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TFI Chennai Meet

Discussion in 'Team Fiat Meets' started by teky, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. sungoa2010


    Fiat, If not 1.6 MJD please think of re-tuning your existing vehicles for these craze chennaites or at least give some more space below the accelerating pedal so that they can press it more. At least for the gasoline turbo whose tachometer needle need a 7000+ mark reach the resting place.. They really need more.:steering
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  2. prabu, it was nice meeting you too. Good to hear that your issue is resolved.

    This is one story that I can never forget. :lol
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  3. linealover

    linealover Regolare

    i wrote a para reply for this,fortunately power went off.:confused:even power doesn't like it seems.

    i wished him for his new sunny. i asked him to do brake test comparison with linea after taking delivery.

    initially he told that"i could not feel anything after 1sec of applying brake" which he observed during test drive.this is serious safety issue is in't it?.

    as he justified that "i won't do speed anything sort of your territory so it is quite adequate"<>"no no even 80kmph -0kmph,distance of 2 or 3 metersmakes

    a hell lot of difference in real world" said by me.

    @9.4 lakh OTR,getting a xv model less than top end is too much asking price for Japanese build.for the same price you have the well built civic competitor

    yet nobody is biting.

    same cost cutting story goes with swift LDI & VDI models-lack of brake booster,and they sell ZDI model with brake booster as feature.

    so Japanese were least bother about less paying customer.

    Fiat is not lacking in any of the fundamentals other than poor plastics,that too corrected in 2012 models.

    so knowingly customer is preferring Japanese,my friend is an informed buyer too.

    i have told teky's GTX is a decade old car (2002model)and still smells like 2012 car.there is no sign off rattling or any serious issues.

    can you show me any of 2002 honda city or any other car holding its virginity now?remember honda is in the safe hands of well established dealer

    network.but palio is an abandoned car.a homeless vagabond.

    he likes Linea right from initial days of launch,before i could meet him(bought) he was considering linea,so it is not that i have

    introduced linea to him.

    Theme is that he likes the linea competitor first manza,second etios,now sunny.

    so fiat get the space management right,see ertiga measuring 4.2m and carries 7 people on board.

    india don't want big dash board,big dash board actually keeps a feet away collision vehicle.

    it is for safety.

    nissan sunny seat is so low profile-all body parts hanging to the glory:dancing

    prabhusp,Rain sensor story may become a hot thread,if you can convey the story & put it in you tube.:p

    ram,when it comes to speed,sathya will eat every other car like a shark.

    my friend seriously suggest sathya to have a carrier in race track.he blessed with amazing skill.
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  4. sathya_sc


    Linealover sir, chill pls. People will realize what they have missed slowly. Everytime a Linea passes by, am sure your friend will feel that he has missed something. However, I respect his decision as certain things are driven by necessity/needs than just buying something for passion or driven by deep desire. Convey him my best wishes.

    And one more point, his photographs were just awesome. May be you can get him once for a shoot!

    and My Teky and Ramjn, what will be the best name for LineaLover?? and i dont qualify for the title Super Sonic when you guys - bazookas are already there..
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  5. linealover

    linealover Regolare

    sunny's huge leg room is a marketing Gimmick,just have look at under thigh bolstering.
    though leg room is short in linea perhaps it has got excellent under thigh support.
    uneven ratio height of the seat is more than width,eventually body parts free falling to glory.
    this gentle man,lacks the cozy feeling for under thigh support & head room.
    linea's middle head rest with sun blind ensure comfort.

    none of my family members complaint about unpleasantness with 5 on board 1300km round trip,chennai-coimbatore continual journey.

    yet my friend didn't bought my argument.let him understand on his own.

    long live democracy.

    In a democratic world,

    we cannot force anybody,yet we can politely convey our points.

    and I Love Democracy.
  6. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    linealover, you are right in your observation. That is a pure marketing gimmick played by most of the manufacturers only in India :D. The seat width of Sunny should be 70-80% that of Linea. Most of the people fail to understand this and think that it has got excellent space. 9.4L OTR for Sunny is daylight robbery. My Linea Epack costed me the same price.

    Another twist to the story. Your friend should not claim that Fiat service is bad.
    Here's an owner's take on Nissan Service in Bangalore - Nissan service experience in Bangalore - Team-BHP
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  7. sungoa2010


    LL, What attract sunny to most of the people is that, it looks inside like 2000W mercury vapour lamb glowing because of the lavish beige. The photos clicked from inside will have better clarity inside Sunny than Linea. You will hardly find any black parts inside. Beige and light greay. :D But on drivers seat it is horrible. Leave Linea, you will feel it is a not even a match for the younger brother Punto.

    Chennai meet has transformed in to a Linea sunny comparison:)
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  8. vijaycool


    I would like to compare decade old palio with linea. Man palio space is awsome, in linea my knee was constantly abstructed with the underside dashboard. The solution I need to move far backwards. In the rear middle hump makes me feel uncomfortable. Just for the sake of it I asked my friend to drive the car and I sat behind and its good. I think Teky can give good picture as he owns two beauties now. The only 2 negative points I have noticed in the GTX is steering is slightly offset wrt the driver seat over the time you slightly turn to your left while driving. Another issue is the position of 'A' pedal is higher and during the long drive my ankle pains as I need to constantly press the pedal and hold it in un natural position.

  9. swamibshankar


    Good Idea ! We can meet
  10. theblack

    theblack Esperto


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