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Team Fiat - Tyre Upgrade Guide

Discussion in 'Tyres & Alloys' started by Ravi, Mar 17, 2014.

  1. vanandwiz

    vanandwiz Amatore

    Planning to change couple of tyres for my Tjet. 205/55/R16.

    Ramesh tyres - Velachery
    Michelin Primacy 3ST – 13000
    Goodyear NCT 5 – 8000
    Bridgestone B290 – 7800
    Bridgestone GIII – 9600

    XL type point – Velachery
    Yoko AR01 – 7500
    Bridgestone MY02 – 9400

    Rao Tyres – Bridgestone select showroom – Tambaram sanatorium
    Will take couple of weeks to get any 205/55 stock.
    Michelin Primacy 3ST is available for 10500! Asked for the mfg date, I was told that it was recent stock. I could not see the tire it had to be brought from godown.

    G. N tyres – Yoko dealers – Sanatorium
    Yoko AR01 – 7400
    AVS DB – 9500

    Went through many reviews, totally confused. I currently have GY NCT5 and it is doing a good job; in high speeds, bad roads, wet roads, hard braking. I wanted something better than this!! Especially, since car has been remapped.
    Assuming Michelin is 13K then the price gap between Michelin and rest is too wide. I have used BS Turanza in my previous car and the experience has been very good, but could not find any stock in Chennai.
    Options for 205/55 R16 seems to be limited in comparison to 195s. Any suggestions on the above options? I am planning to visit few more shops tomorrow.
  2. vanandwiz

    vanandwiz Amatore

    Michelin P3ST 205/55R16 at Rs 10250. mfg week 17 2014!! no freebies... is it a good option? the next quote in another shop is at Rs 13000!!
  3. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Yoko Earth 1, at the price, is very good tyre, go ahead and take it. But since you are changing from Michelin PLC, you may feel some differences in comfort.
    Why so much difference? BTW, 17 2014 should be ok to buy.
  4. vanandwiz

    vanandwiz Amatore

    @Ravi, the guy at Ramesh tyres was showing me BS B290. I was asking for My-02 or P3ST. He said My-02 is stopped and P3ST is 13K. Then I did not know if the rate was genuine or something to block me on P3ST. I was checking at few other shops and none were having P3ST.
    --- Double Post Merged, Dec 14, 2014, Original Post Date: Dec 14, 2014 ---
    Fitted two Michelin P3ST for the front. Alignment and balancing - Rs750. The noise has reduced. Feels more sticky.

    Compared the side walls of stock GY NCT5 and the Michelin P3ST..... GY is definitely better. In P3ST, the wall facing the suspension is softer than the other wall.
    The tires will need a good run-in to check the performance especially since my Tjet is wolfed.
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  5. joyal

    joyal Timido

    Greater Noida
    Delhi NCR
    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    What do you guys think about MRF ZLO and ZSPORT? How does it fare against the global brands? Pls let know.
  6. shams

    shams Esperto

    Thanks Ravi. Changed the tyres to Michelin P3STs today. Didnt want to take chances with the grip and comfort by switching to another brand. P3STs are almost same as PLCs. Hopefully they are slightly better.
  7. Vishi

    Vishi Amatore

    Linea 1.3
    Hi Shams,
    You will not be disappointed with P3ST's. I am driving my punto 90hp with the P3ST's for about 10K kms now and its too good. 1st thing you will notice that how silent these tyres are. Good comfort when driving over bad roads. Excellent handling and road grip. The trip from Bangalore to Mumbai was a wonderful journey with these tyres and even at 120 - 130 the tyres are super quite.
  8. shams

    shams Esperto

    Hi Vishi, i didnt notice the silence because my previous tyres were PLCs !
    Didnt find any noticeable difference between them and PSTs. Even the thread pattern is 95% same. Since PSTs are newer tyres, hopefully there would be some minor improvement done by michelin but even if there isnt any, i am still contented.
  9. sachinls3

    sachinls3 Amatore

    I also changed and upgraded by Punto's (1.2 Emotion) tyres from JK to Bridgestone B290. Earlier tyre size was 165/80 R14, changed to 185/70 R14. Immediate changes - No noise at all (little exaggerating:)). Ride quality has improved a lot, it's now a lot smooth.

    Biggest change, from day 1- my Punto had a pull to the left side. Tried a lot of things, visited Pandit Auto how many times, I don't remember but no to avail. It improved a little over the time but never disappeared. Now, it's close to disappeared, I see only a little pull but I'll attribute it to the uneven roads not the car or tyres. I am a happy guy :)

    Total price including WA and WB, 16600/- at Darshan tyres, JM Road. They didn't give me anything for my old tyres :-(.
  10. Raghavan Kandala

    Raghavan Kandala Timido

    Grande Punto 1.3
    I have a 2012 model Fiat Punto Diesel Dynamic and it came with the worst tyres of the lot (JK Tornodos). I have run 21K with them. Couple of weeks back when I got the wheel alignment done, the guy said the tyres have uneven wear and one of the tyres has developed a mild bulge on the side. The car was dragging to the right side and even now little bit of this effect is there. The guy told me that he can't guarantee that the alignment will last for 5K KM and advised me to change the tyres as soon as possible. I am yet to visit the service center to talk about possibility of a claim. I spoke to the FIAT INDIA customer care and the guy told me that the stock tyres come with a warranty of 6 months / 10K KM which ever is earlier and beyond that the warranty doesn't apply.

    So, I am looking to change/upgrade tyres (and rims?). I have some questions regarding the same.
    1. If I upgrade from 165/80 R 14 to 185/70 R 14 or to or to 175/75 R 14 or to 195/65 R 14
      1. Does that affect (increase or decrese) the Ground clearance ? I think the current GC is 185 mm.
      2. Does this make the steering more stiffer than the current setup ?
      3. what is the affect on the fuel economy? I get 12-14 in the city and 19-22 on the highway
      4. Should I buy 5 tyres of the same profile or can the spare still be 165/80 R 14 ?
    2. If I upgrade to 15" Steel rims and put 195/60 R 15 tyres
      1. Does that increase or decrease the Ground clearance ?
      2. Does this make the steering more stiffer than the current setup ?
      3. what is the affect on the fuel economy ?
      4. What is the affect on the odometer reading ? Does it show less than the actual or more than the actual ?
      5. Should I buy 5 steel rims and 5 tyres of the same profile or can the spare still be 165/80 R 14 ?
    @whitepunto76, Nice graphics on your car. What did you do with your old 14" Steel rims and tyres ?

    I have a long drive (Bangalore - Tirupati - Vijayawada - Tirupati - Bangalore) coming up in the 2nd week of Jan and I want to do the upgrade and run some KM before this trip. Please advise.


    Owns : 2012 Fiat Punto Diesel Dynamic - 21K
    2006 Bajaj Discover DTSi - 33K

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