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TFI Hyderabad Meets Thread - Latest report on Pg. 100

Discussion in 'Team Fiat Meets' started by atulalvenkar, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. City Route VS ORR

    The Drive through the city From Chillies to Gandipet is 28km.
    The Mileage with so many vehicles together would be slow paced ( Read not aggressive ).
    This will decrease the Fuel consumption for me (from 12 kmpl to 14 kmpl).
    Overall I can expect a mileage of 14 in this route consuming 2 Liters of Diesel.
    The Normal time taken in this route will be app. 1hour.
    Formations are not possible in this route for most part.

    Coming to the ORR its a different story.
    The distance from chillies is 63km.
    The normal fuel economy here is around 14 for me.
    The time usually I take from LB Nagar to Gachibowli is 30+ minutes.
    This is with speeds of constant 150+ occasionally hitting 180 ( On Speedo).
    With a group driving at sane speeds of under 100 the mileage will go up all the way to 20-21.
    Which consumes 3 liters of diesel.
    However we can do formations, videos, Pics & what not??
    One need not change the gear for close to 30kms.

    Road quality as reported by Kiran is totally different in these 2 routes.

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  2. Probiker / Kiran -- thanks for your updates. Give me some time I shall post the exact route in case some one needs it. However both the groups from gachibowli and LB nagar converge after getting off the exit 17 and on the way to Himayat Sagar. The distance between exit 17 and the himayatsagar bund is close to 1 kms. But since the road on the bund is narrow, you can cross the dam and stop just after the dam.

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  3. vj_v1

    vj_v1 Superiore

    I Don't think it is 63 Kms from the way i know through the outer Ring road. I regularly do Nagole to Gachibowli and its about 41 Kms.

    I enter into NG Ranga University from under the PVN rao Express way and there is a 1 Km road (not so good, but not very bad either) through the University and back to a 4 lane smooth road that touches EXIT 17 (or 18 not very sure, adjacent to HimayatSagar) on the ORR. Would definitely save a lot of Kms.

    I'll figure out how to insert a pic onto this and will post a google map route of what i am talking abt.

    So my prediction of the distance from Chillies is. 32Kms + (the distance from ORR to Gandipet) i don't think it would be more than 10 Kms. So that would be <45 Kms Max.
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  4. vj_v1

    vj_v1 Superiore

    Just saw Shiva's post, if it is Himayat Sagar we are going to. I would say 25 Kms from LB Nagar and thats it.

    And Exit 17 was what i meant in my previous post then. The NG Ranga University Road would directly cut at EXIT 17.

    And here is the Map image of the 1 Km patch + the 4 Lane road to reach exit 17

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  5. The actual distances ...

    Exit 12 to LB nagar circle -- 14 kms.
    Exit 12 to exit 17 -- approx 20kms

    LB nagar to shamshabad entry via LB Nagar / Chandrayanagutta -- 18 kms approx
    Shamshabad entry to exit 17 -- 6 kms approx

    LB nagar to owaisi hospital - santoshnagar -- 5kms
    Owaisi hospital to chandrayangutta flyover -- 3.4 kms (road construction in progress)
    Chandrayan gutta flyover to azamgarh underpass -- 4 kms (fair amount of traffic)
    Underpass to Angrau left .. 6.6 kms ( ANGRAU -- Acharya NG Ranga Agriculture University -- Rajendranagar)
    Angrau to ORR bridge under pass -- 6.5 kms
    ORR UP to himayatsagar parking -- 2 kms
    ** Himayatsagar parking to Appa exit -- 2 kms (for those who will miss himayatsagar and will directly come to Osmansagar (gandipet) should take exit 18 either side. APPA Juntion to Gandipet -- 7.5 Kms)
    Himayatsagar to Osmansagar-- 9.5 kms
    Osman sagar to gachibowli flyover -- 11 Kms (via CBIT route while coming back to the city)

    I have the kml file of the entire route, please let me know in case someone needs it. Shall see if I can post a high resolution route from google earth.

    Some photographs as to what to expect ;)

    On the road above the Himayatsagar dam

    The crest gates of the Himayatsagar dam

    Road from Himayatsagar to gandipet

    Gandipet / Osmansagar

    Parking lot behind ... Charges Rs. 10 and ample space for photoshoots.

    Hope no crazy speeds will be done ;-). The GPS reading of Speed Vs Speedo Reading of active MJd with 200 profile tyres. 6 Satellites were visible to the receiver when the shot was composed.
  6. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Who is that with Red Punto. Is that Kiran?
  7. Yes that's Kiran with his 1.3 Active.
  8. hillram


    Good Recce Shiva.
    So whats the final rendez-vous point for me to join? Also would appreciate,if anyone can bring me a TFI sticker,which can go onto my Uno.
  9. ORR vs City Route

    Route Map Through the city -


    Route Map Through ORR -


    This should give U the idea about the routes being discussed.

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  10. We still have to decide who all are coming with cars from gachibowli so it would be better we meet after getting out of ORR @ exit 17 so that in case of any delays, the others can directly arrive at gandipet. Let's target between 9:30 and 9:45 am. Shall update the final plan for the gachibowli by tomorrow afternoon.

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