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TFI Bengaluru Meet - March 2011 - Reports Page 19 onwards

Discussion in 'Team Fiat Meets' started by Sujith Thomas, Mar 14, 2011.

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  1. Re: TFI Bengaluru Meet - March 2011

    Ya I got to Know about the race, I shall see the repeat the next day.
    I want people to be like Deb, should be ready for any place.
    Problem is going to Nandhi Hill, having lunch and coming back may taking more time !
  2. Arun1100

    Arun1100 Regolare

    Re: TFI Bengaluru Meet - March 2011

    Sujith Sir: Will you get your Rare(Only two in India) Lambretta Li 125 or FIAT 1100 or Fiat Punto?
  3. Re: TFI Bengaluru Meet - March 2011

    Am confused.... ::O
    I long waited for the TFI meet for my Punto's sake.
    Recently serviced my Lambretta's Carburettor, now you feel more torque and starts with one kick. ::D
  4. Re: TFI Bengaluru Meet - March 2011

    Sujith Saar, Please request your Dad to bring along the Lambretta and you can come with Punto. So that we can delight our eyes with both the Italian beauties :dancing
  5. Re: TFI Bengaluru Meet - March 2011

    I don't think more than 1 vehicle for the meet, no way my dad will come along as he has sunday commitments.
    I will surely come in Punto. Let me see if I can try n get either Scooter or Padmini
  6. Re: TFI Bengaluru Meet - March 2011

    By tonight, I will be making the route map for the city portion.
    Am still confused whether to have Nandhi Hill for the long drive...
    Any last minute requests or idea.....
  7. Re: TFI Bengaluru Meet - March 2011

    Okay guys..... Destination will be "The GREEN PARK", a decent restaurant on North-South Corridor[Hyd route], 8km after the BIAL flyover.
    Nandhi Hill will have for the future meet, please don't be disappointed. Lets get to know each other well in this meet, then can have more meets in future.

    Now itself I officially invite All of you guys here for our FCB meet which is coming soon, and the destination we are going for this meet is an awesome place where you guys[people like me] can have real fun with their cars.
  8. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Re: TFI Bengaluru Meet - March 2011

    Wishing you a Happy meet ::T
  9. 27th March Meet - Final Agenda & Details

    Hi all, so this is the final plan

    Participant can spread the message, welcome anyone, FCB specially invites the TFI Mods of Bangalore.

    9am : Assembling starts [Make sure all reach before 9:30am please]

    [The time between 9am-10am, participant can park their cars & check out the BCSC scooters at the same venue, but not during the meet :twisted: ]

    10am : Start of the Meet [We want all participants to be long with the FIATians, and not venture out for Photography or something else]
    (i) Welcoming of All into the meet
    (ii) Individual Introduction of All people present, and all should speak about their History with FIAT(s), Why FIATs, etc [Come prepared or else we will :hit ]
    (iii) Check out other FIATs in the meet, Learn from others [Innovative ideas, intelligent modifications done, driving techniques, members Interaction; more Idea welcomed in this field]

    11:15am : Photo Session [Any one has TFI/FIAT Banners or Flags please get; WE request participant not to indulge in self photography all the time, we appreciate your talent and costly cameras but let our professional Mr.Karthik M B do the work in this field so that All of you could be whole heartedly be present during the interaction session, photos will be posted online]

    11:45am : Line up and Start of Drive for Lunch [Route maps will be provided at the Meet and briefed about]

    Route :
    Lalbhag - Double Road - Residency Road - Bangalore Central/Meyo Hall - MG Road - Trinity Circle - Ulsoor Lake - St.John Church Road - Khadariya Masjid - Fun World - Mekhri Circle - Towards BIAL - Green Park

    Please note:
    1. During meet please don't indulge in Photography or looking around other cars or making groups and talking.
    2. Please come prepared on what you will speak, as FCB is known for not sparing anyone from this round. It will be 5-7min of talking with us in between asking questions or cracking joke too.
    3. Any one from Technical Background like to give some info or talk on it are free to do so, just info me during the meet.
    4. Please co-operate with Karthik M B for the photo session when ever he asks for some re-location of your car.
    5. During the Drive maintain normal Driving speeds, but DO NOT over Take the LEAD car we will have. Stop where the LEAD stops, its may be a photo-stop or for catching up of other cars.
    6. Be BINDAAS with the FCB fellows, we are FUN loving and totally chilled out.
    7. For any doubt or info call Sujith +91 80500 96717, Arun +91 9591 123 123

    For people 1st time in a Convoy Kind of Drive:
    The Convoy[For the sunday Meet] will consist of the LEAD CAR [the 1st Car of the Convoy], the TRAIL CAR [the last Car], 1 or 2 SPY CARs [the in convoy like normal car but like Marshalls] and one PILOT CAR [the out-cast, will be driving to n fro making sure the entire convoy is fine and instructing if any one goes wrong]


  10. Re: TFI Bengaluru Meet - March 2011

    somebody please inform Fiat india official to attend meets and know how to promote fiat cars in india. let them also be active in TFI meets. just visit fiat india website and write a mail to any of them
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