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TFI Chennai Meet

Discussion in 'Team Fiat Meets' started by teky, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. Ramesh ... The problem is "Farm House" :D :D . When 10 people gather in a Farm House world know what they are up to . Though we are very straight forward people and going just for a dinner and get together the world wont believe us :) . That too being a friday nite and one before x'mas .
  2. Ramjn, I'll go with Cuty Red on this. Can u just choose a nice place to Dine with a good parking area for the dinner. That should be fantastic. I was about to leave out of station on Friday. But I'm ready to postpone my plans for Saturday morning. Please check on this.
  3. Rajesh , the place is fixed @ Farm House on ECR @ 7 pm on friday . I was just commenting on what Ramesh said ..

  4. The fault's mine, sorry. I read Ramesh's post later. Please let me know the directions for this farm house. I'll try to make it up.And BTW, what is the Budget?????LOL
  5. teky

    teky Esperto

    Farm House is located on the right hand side of ECR in Panayur. It's about 1Km before the ECR Toll Plaza, Here the link
    Regarding the budget I would think it can be anywhere between 300~400 per person at the maximum.
  6. Thanks Ajit, yes, it is my Palio and feels great to know that my ride has a lot of fans. :D You can have a close look of it on 23rd.

    I guess the name swapping happened due to confusion more than anything and also to the fact that they were new to PUG. The meet was between 9am and 2pm.

    @Rajesh, you've changed your plans for the meet! Great going and good to have you with us.
  7. Teky, I'll be ending my shift at 5.00PM in Velachery. Will that be ok if we could meet somewhere on the way to the farm house.

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    Thank you Anandh, Wats more than hitting the road on these beauty's
  8. if you are gonna come via OMR, then maybe we can meet up in Karapakkam and then drive over to Farm House. Work should be over for me by that time.
  9. Ok Anandh, where shall we meet up. Will the Toll plazza between Shollinganallur and ECR be a good place to meet up
  10. Maybe we can meet up in opposite to my office itself. I'm in Scope Intl. (next to the upcoming mall Marg Junction).

    Anyone else coming via OMR?

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