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Talkad Road Trip

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by zenwalker, Nov 25, 2013.

  1. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto

    I do know this roadtrip is nothing different compared to rest of the roadtrips already done by many of you. I just wanted to give an update over the road conditions along with the pics.

    Any ways, i took the Bangalore - Maddur - malavalli road for the onward journey. The road between mysore and malvalli is bad. The max speed you can reach is 40 keeping safety of your tyres and suspensions atmost ;)

    I blindly followed the google maps suggestion, so after taking deviation before at nagegowdana doddi place (as per maps) as shown below:
    Screenshot - 11252013 - 08:23:53 PM.png
    This stretch till talkadu is around 30Kms. So traveling further on this path i reached a cross roads. The maps on the mobile showed straight ahead as the path. The cross roads is marked as shown:
    cross roads.png

    Following this path straight ahead led me to a deserted road with absolutely no TAR. The road is horrible with full of stones and mud. Thankfully tyres didnt give up there. This horrible road stretch is around 2-3 kms. Later which youll reach the place called mudukuthore.

    Hence, i would suggest, stop at the cross roads and ask locals for directions with good road. They shall reroute you.

    The place (talkad) was pretty much crowded as the following week there is a big event happening. Hence cops had blocked vehicles entering temple premesis around 1.5kms before. Every one had to park and walk or hire an auto, the fare per head was 10 INR. The auto driver was mentioning that from 28th Nov onwards till 2Nov, not even single vehicles are allowed near the temple 24 hours. So if you are planning, be ready to burn your skin in the damn humid sun and walk for 1.5kms (road) and then around 1kms in the sand which is more difficult but yet the environment is cooler and sand too.

    After finishing our temple rounds (4 of em), we were really tired and exhausted. The day was really hot and humid on top of that heavy crowd. We then decided to depart for Shivansamudra, which was around 30kms away from this place. So another 40mins drive it was. The route (based on locals inquiry) we took belakavadi road, and this road was really nice with lots of curves and bends. A treat to drive, i say ;)

    Atlast, the ODO on my babez stands 4.2k. She is running beautiful like an unicorn without any issues (touchwood). The total drive was 285 kms.

    Another point to ponder upon is, night driving on kanakpura which is a 2 lane road is really difficult especially when it rains. The 2 wheelers on this roads drive like they are inside city. So be careful and have always an eye over these 2 wheelers.

    Let the pics talk...



    Finally.... :D
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