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Discussion in 'Fiat OEM Spares & Accessories' started by dr_shiva29, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. Hi All,

    I felt there was no one place on this forum where if any member wanted to get an upgrade to his car done, can look for infos on possible shops available in their or nearby cities.

    Therefore, I am initiating this thread where members, based on their experiences, can just provide useful information in the below format:

    Shop Name:
    Upgrades done:
    Workmanship: [please rate out of 'Poor', 'Fair', 'Good', 'Excellent']
    Overall Owner Satisfaction: [please rate out of 'It was a mistake', 'Could have been better', 'Satisfied', 'Great Job']
    Tips to other owners/Points to consider:
    Contact details (if available):

    Needless to say, a full detailed report on the upgrades can be posted elsewhere but just a couple of minutes spent on this thread to provide the above details can save a lot of time for other people and also open up a world of options.

    Let's keep this place clean in an effort to help others and not use for promotional gains ::T

    Mods: If found irrelevant, please move or delete this thread :)
  2. vIjAy_kHaSa

    vIjAy_kHaSa Esperto

    City : Chandigarh
    Shop Name : Car Life Sec 27 Chandigarh
    Upgrades done : Sun filming, Seat covers and misc. items.
    Workmanship : Good
    Overall Owner Satisfaction : Satisfied
    Points to consider : Be with your car while installation is being done.
    Contacts Details: Scf-9, Sector-27-C, Chandigarh - 160019 Ph. 0172-5085120
  3. City : Chennai
    Shop Name & Address : Jeewajee Car Decor, Y213, II Avenue, Annanagar, Chennai 40
    Specialist in : Art leather seat covers, Sunfilms, after car fitments
    Upgrades done : Boot mats, Door sills, Car care and misc. items.
    Workmanship : Excellent
    Overall Owner Satisfaction : Satisfied
    Points to consider : Be with your car while installation is being done.
    Contacts Details: Mr Mohammed / Mob :98843 92390 / Office : 044-42651156
  4. City : Chennai
    Shop Name : Xenos Auto Boutique, HPCL Petrol Bunk premises, 414, Annasalai, Nandanam, Chennai 35
    Specialist in : 4 & 2 wheeler branded accessories, Professional car interior cleaning & Exterior Polishing
    Upgrades done : Sunfilm, Reverse Parking sensor, MMI GPS, Turtle & Abel Car care products, Branded car perfumes
    Workmanship : Excellent
    Overall Owner Satisfaction : Great Job
    Points to consider : Very reasonable price & Genuine dealing
    Contacts Details: Mr S Subramaniam / Mob :93812 93005 / Office : 044-32970660
  5. City: Chennai
    Shop Name: Privilege Carz Spa
    Upgrades done: Car Care Products
    Workmanship: Excellent
    Overall Owner Satisfaction: Satisfied
    Tips to other owners/Points to consider: Exhorbitant prices. Same car upgrades can be done elsewhere three times lesser the price. Cost of products sold is also on a higher side. But products stacked are genuine.
    Contact details (if available): 781/428 Anna Salai, Opp YMCA ground, Nandanam. +91-44-24348008/43150315
  6. This might contradict bnzjon's recommendation above but cannot help but give my feedback too:

    City: Chennai
    Shop Name: Jeewajee Car Decor, Y213, II Avenue, Annanagar, Chennai 40
    Upgrades done: Art-Leather seat covers, Reverse parking system, windscreen film.
    Workmanship: Poor. I am rating it poor since although the work was not bad, I had to pay some huge prices in return (mentioned below).
    Overall Owner Satisfaction: It was a mistake. Seat Cover- The guy did not know the task and it was Mohammed who was giving instructions every now and then. The finish was not upto my expectations and the rear hand rest did not seat properly. Had to undo most of the work and re-install the seat covers. The plastic seat belt holder on the right side of drivers seat was forced open and broken. Reverse parking system- My car ended up with 2 scratches and paint destruction on the bumper while drilling holes for the sensor. Windscreen film- The installer rubbed the windscreen hard with dry cloth and used knife to scratch out some dust!!!! Finally, after the installations, I had 3 screws left which no one knew where to fit!!!
    Tips to other owners/Points to consider: I had heard a lot about this place which is why I trusted them with my car but it was a very bad experience. The installers there seem inexperienced and they have no regards for the car. Twice the door was banged against the wall and the carpet was just pulled with all the might, popping open the rivets or rubber screws holding them. There are many workers there and all of them will work on your car on different installations at the same time so you cannot actually concentrate on one task. The windscreen installer went against my word and scratched the glass with a knife!!! There is a small ~ 10 year old kid in that group who is lethal. He is just uncontrollable and will do some or other thing with your car. Banged my car with a driller. Had to complain to Mohammed on this chap and forced to keep him away from my car. Had many other upgrades planned with Jeewajee but cancelled all of them. Returned very frustrated.
    Contact details (if available): Mr Mohammed :98843 92390
  7. That's really scary.

    I was satisfied with the sale process as no work was done in my car by him.
    I purchased Door sill and boot mat both of which i fixed it. Apart from that i purchased Brake dust repellent spray and some waxes.

    However, i have heard good reviews about this guy, esp on installation of seat covers.
  8. @bnzjon, I am normally a very non-complaining sort of guy and take things in a lighter way but I had sleepless nights after the experience above.
    I came to know that all his experienced people, especially the seat cover guys have left him and he now has a very new and inexperienced team (wish I had know this earlier). I must say that Mohammed is a very kind guy and he is a genuine person who will not try to cheat you. He also gives you recommendations or suggestions on what is good and what is not. He was very sorry with what happened and gifted me a Chinese make car perfume and a duster. Well, I am sure these gifts cannot compensate the damage done by his team.

    I will never visit that place again.
  9. teky

    teky Esperto

    Would highly recommend these guys, But don't even bother visiting their accessory store located in the First floor. I've got done my cleaning from them and also a friend of mine had his entire car's interiors cleaned, They spend quality time with your car and attending to details which I felt is lacking at the ASC and other places.
  10. kaps

    kaps Superiore

    New Delhi
    New Delhi
    Linea 1.4
    City: Kochi
    Shop Name: Galaxy Auto
    Upgraded done: Audio
    Workmanship: Excellent
    Overall Owner Satisfaction: Highly Satisfied.
    Contact Details: Muneem 09846911666
    Points: These guys know their stuff. Although the shop is quite cramped, the variety is plenty and workmanship is too good. The guys know the stuff and will recommend the setup based on your listening preferences. Costs are reasonable too. They do high quality audio setups, some of them I happened to see and they were world class. Did I mention about their workmanship, excellent.

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