some place like Osman Sagar (Gandipet). I liked the idea, called up Shiva and he said that we can even take the route via Himayath Sagar (the other lake)where we can have 2 lakes to visit.
    P.S : I was in Hyderabad all my life, but never been to Himayath Sagar. :confused

    Everyone on my contact list was informed. Took contacts of few other members from the others, contacted them and informed them aswell.
    Searched people from Hyderabad on the forum :ugeek:and PMed several guys and recieved few replies. Few were intrested, but couldn't make it on the date planned. Few were in. The meet date and location was finalised, everyone we knew were informed.

    It was planned to split into two groups, for people staying at different parts of Hyderabad. The ORR could be reached from several places, but we deicided on two major entrances. One was from L.B.Nagar for most of the members living in and around it. The other was Gachibowli, where a lot of members were from. Now we had to decide the routes to be taken to the meet location. Shiva suggested that we should do a small (around 100kms) trip around the ORR to give a clear and almost precise picture of what route options we have.

    I informed at the office that I would be late because of some medical emergency and picked up Shiva at his office. (I donot know what he told at the office or if he is allowed to get away like that) We started off at Gachibowli which was only a few kms from Shiva's office and took the ORR, as said in my earlier post, the drive was awesome. We could consistantly drive between 150kmph and 170kmph almost the whole stretch and the max speed on the ODO we did was 180kmph. :redcarI will upload a small video I took on my way on the meet day, so that people can see what I mean.

    We reached Exit 12 and then again took the route which people from L.B.Nagar have an option for. This route is basically through the city traffic, but the distance was almost half the route if we take the ORR. I strongly insisted on taking the ORR for various reasons. :carAtlast the routes were finalised and were informed to the members by means of Google maps and other stuff. Thanks to Shiva and Prabhakar for their efforts to make and post the route maps. :clapping

    It was decided that Shiva would lead the team from Gachibowli and I would lead the team from L.B.Nagar. This time we thought, we should also bring our families along for the meet.

    The day before the meet, I sent a group SMS to all the members who have agreed to make it to the meet. A reminder about the meet and also if they would like to bring along their families. Only few responded,:A so I started calling everyone and took their confirmation. Asusual and as expected there were some drop outs and some may-be's. :roll:

    The next write-up would be about the events from start till end on the meet day.

    I request Shiva to do the write-up for the Gachibowli Gang, from the call he got from me in the morning till the joining of both the batches at Exit 17.
    I would write-up for the L.B.Nagar guys after Shiva's post. :grin:
  9. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    N Kiran & All Hydrabad members great meet and great photos. Thanks for sharing photos of TFI Members along with their car name.

    PS That little angle looks so cute.
  10. Well well ... This meet had it's own share of Paul walkers and Vin diesel's and some serious stunts. Getting back on the job on a fresh week is almost impossible after having the weekend to drool about fiat's and the meet in particular but I am trying ..... Before getting on the grind of what this week has to offer (incl a hop across half of the world abeit with out a fiat though with Roll's Royce / GE doing their duty to fly me along with some 400 odd px) I would try to complete the chain of events that have happened through design and some without any planing on the day of the meet.

    We were expecting drop-outs at the last moment and were keeping out fingers crossed. Multiple communications channels such as telephones / Sweet Messaging Services / Google Channels were set up for passing on the information on what,when and where would people convene and when all of us would meet. The question that hung in our minds were how many cars and believe me guessing this magic figure was akin to appearing on a JEE exams with butter flies in our stomachs. On the look of it there were more people and less cars. So be it...

    The champions of the day were

    2 Linea's 1.4 Emo Pk's .. We have missed the lone Jet though. It would have given everyone a big run for their money provided it and the owner were in the mood for unleashing all the horses.

    2 90 Hp's -- One Just appeared out of the clouds for sometime and we see it as a BNW owned by Rajesh complete with a crome tip and a painted spoiler oreee-geee-nal and the other was always with it's headlights / fog lights on and it was sometime doing it's duty as a pilot car, sometimes it contained the photographer and was piloted by Probiker. Midn you this car was always given the right of way to discharge it's duties as a shoot video car as well.. Thankfully here the 90 horses have not found their way on to the road. A wild guess of mine here is that they have bunked the meet and was being fed fodder by probiker at his home after instructed by this better half.

