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TFI Chennai Meet

Discussion in 'Team Fiat Meets' started by teky, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. Rajith , I think that best option for you will be Sriperumbur -> Tambaram > Velachery Main Road > Medavakam > ECR Link Road > ECR > Turn Left

    Chennai gurus , any other alternative ?

  2. Hi Rajith, you can follow this too:

    Sriperembudur->Guindy->Madhya Kailash->Tidel Signal.

    Take left at Tidel signal and proceed towards Thiruvanmiyur bus depot and you will reach ECR.

    Proceed on ECR for about 10 kms, you will cross VGP golden beach and then an IOC, both to your left. Once you cross IOC, you can find Delhi Dhaba on your right.
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  3. Rajith


    Ajit, hope this may be aroun 50+ kms. No prob. I will be there. This is a chance to meet TFI'ans in Chennai and also enjoy a long drive, up and down.

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    Anand, I had heard Porur, Guindy route will be b2b traffic in evening. Let me try first option while coming and second while returning.
  4. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Where have we decided guys? Is it Delhi Dhaba? Heard from Delhi Dhaba that they also serve Beer ;).
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  5. @Rajith. Yes what I suggested will be high on traffic while you come. I'm not aware of the other route.

    @ramjn, I believe, Delhi Dhaba is the better option.
  6. sathya_sc


    We will go with Delhi Dhaba.. What are those choices in food? Are we expected to tell them our prefered menu?
  7. Anandh, the Delhi dabha is located on the ECR. I hope you know the road which links Shollinganallur and ECR, from the roads ECR junction we will have to take a left towards Thiruvanmiyur and Delhi dabha is just 300-500mts on the left. Please do confirm the spot before tomorrow afternoon so that I can book a table for us.

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    They serve Non veg, continental, Chineese and north indian I believe.
  8. sathya_sc


    Rajesh, Ramesh has already spoken to Delhi Dhaba and has booked a table for 20 ppl and has also asked for a Buffet.. its there in previous posts..
  9. @Rajesh, I know that place. Its our team's regular dinner joint! :)
  10. Great, So how is it? Is it worth, I had just seen it from outside, never been there though. Plz do flash some light on this, so that we can finalize the place.

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