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TFI Bengaluru Meet - March 2011 - Reports Page 19 onwards

Discussion in 'Team Fiat Meets' started by Sujith Thomas, Mar 14, 2011.

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  1. Re: TFI Bengaluru Meet - March 2011

    Nice :up

    Thanks mods for the mail and it covered 2 pages during my sleep.
    Thanks Arun for the brief agenda.
    For some one who said that 9am too early, nothing to worry as ppl will continue to come till 11am also. So you can come slowly we ll be present there till 11 or 12.

    Questions to be answered by the members participating :
    1. Is a ROUTE MAP required by all so that normal speed of 40-60KmpH can be maintained ? [FCB can make a simple line map]
    2. With regard to Restaurant, Why not the Green Park ? Its 8KM further from Airport ! [Peaceful place with an entire floor always empty for more guests]

    *Members too can suggest ideas for meet !!

  2. Re: TFI Bengaluru Meet - March 2011

    Hi Sujith,

    I will be joining the event, I see lots of known profile ids from a different forum present here, lets see if there is any known face in the event:)
  3. Re: TFI Bengaluru Meet - March 2011

    Hi all,


    9am : Assembling start
    10am : Start of the Meet [All try to assemble before 10am atleast]
    (i) Welcoming of All into the meet
    (ii) Individual Introduction of All people present, and all should speak about their History with FIAT(s), Why FIATs, etc [Come prepared or else we will :hit ]
    (iii) Check out other FIATs in the meet, Learn from others[Innovative ideas, intelligent modifications done, driving techniques, members Interaction; more Idea welcomed in this field]
    11:30am : Photo Session [Any one has TFI/FIAT Banners or Flags please get]
    12pm : Start of Drive for Lunch [Route and destination yet to be finalised]

    *Reach home before 4pm, as I don't want to miss the 1st F1 of this year as I usually miss it every year :helmet
    **Members free to contact FCBian regarding this meet for any idea or suggestion, people who would like to volunteer in organizing & coordinating
    ***Team-FCB always tries to keep any meet its organizes simple with no much Show or Fancy stuff, I hope All TFIans are okay with it ::D [But FUN is Guaranteed]

  4. Arun1100

    Arun1100 Regolare

    Re: TFI Bengaluru Meet - March 2011

    The agenda looks good.

    I will try my best to make it to the meet as another Ananthpur Meet is being planned.

    All the best Sujith. ::T
  5. Re: TFI Bengaluru Meet - March 2011

    Good one Sujith. :wow

    Looking forward for this :dancing

    All the best buddy :up Lets :redcar VRoommmmmmmm
  6. Re: TFI Bengaluru Meet - March 2011

    Holy #$%@. I left my S10 last saturday at Prerana for service and coolant leakage problem. Now they are saying we are still not getting parts and it has been ordered. (Hose pipes). :A . The car can't be delivered this week it seems but I hope i get my car next saturday or else I doubt if I can make it for the meet. :confused
  7. Re: TFI Bengaluru Meet - March 2011

    You will surely get it by next week, Tell them your have to participate in the TFI MEET,
    Or else Duct Tape the hose like what I did for emergency purpose for my car
  8. Re: TFI Bengaluru Meet - March 2011

    Hello Sat,

    FCB is avoiding All its Rallies towards Mysore for the construction of various things going on there[Metro, Road Widening, Heavy Traffic till Mysore], Any way the Drive isn't finalized yet. We will think it over again
  9. Re: TFI Bengaluru Meet - March 2011

    Guys I am writing first time to this forum, I own a Punto form 2009, a Team BHPian, influenced lot of friends to buy punto, planing to bring 3 of them with their machines...

    I usually writes review comments under a shadow name of basavraj, one can check some of this in the link below,

    http://www.mouthshut.com/review/Fiat-Gr ... sqnortrpsm

    Please inform me any change in plan via phone 9591813719.
  10. Re: TFI Bengaluru Meet - March 2011

    am sorry could u please confirm the entry???? :anyone
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