    3 Red 1.3 MJD's + 1.3 MGrey MJD -- Out of the 3 Red's one was a confirmed to be abused car though the owner cared for it. Meet our first Paul Walker .. Mr N Kiran. The second one was a sedately driven car on a daily basis but when the owner .. Guru relinquished the driver's seat it was a horse out of control. This car had hosted the other paul walkers in the meet. The 3rd one was a well maintained sedately driven Prasanna's car and the MGrey MJd again did what a sane driver in pramit asked it to do. Pramit's car made me forget my 90 MGrey which was resting at home while the foxtrot Azure Linea was doing the meet.

    1.2 Red -- Belonged to Tejaswi and it carried lot of essential stuff such as the vital fluids excl Fuel to be used on the other's horses in the meet. This car was adorned with a Huge Punto Logo on it's site it black. Red / Black a lethal combination if you ask me.

    1 White Uno of Hill Ram's

    Participants included (Not in order of preference but typing as I recollect .. These days loosing memory as fast as my receding hair line unfortunately) Guru,Krishna and his friend Pradeep, Arvind, Shiva and my friend Bhaskar, Sreejish with his friends from wipro mumbai, Pramit and his friend, Rajesh, Sreekar, Kiran with his better half and admiration guaranteed daughter, Prabhakar and his better half, Prasanna with his better half and their son, Vignesh, Sarat, helpful folks from Tejaswi led by Mr Ravi and hill ram with his son.

    A day prior to D-day both mine and Kiran's mobiles were busy co-coordinating the pickups for people who were unable to drive on their own and confirmations and cross confirmations being passed on between us. In other terms either he or I were multicasting information on the channel that people were tuned on. It was late evening by which everything was set up and I thought of taking a break and I receive a buzz from probiker (I shall refer to him as PB for the rest of my tome) throwing in an offer of having a free checkup arranged at the site or the showroom and we discussed and finalised that the checkup should happen on site and it was decided. So the next round of co-ordination started between me/PB and Ravi as I was supposed to lead them to the venue.

    I was jolted out of sleep all of a sudden by the shrill voice of my Iphone shouting at the top of it's voice a message notification and with one eye open I casually glanced at the message and it read "TFI forum seems to be hacked. Pls check" from hillram and a second message in a span of 6 mins from PB followed by his call. Shall I press the panic button?? No !! everything has been arranged earlier so there was no need to panic. Thankfully. Few calls to Kiran and the others who had to be picked and who were supposed to be picking them was done. I wasn't expecting any more calls and out of the blue Guru called me. I was pretty sure that I had to call him and before I could he called me asking me where was I and he was ready.( Guru you made my day !!) :eek:

    So set off to pick up my linea and then bundled bhaskar into the car with me and proceeded to pick up krishna at around 8:30 near the scheduled pick-up point. He arrived at the point and was searching for us standing beside the Linea which we were in :p. We introduced ourselves and then a quick call to surya confirmed he would be joining us late so proceeded to tag along Ravi and his team. They were already delayed so I asked them to start and reach us at the venue while we proceeded to meet Arvind. We picked up arvind at his work place located in Raheja IT Mind space - Cyberabad (Now I don't know why this area is called cyberabad when rest is hyderabad Is it due to the cyberspace or something else is left to you to guess / ponder about) and proceeded to the final rendezvous point the ORR - Gachibowli Junction.

