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TFI Hyderabad Meets Thread - Latest report on Pg. 100

Discussion in 'Team Fiat Meets' started by atulalvenkar, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. cyberdoctorind
    Sad news..
    Hoping to see you on monday.
    Hope all cars will be in proper shape for the meet.
  2. guys is the meet happening or not??

    how is your car?
    be there by the side when they mix the paint.
    they do the colour matching as if they are blind.
    you get every other colour except the red
  3. As far as I know it is unless there are other plans
  4. saturday or sunday is the meet???
    i need my time table fixed..
    also the location??

    shamshabad airport
    golkonda fort are also on the list people.
    suggested by cyberdoctorind

    keep some more suggestions coming
  5. shashanknathani

    shashanknathani Superiore

    How is everybody @ Hyderabad.... When is the meet happening... I am looking forward to some nice pictures and stunt show by Prabhakar....

    @Guru: How is your car ?

    @Cyber Sir: What happened actually @ Tejaswi, why did they painted the bonnet, for any issues related to Medium grey color, check with Body shop incharge, Du-Pont guy handed him the color mixing ratio sheet for Medium grey when they painted my Spoiler and he filed it for future reference. It is provided to Tejaswi from Du-Pont as per FIAT norms.
  6. shashank

    hope you come down here for the meet in your punto sothat we can have someone to write a review.
    and also a stunt car to do stunts in it.
    like kiran did last time....
  7. Hope these meetings will continue in 2011 also. If there is any plan, lets start to decide the place.
  8. yeah for sure.
    these meets will be a part of tfi.
    but only the planing part needs to be done better.

    please start a topic in the introduction thread.
    first introduce your self first sir.
    Also please start on ownership thread sir on your punto
  9. Shashank bhai, unfortunately one of their mechanics was kind of playful with my bonnet and in the process created a dent so as a damage control they have painted my bonnet. Wish people were more careful.
  10. guru


    unfortunately i could nt see the color matching. i had to be in Bangalore. hopefully its right. I'm going there in about at 3 PM today to collect my car

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