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Team Fiat Anniversary Meet : Pune - Mumbai : Report Pg 34 onwards

Discussion in 'Team Fiat Meets' started by amogh, May 13, 2011.

  1. gautamkhadse

    gautamkhadse Regolare

    @pioneeraaron : Thanks for the update man . Wow someone really screwed up the sheet . But I was able to fix it . Reverted back to an earlier version . I just made an offline copy incase someone messes it up again by mistake . :D
  2. Hi All,

    :wow Less than a week left for the meet. I'm already Excited! :wow
    But right now, it's something like this:

    I know I will be going somewhere.
    But I don't know when - No Date Fixed.
    And I don't know where - No Place Fixed.

    I am fine with any location, 4th and/or 5th, but I need to inform my family, office, about my weekend escapade & that too really soon!

    Everyone Please, lets get a plan fixed.
  3. So where will it be ?

    Some notable points from members in their own words.....

    ratanshivi : "A place where we can sit and Faff. with A/C." - I completely agree. Reason: "The Heat is Not Bad - Its murdering!!" - so true.

    HarishSegar : "The more important question is: Do we want to spend max time on road or interacting? I am more inclined towards a shorter drive and more time interacting. " - I completely agree again. - It's a "Meet".

    kedarbendre : "If we come back to Pune/Mumbai a bit late then it is ok. For that we need to organize this meet on Saturday so that we can take rest on Sunday what say guys???" - Again, Completely Agree. - because Monday, again Work.

    And a few other things I think will make our life easier:

    1) A easy to reach venue, for mumbai & pune TFI'ans - equidistant if necessary, good road condition is a must.

    2) A value for money A/C Venue, where people can interact, make acquaintances, have lunch, with access to scenic sights for group pictures, ample car parking space.

    3) Engaging into recreational parks, things that will take time to do, will leave us with less time for our meet.

    4) Good Cameras - DSLR's anyone ?

    Please. Lets decide....
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  4. FastLove

    FastLove Superiore

    Linea 1.4
    Reading the various opinions and inputs, my suggestion:

    Resort : mountain view
    Location : karjat (few km ahead of nd studio)
    Charges : Rs. 800 per head(approx)
    Includes: 3 meals , room stay(4 person per room), check out next afternoon.
    Facilities : swimming pool, ample parking, rooms, a very nice cricket ground.
    Food : quite decent. They serve bhajiya chai by the pool, all inclusive.

    added attraction - there is a huge airplane wrecked just outside the resort and can be spotted from the road (acts as a landmark too)

    If we have to book, feedbacks fast please...

    Cons - may be a little longer drive for puneites than mumbaiites...

    Btw - just returned after 2 day Stay in amby valley.. Not impressed!

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  5. HarishSegar


    @fiatfan: point 4 is covered. I am bringing a 5Dmk2.

    Any canon shooters coming for the event, please carry your external flash if you have one.
  6. Great news Harish, a 5Dmk2 will certainly fulfill the purpose.
    Wonderful pictures of the group is what will make the meet timeless & preserve it as history.

    Now we need to concentrate on date & location.
  7. @ Amogh , Mods : Can the Spreadsheet have another column for "Night Stay" ?

    Reason being, People can add their specific opinions about staying over as we don't know weather people are ok with that.
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  8. amogh

    amogh Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Ok Guys,

    We have now decided the following

    It is going to be a ONE DAY LUNCH meet.

    Date : 4th June 2011
    Venue : Big Wheels Motoring Cafe



    • Reach Big Wheels by noon
    • Have starters + lunch
    • Go to Pawna Dam or areas nearby for photography session
    • Proceed to Mumbai / Pune post evening tea

    I am negotiating with Big Wheels owner to give us a similar package as last year. Last year we had the following package

    1. Veg Starters : Honey Chilly Potato & Cheese Corn Tikki (Unlimited)
    2. Non-Veg Starters : Chicken Tikki & Chili Chicken (Unlimited)
    3. Veg Main : Paneer Makhanwalla & Spicy Veg (Unlimited)
    4. Non – Veg Main : Chicken do pyaaz & Mutton Handi (Unlimited)
    5. Indian Bread (Roti, Naan..) (Unlimited)
    6. Jeera Rice and Dal Fry. (Unlimited)
    7. Cold Drinks (Coke or Sprite) (Unlimited)
    8. Desert One serving per head : Vanilla With Hot Chocolate (Limited)

    This being our first anniversary meet let us keep it a day meet only which will ensure a larger presence / participation. For overnight trip (for which I am very much game) we will plan separately.

    Hope this plan sounds good to all.


    EDIT : Just received an email from the owner of Bigwheels. He has written that a similar package as above will cost Rs.550/- per head. If you guys are fine with this I will go ahead and block the place for us. Please confirm quickly.
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  9. Great Idea. I am Confirmed with this Plan.
  10. Aniket

    Aniket Superiore

    Thane, Mumbai
    me too Confirmed with this Plan.

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