    Guru was supposed to join us with Pradeep but he was no where to be found.. A call later, we discovered his car parked at the other side of road and guru waiting for us to join him for breakfast. Bhaskar / Pradeep have given him company in an irani cafe eating what .. an Idli as I was told but did not check what they had at the end and his Punto became the subject to test my photography skills. Foolish of me was my lens set to focus manually and not to use the AF system that canon generously offered to me with the camera body. The initial shots were washed out and the third one exposed correctly. To notch up my skills a little further got arvind into the frame as well and the "who is meaner snap came into existance". Meanwhile sreejish was on his way to meet us and at the precise moment pramit gives me a call informing his departure from his residence to the rendezvous point. Sreejish arrived with his friends in an battered white Indica with black on white plates with a typical hyderabadi old chap at the helm of affairs. Pleasantries exchanged and soon I was trying out a few snaps in his canon 1000d with a 50mm 1.4 prime.The Red Punto slowly eased out from the eatery we decided to proceed as we were late by around 20 mins. Hill Ram called and was surprised that the meet was on. He was confused on the day of the meet so I provided him necessary directions to proceed so that he could meet us at the final meeting point gandipet. I got sreejish and his friends hop into the Linea along with me and pradeep. Krishna / Bhaskar / Pradeep were accompanying guru and we started towards exit 17 and I receive a call from Rajesh saying that he was on the way. I slowed down and the indica overtook me :A in all it's glory (when does it generally get a chance to pit against the Fiat's) followed by Guru's car which was now piloted by the Fast n Furious Guy Bhaskar. They got confused at exit 18 and the linea was again the lead car :D maintaining the same speed. We got to exit 17 and stopped just ahead to the junction waiting for pramit and rajesh to join us.

    They came in one after the other. Rajesh followed by Pramit. Rajesh car became an instant hit and the Linea was faithfully dumped for the 90 and all my co-passengers excluding arvind jumped into the 90 at the slightest provocation. May the toxic mixture of the BNW / 90 made them shift loyalties. I then asked rajesh to lead the exit and proceed towards himayatsagar meanwhile I get the guys from the other side of town to himayatsagar and was about to zoom off and in time got a call from srikar asking us to join them at the second rendezvous point. Exit 17. We got down and joined Kiran / Prasanna and sharat along with the team who joined them in their cars. Greeted each other and there was one main head which was still missing. The PB. He started late but I was pretty sure he would reach by the time the other's reach but unfortunately that was no be. His better half looks like has sucked in some speed (though he denies it ;-)) so I volunteer to go to the main road and wait for him to save time lest he gets confused. So I and vignesh set off to accord a grand welcome to 6579 AV. 6579 AV (Mind you it's his car) arrives full 10-15 odd mins late with it's head lights visible from a distance. The retardation was not locomotive type and it came to a halt just feet from my poor linea's door and out of the window peeps PB :).

    Atlast ... Now having the full contingent at himayatsagar we proceeded towards himayatsager and kiran by then had got the car's lined up for a photo shoot. We park our respective cars at the places allocated. Linea was allocated one bang in the middle we see tejaswi's punto arriving. we welcomed them and the photo shoots started. PB was focused on taking snaps and he was very particular about not having any people in the line of sight of his camera lens. so the few had to scurry out of his view lest it might incur wrath from one of the ace photographer. With photo shoots which were unplanned done, Sreejish bade us good bye and proceeded towards Ramoji film city while the others formed a convoy to get towards osmansagar where hillram was already patiently waiting. We got the 6579 AV to be the photo shoot car as PB never follows and he leads by example :D and I was at the helm. We crossed himayatsagar where rajesh bade us good bye and the rest drove on. Here on this road and this precise moment vin diesel's and paul walkers in all the 3 Red 1.3's came to life. One was let to pass to be able to shoot while the other was curtailed which made the driver agitated. PB flashed his lights to allow him to pass and this was taken as a signal to race by Bhaskar and in a moment downshift happened and I saw them getting very close to comfort for my Linea. Racer boy's you see. All this while the tiger in kiran was quiet and he was looking out for Rajesh who already left the formation by then. After the diversion, I let all the red's to pass then the sharat's linea driven by Srikar and then I passed 6579 AV allowing it to sweep the formation before reaching gandipet where we see us occupying half of the road parking in an arc leaving lot of space behind each car. Ram joined us and I along with Kiran and others set the parking straight and then started our interactions. We got introduced to the respective families, followed by group interactions and the vehicle check by ravi's competent team. I reached surya and unfortunately for us he expressed inability to join us due to his ill health. No worries sir we shall meet next time.

