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Sunroof OR Moonroof

Discussion in 'Fiat OEM Spares & Accessories' started by prashant3d, Dec 24, 2010.

  1. Punto with Sunroof
    I spotted a Fiat Punto with Sunroof @ Triumph Auto Faridabad.
    Owner told me that Its Webasto Sunroof and it was fitted in 27000.Rs.

    I am not able to post Pics.. Help needed :(
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  2. rishike007

    rishike007 Esperto

    Pune- Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Last friday I went to car cupid in Pune where I found webasto sunroof manual one. He has put the same in his fabia. It was looking great. The price for the same he told me is 20K with installation.

    And electrical one is much expensive that will be arround 40K... :eek:
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  3. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    in short Dont cut your roof.

    Here is the most important reason..
    Any hard top car maintains its structural integrity from the A,B,C,D pillars which are in turn held together by the running board at the bottom and roof in the top.
    Now this is the single most important reason why roofs are required.

    Point2 :: Cars designed as convertibles or soft tops invariably are much heavier than their hard top counterparts.. (You can check any soft top VS hard top of the same model you will see the difference yourself.)

    Bentley soft top : Bentley Motors Website : Models : New Continental GT V8 Convertible : Detailed Specification
    Bentley hard top : Bentley Motors Website : Models : New Continental GT V8 : Detailed Specification

    If you look at their weights you will see the difference and its the same story everywhere... The reason for this heavier weight is because the soft tops will have more reinforcements in the running board and other parts of the chassis to prevent "Twisting of chassis" due to cornering forces...

    So now coming to your point...
    If you cut the roof out it might look great and all but you will compromise on the body's integrity and its difficult to tell what outcome you may have...
    I would stay away from cutting the roof...
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  4. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto

    Our climate is not very favourable for Sun / Moon roof usage. Plus, as theblack has correctly pointed out, one will also be compromising on structural integrity. My brother has a Cruze, which came with factory fitted moon roof. He has never opened it even once.

    If it is purely for looks, then one must consider this. Serves the same purpose as an unused sun roof at a fraction of the cost, looks real and no compromise on structural integrity. :D :D


    PS: Don't miss reading the Q&A section in that link. I have an aching stomach, doing that :)
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  5. Nimish antony

    Nimish antony Regolare

    Could someone get me the contact details of Webasto in Bangalore/Chennai. As to my knowledge webasto has wound up its Indian operations.
  6. varunrtr

    varunrtr Esperto

    KL-01/ TO
    Grande Punto 1.3
    from what i inquired, Webasto has shut shop here ..
    In kerala, http://www.facebook.com/Adcustoms?fref=ts are the guys who does sunroof pretty neatly in my knowledge. check them out.

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