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Discussion in 'Merchandise' started by amogh, Oct 7, 2014.

  1. Hi Guys,
    Live in a village and we only have the services of DTDC couriers and INDIA SPEED POST, Do you use any of these as I 'm eagerly looking forward to the stickers and keychains. Waiting in anticipation for you reply.

    Thanx & Cheers
  2. amogh

    amogh Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Sorry about it Himanshu. Although it seems to have happened in transit will send you over the replacements soon.

    You having stickers on the car is more important to us than saving a few bucks :)
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    Yes we do ship by speed post. In fact all our key chains were shipped by speed post.

    You can place your order :)
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  3. platinumshine

    platinumshine Regolare

    Dear Amogh not sure if you got a chance to see my conversation, I thought of collecting the set in person since I have not got the set delivered to me yet. it could very well be in transit. Strangely the email address thru' which I shopped has no email for the order placement or tracking. Could you plz have a look and let me know if anything might have gone wrong from my side.

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  4. himanshu4886

    himanshu4886 Regolare

    Linea 1.3
    @amogh: Really appreciate for those kind words. Thanks again.

    Just a suggestion regarding packing, please keep all the stickers facing in one direction so as to avoid any print spoilage. It can happen due to pressure and high temperature during transit.
  5. vigneshrace

    vigneshrace Amatore

    I got my Stickers delivered today!

    I will paste the stickers tomorrow and will start moving across the Chennai Roads

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  6. snck

    snck Amatore

    Linea 1.3
    Ordered on Thursday night, shipped yesterday and delivered today. Total turn around time -> less than 48 hours. Great job Amogh and team.

    The packaging is good and the stickers are excellent. And here are the pics:


    Some careless handling by the courier guys and there was a small cut on the envelope. Luckily no major damage apart from a slight bulge on one of the stickers something which is completely out of TFIs control :)

    2.jpg 3.jpg
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  7. Thanx Amogh, really pleased to hear that you use India Speed Post, will place my order by this evening.

  8. Puntom

    Puntom Amatore

    I had ordered a set last week beginning. This was to be shared between, Me, @mnvvishwa , @bluepunter and another colleague of mine who will be creating his TFI id today :)
    there were 8 Transparent and 8 Opaque stickers and we had planned to keep 2transparent and 2 opaque stickers per person.
    I got the set on Friday afternoon.

    First the positives:
    • Amazing designs
    • Good quality
    • Very good price
    • Good choice of Courier in Fedex
    Now for the negatives:
    • The envelope- design wise it is good, but since it is glossy, the envelope can be easily opened.
    • I had only 14 stickers- Driven with Passion(White) and one smallest transparent one(black letters) were missing
    • It was stapled-May be because of the same reason. It might have opened and two might have fallen off before someone stapled it
    Car is really dirty so I'll clean it and then paste it later this week.
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  9. amogh

    amogh Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Made a wordcloud from the posts here and this is how it looks :)

    --- Double Post Merged, Oct 13, 2014 ---
    Will send you the missing ones soon!

    As far as sharing of stickers is concerned, although it is logical, we would urge you to not do so. Please appreciate that the proceeds from the stickers sales help in covering the costs of the forum. It works both ways : you help us and we give you back.

    Thanks :)
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  10. swgaan

    swgaan Amatore

    Panvel, Maharashtra
    Grande Punto 1.3
    Thanks mods.. just received the set of revamped stickers..
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