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TFI helping Sales and service folks

Discussion in 'Hangout' started by Sat-Chit-ananda, May 14, 2013.

  1. jumu

    jumu Superiore

    @ sat, I dont want to sound pessimistic at all times, but that is the way it is. It is not that the salesmen dont know what to do and how to do to satisfy the customer, but they arent provided the infrastructure and set up to handle the customer the way they want to . It has got a lot to do with the management. Paucity in support systems is the reason. The sales mans promise is to be backed up by the supply chain and management. He promises delivery date but if the mfr doesnt ship due to lack of more orders form the region, he fails. He promises good service and if the technicians are good, but spares are not off the shelf or arrive on time, he is blamed. The technician wants to do good job, but if the space is cramped and inhuman conditions exist and tools are lacking, he is blamed. Whereas for a good brand, that handpicks dealers who want to do the job, and are not forced to take dealership like in FIAT, the calculated infrastructure is imposed rather than adjusted and hence the salesman can sell well, even if less and the technicians service well with most parts in stock ( due to the cash rich management ) or the higher sales of the cars. When both are a mismatch, it takes God to save the situation . In all this what worsens and lead to brickbats is the ultra demanding customers (we).

    Just an example of yesterday. I use a CDMA phone for my office and the phone conked. So I went to the Docomo showroom . The sales guy tells me that CDMA phones are out of stock and asks me to go to another end of city showroom. I argue that his is a flagship store and he ought to have had it in stock. He should have known in advance that the stock is thinning and ordered. They have MBAs sitting on top in the management. If they cant even predict the sales and stock, then less said the better. When I gave him a piece of my mind, the argument started and he finally said, this is how it will be! take it or leave it! At that point i decided that it is not worth to continue with Docomo CDMA service and decided to port out to a GSM provider. Matter over. Why should I try to correct him?

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  2. Abdul,

    I understand what you are saying,I was encouraged by KHT's Adit to take up this initiative,yes management is willing to make a difference.
    question is are we ready to give helping hand?
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  3. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto

    Change has to come from within. Unless the Sales / Service staff are willing to change, nothing can be done. I am actually surprised that Adit agreed for us to take up this initiative. It is akin to acknowledging, "I don't know how to make my staff do their jobs better. Can you pitch in and help?".

    Having said that, most of the indifference that we experience in dealerships / ASS comes from the fact that these people are not very happy with the way the management treats them. Can we change that? I doubt it. My daughter used to work for a popular Maruti dealership and quit and joined Honda, only because the management refused to pay her the promised incentives. She would probably have continued with Maruti, if she was unable to find another job and then demonstrated her frustration with the indifferent attitude we see everyday. Who is to blame for that?

    For a business to grow and flourish, the people in the business need to grow their capabilities to grow with the company. While some people delight in personal growth and are always looking for new challenges, many will linger back and resist efforts to increase their skills. Having a system in place to help staffers become better at their jobs helps the company increase its capabilities for higher levels of performance, higher levels of customer satisfaction, and increased job satisfaction which usually results in better staff retention. Lots of good reasons to work towards having a more capable, happier staff. But you can’t do it by wishing.

    It takes a system to help people grow and be able to take on new challenges and responsibilities. This system has a number of different components including written policies, manuals, job descriptions, training, mentoring, compensation structure, career path, and performance reviews. Each component supports the others. Please do tell me how many of these businesses have any of these?

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  4. Surya

    Surya Superiore

    Namma Bengaluru
    one can imagine what a customer undergoes when his Linea/Punto is handled by a inexperienced but experienced Indica guy who is forced to work on it, he's trying to figure out what's inside trying to match tools of his indica to open Linea pulling things here and there.. if you happen to sit in the waiting lounge and look at this what will be your mood then.. and what if the same guy is moved in the newly built facility will he have adequate trainings and expertise or will he expedite is earlier skills again.
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  5. Pauleralil

    Pauleralil Regolare

    As Rajan said, all are in a hurry to go "Somewhere UP"and we dont bother about fellow humans. Another example is traffic blocks..So many times you face instances where a certain driver drives so rashly just to get in front of your car. How much time does one save by this act. If you are traffic que and by chance leave some space on left side, thats it. In no time you could see 3 bikes, an auto, a tempo traveller and sometimes even BMTC buses..... End of the day People waiting in the que are made to look like fools for following the rules.