    Then Guru's car became the object of desire. I first checked out how 75 behaves compared to 90 with PB in the passenger's seat. I ripped it and screeched it to a halt. I had never done it in my car though.. The our own Kiran zoomed off, approached in about a few minutes. His intentions were not so clear as there was NO cut in speed even after entering the mouth of the parking. Suddenly the front wheels turn then then the car skids laterally and it dawned on me that it was a drift he has performed. I believe he must has missed cellars as in the tokyo drift. He then tried a few wheel spins and drifts in his car but did not complete them as his car's tyres were under inflated and there was apprehension of damaging his hard to procure alloys. Hill ram mimicked Derek O'Brien and started shooting questions on Fiat's. PB could answer 4, Your truly 3 and Guru or Kiran 3 but collectively helped by everyone. PB got a nice fiat key chain from the quiz master and he was delighted. kiran and I were trying to snatch away his prize which he was guarding it with extreme caution. Srikar and I have become a team advocating against misusing the car (read driving rash etc ) while PB / Bhaskar were of an opinion that 90's are meant to be driven that way and PB car's have not suffered any catastrophic failures with his abuse while mine already had some of it's vitals replaced in-spite of me handling it with kinder gloves. Hill ram excused himself and left the meet and we were still discussing anything and everything under the sun ranging from re-maps to gear boxes tolerances and stuff. The most ugliest engine bay was that of Kiran's which was due to him parking the car under the comfort of tress away from the beating sun but in close proximity of leaves etc. This was a point of discussion as well. Finally with all cars checked and vital fluids topped up and individual observations noted and communicated by the dealer, it was time to leave the area and proceed for lunch. There were 2 proposals on the restaurants that one can go as a team and upon some deliberation we finalized "Our Place"

    The return journey to the city was not without some real fast action. I was driving sharat's Linea, Sreekar mine, 6579 piloted by AV, Kiran in his 1.3, Bhaskar doing the duty in guru's car and the stage was set to race without any pre-planning. I was testing out Sharat's linea for a reported clutch issue (U see I am a resident clutch expert these days with my 90 clutch assy replaced twice) and I started the accelerating, I saw a red speck in my ORVM and it was approaching the elegant pretty fast, I down shifted, picked up speed to shake this guy off but of no avail. I was sure it was not PB but was not clear whether it was Guru or Kiran. If it were for the latter no questions asked, I would have let him pass as he is know for driving at 70 kmph in the city .. At one point this red speck overtook me from the left and I cut towards the left as well. The speck tried to turn right and we were exactly set in a course that would result in mangled metal. The ABS kicked in and steering cut right in the emotion Pk, while the speck cut in left and braked. After this we saw face to face and it was Kiran who was in the so called red speck. MY god if I knew he was in, I would have decently allowed him to pass even if I was driving a ferrari 430. He held his hand in the air as a gesture of silent prayer and I had to look at my co passenger sharat who was shaken but regained his composure. Once on the ORR, PB overtook and then we stopped a km away with kiran, PB and me. Meanwhile Bhaskar pushed off an Alto to it's edge trying to catch up with whom I don't know. PB mentioned this and opined that it the alto did not go off the shoulder the entire right of Guru's babe would have been ripped .. next approached Bhasker and over shot by some meters from where we parked. The I silently handed over the linea to sharat who by then shifted his loyalties to the driver's seat. Got in my linea as co-passenger which Arvind took over from srikar and started going towards where I picked up arvind in the morning. The 3 Red's were still not satisfied and were seen weaving through busy traffic one after the other. It reminded me of "The Italian Job" and the mini's. Boy what a site it was. So next time you see 3 red's in TFI you know what all to expect, with Kiran and Bhaskar leading the pack and PB slowing down a bit due to ....

    I dropped off Arvind and parked my linea at my home and took my 90 to have lunch with the rest. Lunch was fantastic and Guru just took my 90 for a spin before I left the venue.

    Oops I did not realise I have been typing past 1 hour and I now shall need to get back to work ...

    Cheers .. Shiva

    P.S: I believe Guru has got lot of solace from other smokers ;-)
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