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T-Jet Brake Problem?

Discussion in 'Exteriors / Body' started by anand_27, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. Dear members,

    Need a quick help. Here is what is happening -

    I park my car at 2nd floor (parking lot) which has a slope to go/come up/down. While coming down of the slope, I need to take left turn after around 25-30 feet of slope. At this point of time, if I apply the clutch and press brake, there is a strange sound (Khat…Khat..Khat). It seems metal clashing with another metal. This is constant at this turn. Being lazy to take vehicle to service station, I ignored this as at no other turn this happen.

    But on Friday, on plane road, I had to apply brakes urgently to stop crashing with the vehicle ahead of me (which stopped all of sudden) and again the same sound. Today again the same. I tried to reproduce the sound after this today’s incident but could not on the plane road. May be I will try again. It seems it happens when I apply clutch and brakes together (on plane road at high speed and when brake is hard pressed)

    Anyways I will take vehicle to TASS but only after Friday as I am going out of station. In meantime if T-JET owners can share their experience that may help me to be relaxed while driving car for next 3 days.
  2. pioneeraaron

    pioneeraaron Superiore


    is the sound while applying or releasing the brake pedal??? Me also facing the strange issue..as if a squeeky door being opened...but very audible...m fighting with FIAT for this...but sadly its in all FIAT cars..can u elaborate the sound???
  3. @anand_27: Do you get a pulsating feeling on the brake pedal when this happens?

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  4. viveksonkhla

    viveksonkhla Amatore

    Noida, India
    Linea T-Jet

    Here you go....

    New Car...New breaks.....early morning.....cold breaks......apply breaks....get sound...... :hit :lol: .... the sound goes away as breaks reach optimum temperature.

    Usually it takes some time ...close to 500KM for breaks assisted with ABS and EBD to become effective ...read your manual and it says drive carefully for first 500 KM. :drinks
  5. @pioneeraaron, This sound is when I apply brakes along with clutch.
    @Deb, Yes. Today I thougth like I should releas brakes else it will get damaged. Such a heavy noise it was!
    @Vivek, My car has run around 7000 Kms so far...
  6. HarishSegar


    Does it happen after the car has driven a few kms or on cold starts only? Check if the problem occurs in neutral rather than holding the clutch in-gear.
  7. jumu

    jumu Superiore


    Dont delay your visit to TASC any longer or dont use the car, just to be on the safer side. when you brake with the clutch, the total braking load is on brakes whereas if braking is done without the clutch there is a bit of engine braking happening and hence less load on the brake and hence less noise.
    Especially with the t-jet where power surges each time and braking is done to tame it too often. Maybe you would have done it in the early period of ownership.
    It could be that your brake pads have unfortunately worn out. Even a worn out brake pad which results in metal to metal contact with the disc will make noise when cold but be very normal when it heats up and you can go on and on. That is why you are not able to replicate on a plain road.
    Just my thoughts based on my earlier experience in a Santro.It could be totally different reasons.Pls check it up asap

  8. bhai

    bhai Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Yes jumu

    It may be because of worn out brake pads.
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  9. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Do get your brake pads checked at the service centre.

    If they are worn out at 7000 kms , and assuming you dont drive like Michael Schumacher all the time , then this is a serious issue to be brought to the notice of FIAT India.
    Keep us updated.

  10. pioneeraaron

    pioneeraaron Superiore

    Ok guys..just 2day i got new rotors and brake pads under warranty...my car is run a mere 4700kms...had to push a lot for the warranty of the pads...just got the car..everything seems to be fine..will post the rotor pics soon..

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