    With this initiative if fruitful, I also see one more advantage. We may also learn Dealerships & Service centers story as well. They too are humans and have limitations but we customers always push them to the limit. Not saying that for genuine reasons we shouldn't push but let me quote an example i saw in this forum by nkrishnap where he mentioned about ppl dropping of their cars at SC w/o taking even an appointment for "regular service" while there are so many customers who booked and are getting slots 30 days later and some being denied to look even into running repairs. Now what does the SC guys do in this case. Who is to be blamed??

    Okay regarding the initiative, even i would like to contribute the best i can.

    Some of the things would be to identify the best practices to be followed

    1. Sales: right from when a customer walks in/inquiry is registered to the time of delivery.
    There should be a transparent sales process defined or every customer e.g
    Step 1: Customer walks in/ website/telephonic inquiry
    Step 2: Assign to SE with proper tools with audit trail to ensure every communication is documented. (Some way to document all the offers being offered and ensure what is offered is delivered at the time of delivery. This way we ensure transparency to both customer and dealer)
    Step 3: Explain to customer the sales process and the objective of this exercise followed by TD and explanation of all the features, advantages and disadvantages of owning a fiat.
    Step 4: Get customer feedback on the spot which should be kept for records in central DB of the dealer
    Step 5: Dealer TL should call and confirm if the SE visited and reconfirm the feedback got using the app and explain all the offers offered and signed off at this stage.
    Step 6: Customer decides to go ahead, collect booking amount using online payment, Cheque or other modes of payment.
    Step 7: Once the order is placed by dealer to Fiat, send automated SMS, email and phone communication detailing the details of expected delivery, optional packages taken etc.
    Step 8: Assist customer if finance is required. Again Transparency is key here
    Step 9: Once the vehicle is allocated against a particular booking, send Auto SMS, Email and telephonic communication to customer with the VIN details and an option for the customer to do a PDI before registration.
    Step 10: Once PDI is done, get the customer signoff on acceptance of vehicles with feedbacks documented on APP. This could be used as reference for preparing the vehicle for delivery.
    Step 11: Delivery: Pre delivery checks to ensure all customer request have been done and all other legal works completed by an an independent delivery inspector to check for quality of vehicle with the information captured at each stage of sales process as reference to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.
    Step 12: Customer delivery, normal delivery process followed + explain each and every step taken until this stage by the dealer to ensure customer satisfaction and if they have the sales process was altered at any point or if they have any feedback. It should be a continuously improving process with an aim to attain 99.99% satisfaction levels.

    2. Service: Transparency in work done, how to set acceptable timelines for spares or other work to be done, explanation of all the work done, follow up for any issues.
    for e.g may be and independent review of vehicles before delivery

    Just a few initial thoughts which hit may on seeing this post by Sat-chit-ananda :)Some of them may be absurd but again take the best which can be done and leave the rest :):)

    Again, I feel all this should be defined by FIAT from top for and they should support the dealers with necessary Software/hardware applications at a price/free to ensure unique sales experience to customer from any part of this country. Way to document each and every feedback and saved in a searchable format to enable audit and penalize the wrong doer, be it fiat dealer, customer or fiat employee. A trackable history of every car in Fiat's DB which to some extent should be exposed to the customer...
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  6. Okay, lot of for and against comments,keep the the creative thoughts flowing,I also would like to get the thoughts from those people who just clicked like.
  7. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    I would agree to most of the posts in this page.
    It has to come from within the management only.

    Barring TFI and all the passionate owners of FIATs its really down to the officials only.
    S10 is the best example and if things go well hopefully punto/linea wont become examples either.

    S10 is a beautiful product and we still see folks restoring it and enjoying them like anything but that has had absolutely no impact on the community to sell FIATs around the world.
    Passion is not restricted to FIATs only just because we have meets and talk about FIATs all the while.
    Passion is something that can only be seen.

    I have a neighbour who owns an Etios and whatever the car is worth he keeps is neat and tidy . I've personally seen him clean it every day . Will his passion change the outlook of Toyota? Absolutely NOT. Toyota has to change its outlook towards luring more folks like him and only TOYOTA can do it.

    Similarly no matter how happy we are and how much we brag about our cars FIAT needs to step up and really make a change.
    There will always be FIAT owners and there will always be MARUTHI owners but that's means nothing to the product as such unless they change there views to satisfy customers.
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