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TFI Hyderabad Meets Thread - Latest report on Pg. 100

Discussion in 'Team Fiat Meets' started by atulalvenkar, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. @guru
    any update?
    Was the colour matching proper?
  2. guys get ready for the meet.
    count down for the meet has started already...

    now decide on a single location.

    golkonda fort
    shamshabad airport
    chilukur balaji
    mout opera/ramoji film city/ Sanghi temple.
    Gandipet lake.

    Any more locations guys????
  3. Guys let's do a drive. The route can be

    Nehru ORR --> Appa Junction (himayatsagar) --> shamshabad --> bonguluru --> ramoji film nagar . The route is completely on the ORR and void of any tolls as well. People who are close to vanasthalipuram / dilshuknagar can touch ORR from that side and the others can touch the ORR either at gachibowli / shamshabad .
  4. no response???????????
    what happened guys??
    so busy with your jobs???
  5. Rizzou


    Hey.. i proxy cyberdoctorind... sounds a good route with less traffic and ORR will be fun to drive except the hot sunny day. lets finalize and get goinn. Wake up Wake up All.... :p
  6. guru


    well, i got the car yesterday.. on the color - the gloss seems to be missing a bit :/ but then my eye sight isnt the best .

    I'll i'm driving down to Tejaswi today to give them a piece of my mind , for starters Ac's stopped working, then the brand new Central Locking that was installed isn't working either. serious WTF moment here. I was in a hurry (had a production move) so couldn't make some time to check the car. I now realize that was a mistake...
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  7. Guru Can I have your number, I will join you when you go to Tejaswi ??
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  8. guru
    gloss will come back after you get the rubbing and polish done..
    if the colour matching is perfect then its no issue.
    tell them to do the polish after 1 week so that the paint dries out completely.

    smsed you guru's number.
    think we need to add 0 before the number
  9. Rizzou


    Hey Guru.. nice to hear that your car is back, Gloss is just matter of good rubbing and polish.. and central locking well i have my thoughts on it, catch up with you soon.
  10. guru


    color is a but darker on one back panel but not too much... rest seem ok.
    AC condenser and Gas was replaced under warranty.Ac works fine now..
    Central Locking works fine now with one exception, Front left door cannot be opened from inside !! I'll be taking my car over there again tomorrow.
    Got door sil plates fixed- cost me Rs.390

    Met CyberDoctorInd over at Tejaswi, He suggested to me about sil plates,some paint on rubber beading in the door, bunch of other things he found with my car and kinda helped me out in dealing with the Tejaswi folks.

    hey bro, long time huh! Lets all meet up on Sunday.. for a drive on ORR.. atleast till shamshabad Airport.
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