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TFI Bengaluru Meet - March 2011 - Reports Page 19 onwards

Discussion in 'Team Fiat Meets' started by Sujith Thomas, Mar 14, 2011.

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  1. Re: TFI Bengaluru Meet - March 2011

    melson, let sujith get his Punto for TFI meets. as it is the only platform to showcase his punto. he is having a gr8 platform for is fiat 1100. you can always attend FCB meets to see old fiats.
  2. tushar


    Re: TFI Bengaluru Meet - March 2011

    Hi Guys, I will be there and will also get 1/2 friends along. Is Lalbaug confirmed for this meet? and what time?
    BTW... I own a Linea and a Palio MJD!!
  3. Re: TFI Bengaluru Meet - March 2011

    @Arun, i feel its better to pay their own bills or their family group bills. lets also consider a good restaurant with enough parking place and good menu.
  4. Arun1100

    Arun1100 Regolare

    Re: TFI Bengaluru Meet - March 2011

    @Karthik M.B: What if some 20 cars come! Then which GOOD restaurant will be empty on Sunday Afternoon?!! Many will come with family. We cannot go to Green Park kinda places. Something like the Royal Orchids will do! :)

    Meet details again:

    Venue : Lalbaug (Double Road entrance)

    From MG Road:- M.G Road - Kasturba Road - Mallya Hospital - Richmond Circle - Double Road - Lalbaug
    From Dairy Circle: Nimhans come straight - Lalbaug

    Entry charge for Lalbaug is Rs. 10 per car + Rs. 10 for additional persons inside the car(to be paid at park entrance). Enter the lalbaug, drive 100meters till a small circle, take left, drive down for three hundred meters till you find a big empty parking lot.

    Time: 09Hrs
    Reason: Bangy's Climate in the mornings is very pleasant. A drive to Lalbaug at 08:30hrs will also be nice and pleasant with no traffic!

    Lets fix the time as 09hrs. TFians, please try to be there by 9. This also helps in reducing traffic at the entrance. We TFIans hardly know each other. So lets have Intro discussions.
    At 11, we can start a drive to NEW Airport road as it's very much traffic free.
    Enter Airport, go till the parking lot, put a U turn and come back.

    The question now is LUNCH! What do we do about that?

    Note: While on the drive, lets go together but lets see to it that WE ARE NOT disturbing the normal traffic. Lets decide on some Meet up places for all to unite as we drive.

    Video from Aug 2010 Meet:

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  5. unicorn


    Re: TFI Bengaluru Meet - March 2011

    Feeling sad for not being able to participate this time. Will surely join the next meet in B'lore.
  6. adit

    adit Regolare

    Re: TFI Bengaluru Meet - March 2011

    sunday morning 9am........ :cry: bad enuf i leave home everyday @ 5am :A

    but yea will definately try and join in.....

    the last meet was supported by my dealership KHT Motors with Fiat sponsoring the lunch. This time it is gonna b tough as there has been a lot of shuffle in the the FIAT representatives and getting an approval is 2 short a notice...... and moreover on 12th march KHT and Fiat sponsored a golf tournament in karnataka golf association - bangalore. i wish the idea of this plan had come up earlier so could hv clubbed it into the marketing budget for the month :(

    i suggest we could stop by the same resort we had lunch in august which is dodis' royal orchid and split the bill for what ever is consumed.

    at the same time can we have some 1 keep a record of names number mail id etc of all fiat car owners in bangalore so coordinating this can be easier where we can just shoot out a bulk mail or sms to all for their confirmations and suggestions as i know a lot of fiat car owners who do not logon here very much.

    :traffic :steering :redcar :car :steering :traffic
  7. Arun1100

    Arun1100 Regolare

    Re: TFI Bengaluru Meet - March 2011

    Hey adit. The last meet was great. For lunch, no issues, we all will share the bill. :)

    It would be great if you could just inform the KHT customers about this meet with the details:
    Venue: Lalbaug - Double road entrance
    Date: 27th March
    Time: 09am

    Hope to see you at the meet.
  8. tjetdriver

    tjetdriver Amatore

    Bengaluru, India
    Re: TFI Bengaluru Meet - March 2011

    yes the 4 of us r planning... they know about this meet..
  9. Re: TFI Bengaluru Meet - March 2011

    Just question,how about going to to mysore road may be up to ramnagar or chennaptna and back,there are quite a lot of restaurants in the highway it self ,also in Rajrajeshwari nagar if one want's have food inside the city.

    One can join mysore road from Rajarajeswari nagar or Uttrahalli road.
    let me know what's your thought on this?

  10. Re: TFI Bengaluru Meet - March 2011

    Boys sorry, im away from Bangalore for this one. Have a great and fun drive :)
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