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T-Jet plus, Tuscan Wine

Discussion in 'Linea 1.4 T-Jet' started by ramananda, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. Relativity

    Relativity Superiore

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Tyre pressure is subjective to trial and error and finding what works best for your car. For my Punto, the recommended is 32 but I fly on 30 :redcar
    I am feeling a bit like Mr. Diesel in my 90 HP these days, as soon as the turbo kicks in; I imagine the NOS in the F&F movies. So, I can imagine the kick that TJet must be giving you. Fly Away!
  2. ramananda

    ramananda Timido

    Many thanks, guys!

    Drove down last week,
    tyre pressure: 35 in front and 33 rear
    left Vashi at 7 pm Thursday, instead of 7 am Friday...and reached Satara around 12.30 am, where we logged in at a seedy roadside joint for the night...left again @ 7.30 am, and did a straight run (bar three small stops for food and refreshments) averaging 120 kmph..
    The speed alert had been set for 120 kmph, so my wife would complain everytime I crossed it..Quietly reset it for 140, and it was smooth sailing since then....:)
    The good part is, the speed alert switches off, or at least it does in my car, if you continue to exceed the limit for a while...so there were stretches where I hit 160/170 kmph and even 180 km for about 20 km... without the engine complaining even a little bit.
    The road from Kohlapur to Bangalore is phenomenal. Reached outskirts of Bangalore by 4.30 pm, but then got lost in the city and finally reached my place on Old Madras Road at 6 pm.
    1096 km, in 23 hrs.
    Deduct about 9 hours from that for pit stops, that makes 14 hours of driving at an average of about 78 kmph!
    Great car, great drive...
    only grumble: the usb player can't handle a stick with too many songs...mine had the Rolling Stones top 500, and the player could only handle two or three songs before packing up and going blank. Any suggestions on how to fix that glitch?
  3. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    It is same for all Fiat cars.:)
    They knew once you start crossing limits on open roads, they don't want to disturb you too much.
  4. Now the Fiat is offering discounts on T-JET+ of 2.36L.

    That is

    1L company discount
    36K insurance free
    3k roadside assistance free
    4K corporate discount
    On road after discount ~9L

    If you want to trade your car
    1L exchange bonus
    + valuation (2L)

    As per Hyderabad.Hyd Price is 11.01L but after discounts it is 9.58L with out exchange.With exchange it is 7.58L

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