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Discussion in 'Merchandise' started by amogh, Oct 7, 2014.

  1. amogh

    amogh Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Dear TFI'ians,

    It gives me immense pleasure to announce and introduce the new and revamped TFI Stickers. As the old timers know we had launched a set of stickers when TFI was launched. But the ones we are launching now will take things to an all new level.

    Let's go back a little bit. The first set of stickers that we launched, although good, did not stand the test of time. Some of them reported fading, some just came off due to bad quality adhesive and the biggest grudge was there were no transparent stickers in that set. Although the stickers were cheap the quality wasn't really doing justice to our cars. The "build quality" just wasn't there.

    This time around we have set all of the above right. Let me take a few minutes to talk about what has gone into these stickers:

    1. Best Quality Vinyl Paper: First thing we realized is that we have to get the best paper that is out there to ensure life and durability of the stickers. We therefore went for vinyl paper made by Avery Dennison (an American Company) who are one of the top makers of vinyl globally. Even for the transparent stickers we decided to go ahead with the same quality paper. If you don't believe me just flip any sticker and you will see Avery Dennison logo on the back of each sticker. While others use cheap PVC and low quality vinyl for their stickers we decided we are not going down that path. Although this was going to have an impact on the price (what we chose cost thrice as much compared to what others use) but then you don't use Japanese or Korean sheet metal on an European car either right? ;)
    2. Printing + Lamination: This was the second aspect where we had to be absolutely sure of. After trying out various samples and combinations we decided to go for digital print plus matt finish lamination to give a classy effect and long life to the stickers. I have tested these stickers with water, car shampoo, detergent soap etc and nothing has happened to them!
    3. The envelope: This thought struck us late. After the stickers were finalized we realized we needed something good to ship them to our members. No way were we going to settle for a normal paper envelope. Hence we got custom envelopes made (in black!) using a high GSM paper with a soft laminated finish. When you see it you will like it :) (To be honest : I like the envelope more than the stickers :p)
    4. Colours & Design: This was the most confusing part. FIAT cars in are sold in multiple shades of dark and light shades. Black, Tuscan Wine & Red are the most popular in the dark shades while White & Grey are popular in the light shades. So we had to make sure that our sticker set contains stickers that will look good on any colour. We had tried to keep the design as minimalistic as possible and yet make it effective & good looking.
    5. Payment & Shipping: Like key chains we will again use an online payment system for the stickers. No bank transfers, adding payees etc. Just pay online using your credit card or bank account. For shipping though we have gone for a completely new process. We had used Speed Post earlier but it was an extremely painful, time consuming and slow process. For the stickers we have signed up with multiple courier companies (FedEx, Blue Dart, First Flight etc to name a few) who will be delivering the stickers. We are targeting next day dispatch and 2 day delivery with the courier companies. So you should get the stickers in 3-4 days. We are also working on instant tracking updates through SMS and e-mail.
    Cut the crap. Show me the STICKERS !!

    The new TFI sticker set contains 16 professionally designed stickers. Of these 8 are regular vinyl stickers while 8 are transparent vinyl. The designs are as follows:

    Turbo Charged

    This particular design comes in two shades : Black & White. You may be driving the famed MJD or the Petrol T-Jet. Slap this sticker on your car and flaunt your turbo power.
    Quantity : 1 Black and 1 White in each set
    Size : 10" x 3"



    Admiration Guaranteed

    Our Italian cars are head turners wherever they go. A second admiration look from onlookers is guaranteed. Well so why not flaunt it on the sticker then?
    Quantity : 1 in each set
    Size : 10" x 3"


    Driven with Passion

    This sticker comes in two shades : Black & White. That awesome feeling when you hold the fantastic steering in your hand and push the pedal to the floor. A surge of passion automatically runs through us. That's the inspiration behind the design of this sticker.
    Quantity : 1 Black and 1 White in each set
    Size : 10" x 3"



    Built Like a Tank

    Do you guys really need any explanation for this sticker? Evil idea: Gift this to your friends who own a Honda or a Maruti :) :p
    Quantity : 1 in each set
    Size : 10" x 3"


    Follow Me @ TEAMFIAT.COM

    This one is from our old set. Re-designed with our new logo. Let the world following you know about your favorite hangout on the web! Moderator @N Kiran insisted on having this one in the set :)
    Quantity : 1 in each set
    Size : 10" x 3"


    For the FIAT Enthusiast in You!
    A sticker sporting the new TFI Logo and tagline.
    Quantity : 1 in each set
    Size : 10" x 3"


    www.teamfiat.com (Transparent)
    A transparent sticker with the forum URL.
    Quantity : 2 Black and 2 White in each set
    Size : 8" x 0.8"



    Note: The black background for the white text transparent stickers above is for sake of visibility on the forum only. The actual stickers are plain transparent with white text. They DO NOT have a black background. For the transparent stickers : the background colour will be the colour of the car / object on which they are pasted. In actual this is how it will look


    www.teamfiat.com with Tagline (Transparent)

    A transparent sticker with the forum URL & tagline.
    Quantity : 1 Black and 1 White in each set
    Size : 11" x 1"



    Follow Me @ www.teamfiat.com(Transparent)

    A large transparent sticker with the text Follow Me @ www.teamfiat.com
    Quantity : 1 Black and 1 White in each set
    Size : 14" x 1.5"



    Price : The price of one set is Rs.450/- (including shipping)

    How to buy : Go to our store @ http://www.teamfiat.com/shop/ and click on the Click Here to Buy! button

    This is how the entire set is going to look. Apart from your cars you can paste these stickers on your bikes, helmets, laptop back etc. Heck! I have one on my television set and washing machine too :D

    We really hope you guys are going to like the sticker set and buy it. Needless to say the proceeds from the sticker sales will also help towards maintenance and sustenance costs of the forum.

    Look forward to an overwhelming response and the first sets getting sold out soon :)

    Thanks a lot and feel free to critique and give suggestions.

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  2. amogh

    amogh Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    The stickers are now available. You can start ordering :)
  3. nand_nand

    nand_nand Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Ordered.. Now the wait starts.. :)
  4. JohnyBoy

    JohnyBoy Amatore

    Navi Mumbai
    amogh, the stickers looks awesome. Thanks.
    Ordered my set.
  5. pv_krish

    pv_krish Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Excellent news, delighted, going to order by tomorrow.
  6. vishal10

    vishal10 Timido

    Grande Punto 1.3
    One question..
    Can I get the last one (www.teamfiat.com with Tagline(Transparent)) - both as black ones please ?
    White sticker doesn't make any sense for my white Punto !

  7. amoldongare83

    amoldongare83 Timido

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Ordered...Planning for the right Place on my Punto ;)
  8. hariprasade

    hariprasade Timido

    Ordered Mine..! waiting eagerly:)
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  9. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto

    Is there a windsheild sticker included along with this set which has front side adhesive?
  10. amogh

    amogh Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Sorry @vishal10 : customisation is not possible since the sets are pre-packaged. Coming to your concern : it is not necessary that you paste the stickers only on the body of the car. You can paste the white transparent sticker on the windshield, door windows, inside the car on the central console, just above the glovebox etc :) I have it on my black helmet as well
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    No. And we don't plan to make those either.

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