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TFI Hyderabad Meets Thread - Latest report on Pg. 100

Discussion in 'Team Fiat Meets' started by atulalvenkar, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. guru


    we had quite a meet! i dont want spill any beans yet ! I'll let Kiran do that. just want to note that ProBikers drives like a bat out of hell

    *waiting on Kiran's ball by ball account and Probiker's snaps*

    Nimbu Pani FTW
  2. Guys, bring it on. We are all waiting for the pictures and the meet report.
  3. Prasanna Godugu

    Prasanna Godugu Novizio

    Sorry guys, i was not able to join the yesterday's meet, waiting for photos.
  4. shashanknathani

    shashanknathani Superiore

    Buddy didn't get a chance to post the Meet write up.... It is on the cards and will be updated by EOD Today...

    The meet was awesome and We have had lots and lots of fun...
  5. shashanknathani

    shashanknathani Superiore

    I Would like to thank Prabhakar, Kiran, Shiva, Srikar and Guru for making this TFI meet a successful meet.

    We gathered at Sanjeeviah Park MMTS Station Parking at 10ish and since then started having fun.... which continued till 3pm.

    To begin with Prabhakar installed the racing kit in a Swift DDI and went for the test ride... and then comparison of FIAT and Maruti engines.

    Then started the real fun... We started with Test drives of different cars that we had there...

    The meet had four different Punto.... Punto 1.2 FIRE, Punto MJD 75HP, Punto MJD 90HP and Punto MJD 104HP... Surprise huh :confused :confused ....

    Yup Prabhakar has a Pete's in his 90HP.... Now we took test drive of the Pete'd 90HP one by one... I was cautioned by Kiran to drive the car in high speed to feel the power and wear seat belts when prabhakar is driving... I almost ate my heart when he was driving..

    The car is very close to the power of JET.... 90HP with Pete is an absolute stunner and loved the power on higher RPM's... I decided to take a 0-100 speed run the car, but didn't do it properly and then Prabhakar told me that he will teach me how to do it :dancing ....

    Gochha... "That was the most scary drive of my life till date :roll: "... we clocked it in around 14ish seconds....
    I was sitting with seat belts and holding the door tightly and glued to the seat... scary...

    Then came Kiran's Surprise... Suddenly i turned back and some stunts and realized it was my car.... wohoooo... I cannot imagine stunts in 1.2 FIRE.... Kiran did some raunchy stunts.... High speed and hand brake application U-Turns.... We just missed the red color on the ground otherwise we almost copied the new Kizashi advertisement with Punto... "India's first sports Hatchback" :clap :clap

    Srikar came in his Manza Quadrajet.... We did praise the manza for its VFM factor and Inner Space and then we made Punto and Manza standing Head to Head with bonnets open... Oh my god the Engine bay looks same... If TATA was copying the engine they could have done it in a smarter way but those guys just copied using a XEroX Copier.... Everything looks the same just there are some cost cutting signs in the Manza Engine Bay... We laughed and laughed everytime we compared a part in the two cars and found it to be same... even the part numbers were same...and then Teased Shiva a lottttttt :clap ....He was feeling too bad that how can FIAT let all ABC put their engines.... The major difference was MULTI replaced by QUADRA and TATA logo on it...
    We renamed the cars as Either FIAT Indica Manza or TATA Grande Punto.... And the new car from TATA will be TATA Indica ManJET, a copy of T-JET :evilsmile :evilsmile

    Then came the Photo shoot time and Prabhakar took really nice pics using his SLR....We did try a new formation this time... Two Exotica Red Puntos and Two Medium Grey Punto's...

    Then came the time for Some Nimbu Paani ... Glasses an Glasses and discussions.... Oh man we discussed a lot about Service, Spares, upgrades for more than an hour and gulping Lemon Sodas.... Guru has already booked his Punto and he showed us his TODO List for Punto in his cell Phone :wow and trust me that was huge... The guy has already fallen in Love with the car and was missing his Exotica Red beauty yesterday...

    Finally at 3ish we decided to leave and I was really feeling sad that this was probably my last meet @ Hyderabad :cry: :cry: ....
  6. N Kiran

    N Kiran Staff Member Janitor

    Awesome post Shashank. Its already been just a day and I am feeling nostalgic. What a funfilled event it was. Though the number of Puntos turned out to be less (Only 4 Puntos, no Lineas this time). There were more members at the meet ... thanks to Bhaskar and Vineet for joining us. We had lot of fun, and I could say the best so far. I am really happy for Shashank for his future prospects but sad at the same time as we all will miss him for sure. I believe that the world is small and I am sure we will catchup some time soon. Thanks again to each and everyone who has made yesterday's meet a memorable one.

    And Prabhakar, you seriously need to do something about your driving. For heaven's sake, it is an Indian Ferrari not an actual one. But to be positive only Punto seems to take all the bashing you do while driving. I wonder if any other car could withstand it.
  7. shashanknathani

    shashanknathani Superiore

    Prabhakar: Where are the pics???? Please upload them buddy.... SLR and its best...
  8. great writeup shashank...
    Will be missing you... For the meets in the future...
    Now need to search for a person to do the write up of the future meets...
    this weekend some time will get my punto and catch up...
    Have lots of work left to do in the car...
  9. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Pics bhai, pics. Where them pics man? :sad1
    I can't update the other thread till then..
  10. Meet At Hyderabad

    Now that all the veterans have spoken, I shall summarise

    1. Swift when peted with the tuning box configured for 90, less turbo lag is noticed. Installation is straight forward but removal of the piggy bank from the Rail side proved tricky so had to need a 6' wrench to remove the ddis cover and then remove the piggy back.
    2. Discussion on 5w40 vs 15w50 between yours truly and our shanks.
    3. DYI implementation of arm rest by shanks
    4. ProBiker and his various mods on the 90. Suspension setups compared between yours truly / shanks and ProBiker.
    5. 1.2 is not underpowered. Performance adequate as its was pulling 4+1 with consummate ease. Tales when the 1.2 crossed rivers / lakes with shanks at the deck came to fore. Oh did I mention that sometime during last year mid, hyderabadis were using boats for commute ;-)
    6. Kirans 14 inchers and discussion on the next meet
    7. Guru .. It's not coffee, it's toffee. The argument continues ;-) Microsoft mobile Vs iPhone 4.
    8. Cheap copy cat Tata. Even the swirl Chamber is identical between Tata n Fiat. Comparison Galore
    9. Spoiler mod shank Vs Kiran
    10. Photo shoot ProBiker please post the photographs taken with the directors eye.
    11. Pleasant surprise steekar , driving in a mJD e+ daily to college.

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