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TFI helping Sales and service folks

Discussion in 'Hangout' started by Sat-Chit-ananda, May 14, 2013.

  1. I myself kept cribbing about sales or service issues faced by me or some one in the forum, but I thought whether I can do some thing to address it and help to resolve what ever possible.

    I was chatting with Adit yesterday. i suggested that we from TFI or individuals can do some training/presentation to sales and service folks to help them to understand customer needs better and scale to new heights in the sales/service.
    With sales people it can be presentation in English but service folks may not be comfortable with English,so i am thinking should we make a series of small video that fits with an hours and show it to them.

    Please let me know what you think of this thought and who is ready to help with their time.We can start with KHT and extend this to other dealers.

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  2. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto

    Sorry for being skeptical. It is not as if the Sales and Service people are not aware of what the customers expect. It is just that they are not motivated enough to do it. And this trend does not seem to be just with this sector. It seems to be the default behaviour these days. I observe the following things every single day and wonder to myself, where this world is heading to. To quote a few examples:

    1. In my office, I notice people waiting for and barging into the lift, the moment the doors open. It is as though they believe that the lift will not wait for them and do not seem to think that they should allow people in the lift to get out first.
    2. There is a street light fitted to the electric pole outside my house. Since this is a new layout and there is no dedicated line for street lighting, the power supply line is cut and looped with exposed ends on the pole and some one has to manually connect / disconnect the loops to switch on / off the street light. Since this is an isolated area and most dwellers vehicles are parked on the road, it feels safe and good if the street light is on. Do any of the neighbours care? Nope. Somehow it has become my responsibility to switch on and switch off the street light, though all of us benefit
    3. The house opposite mine is getting the portico tiled. So, where does the tractor dump sand? Bang outside my gate, so I cannot even drive my car out. When i object, the landlord assures me it will be cleared within the hour. True to his word, 75% of the sand is used up and removed. Two weeks later, the remaining 25% is still lying scattered just outside my gate
    4. I went to a popular store in an equally popular shopping mall. As I pulled open the glass door with my right hand to enter, a woman cut into my path from my left to step in before me. I had to hold the door open for her. However, instead of moving into the shop, she stopped at the doorway to remind the shop assistant of something. From the conversation, I could make out that this woman also worked in the same shop. The shop assistant was some 3 metres away, and so the woman could well have, indeed should have, moved closer in, so that she wouldn't need to speak as loudly as she did. But speak loudly she did, from the doorway, while blocked by her, I had to keep holding the door open, waiting for her to finish. When she was done, she turned around and scraped past me on her way out, as if I didn't exist.

    So, what exactly is my point? Simple, we just don't care about others anymore. This includes our Sales and Service staff. In any of the above scenarios, it is not as if the people involved - my colleagues waiting for the lift, my neighbours, the landlord of the other house or the shop assistant - are not aware of what they are doing or actually NOT DOING. They just don't care.

    In a nutshell, one can only wake the sleeping up; not the ones pretending to be asleep.

    All negativity and skepticism apart, if this initiative is going to be really taken I still hope it will have some effect and please do count me in to contribute what I can.

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  3. Rajan,

    I want to try this route to see what happens, I don't think people make an effort to tell them how they feel.Many of the team member venting their frustration in TFI threads may not be giving feedback when and where it matters.
    I am happy that you like to be part of it ,I would encourage all the creative thoughts on how to make this possible.
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  4. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto

    That my friend is where the problem exactly lies. It seems to be expected to be told how to do ones job correctly. Enough of negativity - here are some ideas

    1. Some of us could volunteer to be present in the workshop on Saturdays, to attend to customer. Lead by example, if you will.
    2. If the dealerships co-operate, we could have a face to face group discussion with the staff (no management allowed) to understand their side of the story

  5. jumu

    jumu Superiore

    @sat, Sales and service is the manufacturers domain, that needs to be tuned by themselves. As customers we need to do nothing. If we like the product, we buy them, if not we dispose them. If we still like the product, we live with it with the help of worldwide support system just like the palios survive even today. I guess we will be better off doing what we do best for our living.

    In my manufacturing industry, labour is such an issue that retaining them itself is a job for me and to see that all have turned up after receiving their salary is a big relief every month. None wants to work honestly. Every body wants to be on top of the ladder the next day. Running an industry is a miracle nowadays. Where have all the work force gone?

    Only way out for any company is to simply produce the vehicle of very good quality, that needs to visit SC very minimally , and enthrall the customers with ownership and give some good luring advertisements. For such products, people will stand in queues and even a bad salesman would only be the norm and bad service will be acceptable. People would simply want to own the product, like how maruti is selling . Do you mean to say that all other brands that are selling better are simply doing so because of good salesmen. Many of the FIATS sales men have sold other brands. How do they become bad suddenly ? Just my thoughts.

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  6. Interesting thoughts on sales, but until today i haven't met a very well informed FIAT sales guy at least in Bangalore.As you said they might have been sales personnel for other brands too.

    Rajan #2 option is what I am exploring.
  7. Surya

    Surya Superiore

    Namma Bengaluru
    There isn't any WE here its ME and ME where ever we go outside in our day to day life there is always a defensive talk to whomever we are talking to, even the credit card walli or personal loan walla bangs if you say a polite no to his offer, people are so arrogant that they don't even mind if it hurts anybodies sentiments. Though they are few good and honest but the environmental situations, targets, goals, work pressure, life style, working culture changes them for survival. May be few Technical trainings and Some additional Inter personnel, Communication and behavioral trainings to add-on..
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  8. Surya,

    You are 100% right,wonder is it due to our culture and fast modernization clashing, due to which one only thinks about himself not any other things like mannerisms/courtesy or values.
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  9. Only if TFI starts Dealership and Service Centers in the major cities, managed by the TFI members or the real fiat enthusiast, honesty will be alive. Otherwise any sort of motivation to 95% sales/service guys wouldn't work because as JUMU said everybody wants to go up the ladder by taking the easier route which is by serving more their higher management and serving lesser the customers. Here serving more their higher managements is not by showing better output on their sides but by worsening the output of others so that their poor output will look better comparatively. Doing this, they find less time to serve the customers. Not only the sales team / service team to be blamed here. The Management should be blamed equally. They set high target to pay them peanuts. Give them lower target and reward them better, for sure the target will be crossed by big margin. How hard and motivated a sales person works, the management should be able to recognize that and support them. In my case at the dealership, the sales person wanted to deliver the car clean and neat and make me feel happy but the management didn't provide a place closer to the dealership for cleaning the car, so the sales person let the cleaners do the cleaning on the road infront of the dealership with brown colored water in a small bucket with a dirty cloth. What amount of motivation we give to that sales person, he/she would not be able to do better. So motivation should go from Top to Bottom not Bottom to Top. No innovation, no out of the box thinking by the dealer management now a days. All they rely on is the offers, freebies, advt's and pressurizing the sales men. The same motivation that Sat-Chit-Anand is taking about is supposed to be given by the management otherwise they will not be taken seriously. I would also like to summaries what Rajan has said in his first post, We Are In INDIA.
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  10. Okay,

    Can we list down what we want to cover in the training/presentation.

    to start with
    1) Sales folks to be well informed on high-level technical details about FIAT
    2) How to approach the customer
    3) How to do the followup
    4) Do's and don'ts

    1) Not make customer wait more than 15 minutes
    2) Take the complaint precisely and make the technician understand the same.
    3) Do not abuse customers cars while handing it.
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