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TFI Hyderabad Meets Thread - Latest report on Pg. 100

Discussion in 'Team Fiat Meets' started by atulalvenkar, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. guru



    I met with an accident yesterday nighj, an Maruthi Alto banged/scraped into my front left door while trying to overtake me on the left:/
    my car is at Tejaswini motors.. They said , it'll take a couple of days.... feeling miserable here... *sigh*
  2. N Kiran

    N Kiran Staff Member Janitor

    Too bad for you Guru. I know how it feels cause the very first week after I bought my Punto, a cab driver rubbed on the entire right side of my car. Most of the damage was done to the teflone coat which was gone after a bit of rubbing. But there is scratch on the front left door and also some dents which are only visible to a keen eye. So just face it. (SH)It happens in Hyderabad traffic.
  3. Guru
    It happens can't help those people who drive like me and Kiran. So close in the ass of the car in front.
    Hope they mend your car in time for the meet.
    Any dents or only paint was lost?
  4. guru


    yeah, the traffic here is worse than Bangalore - i had no such incidents there for the last 6.5 years. this just sucks. Punto was such svelte cars no wi'll have live with dents on the left side :(
  5. guru


    Srikhar, hopefully they'll fix it. it'll take 3 days according to Jo at Tejaswini. I got dents too :( Front door and a small one in the tyre area.
  6. Rizzou


    Hey Guyz... Am in for the Meet... Ouch!! guru hurts man, as spoken to you i also got in an bad accident, God grace i and my GP was safe escaped with a cracked Rear Tail light.:A
    Now heres what happened: Was taking a U Turn near Malakpet thats where i live, Maniac auto driving at high speed was unnoticed as was beside a RTC bus came speeding and was about to ramm onto the left side of my car and i acclerated and missed him and fellow lost control and hit my car( Rear tail light) and then hit the divider and overturned...:shocked now i was worried as there where passengers in the Auto, But everything was fine no one injured every one escaped scratchless, But auto was totally damaged, But thats where this begins the story there was a gathering about 200+ people and all drama, Good was near my house got contacts and cleared the mess. First ever accident encounter where i thought my car is going to end up in a big real mess.

    So, planning to go to Malik on Saturday the 30'April as spares will be having 5% discount is what i heard, so Guyz if you awaiting to get parts replaced or any broken once, this is the time.

    Am game for the drive perfect time will be in the afteernoon after getting the cars fixed and off for the drive and lunch possibly. So see you all there then.
  7. Rizzou
    Welcome to the meet.
    Pro biker is from dishukhnagar you can co ordinate with him for the meet.


    After denting they use paste/putty and do the painting.
    Tell them to use that as little as possible.
    Or use that latest paste poly something.
    It's cram in colour.
    It's flexible it seems.
    Got that thing used for my car's painting.

    Hope to see you guys with all cars in good shape for the meet.

    Folks if so many people are turning up
    Why not contact tejaswi guys to come to the meet..

    What say probiker?
  8. shashanknathani

    shashanknathani Superiore

    Sad to hear this buddy.... I was actually waiting for your car pics with the list of tasks on your Iphone accomplished.... Anyways Car will be fine... Are you claiming insurance for this job... Just an advice ask Tejaswi people to give you a call before they start the paint job (after denting and putty work is over). They mess up with color mixing and trust me even a small mismatch will look really bad on Red car.... Make sure they make the right mix and then coat it on your car.
  9. guru


    Thanks for the tips guys, I'm planning on going to Tejaswi tomorrow to see the progress will ask them about it.

    I had to go to Bangalore on work / meeting friends - next 3 half week / weekends after i got my car... I've essentially driven the car for two weeks and they are killing me at work, so hardly any spare time.

    I figured i'd make my thread, pics after i got the vinyl and tints done. (was waiting for registration for that - done yesterday)

    oh and its not iPhone.. thats blasphemy where i work lol. My list was on OneNote in my Windows Phone 7... :)
  10. Well I have been seeing your car in Tejaswi. My punto's first service till now has taken 5 days and am still counting . Mind you nothing mechanically is wrong with the car. it's just that my bonnet was given a bing / bling as a gift for company by a careless b****d at Tejaswi and they have painted the bonnet today the second time :-( as the first iteration bloody had dust in the paint job. On a positive note got the sill plates fitted on the car

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