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strange problem with "kind of jammed" brakes

Discussion in 'Tyres & Alloys' started by Edoardo, Dec 28, 2015.

  1. Edoardo

    Edoardo Timido

    Helsinki, Finland
    Linea T-Jet
    I have this situation with my Fiat Linea Tjet 120 bhp:
    after a mid range journey(130 km) the brake pedal is hard to push and brakes reaction is weaker than usual. When I stop at the end of this journey and then leave again the wheels are blocked and cannot move the car. I've noticed that the break pedal needs to be pushed-up in order to release the wheels(meaning I put my foot UNDER the brake pedal and I push it a little up). The day after everything seems normal. This happened to me twice, and each time after coming back from Kotka to Helsinki. Weather was below zero, but since the car was moving I don't think anything froze up, or? The car seems in good condition and passed the revision test on October 2015, including brakes test.

    The car has driven 51000 km I'm the third owner and I've owned the car for less than a month (less than 1000 km) so I don't know if this problem occurred earlier or it's a new thing. When I bought it the previous owner told me that he never changed the pads (he owned the car for 35 000 km and he didn't know if previous owner changed the pads, but I guess not).

    So ok probably the pads need to be changed( I hope the not the disks as well), but what do you think?
    Is it really only a consumed pads problem, or could it be something else? And if it's something else, what that could be?

    Thanks for your help
  2. bibin

    bibin Regolare


    In india our brake pads last only upto 30000 km's , so based on that if you driven pads for 51000 km, i believe your pads needs replacement , kindly check the rotor and disc.
  3. tweeting_fiat

    tweeting_fiat Timido

    Fiat Enthusiast
    Doesn't sound like worn out pads, you would hear screeching noises in that case and visual marks on the disc surface (metal rubbing against disc). Could be the caliper pin getting jammed (requires lubrication) or may be air in the system (brake bleeding req)
    Best would be to get the brake system serviced at a garage and see if the problem persists (this would reveal the life of brake pads as well).

    Since yours is a Tjet get all four disc brakes checked.

    Keep us posted
  4. Edoardo

    Edoardo Timido

    Helsinki, Finland
    Linea T-Jet
    Hi, i've been at the garage today, got my brakes checked, they couldn't find anything wrong. Pads were all good, fluid was good, they test drove twice and we had - 10 °C today and lots of snow. They worked perfectly. The mechanic only warned me about the front disks which are almost over, he said I could drive still 1 or 2 months with those, then they need to be replaced. So that's it.

    Later I though that both times I had Barnes jammed earlier in the same day my father in law washed my car, maybe something froze up and caused the jamming.... Who knows.
  5. RCP

    RCP Amatore

    @Edoardo I would suggest u to change the disc and pads. In colder conditions, it may look like the problem has been rectified, but it is always good to replace the disks and pads(at least the front ones). The problem which u stated arises only when there is metal to metal contact, i.e. when the disc worn out, it will contact with the metal portion of the pads. I faced this problem earlier, and I literally have to lift the brake pedal with my foot - upwards, to keep it moving. It is always good to replace them, rather getting stuck in a vulnerable situation, where u have to wait until the showroom opens next day.

    If u r changing the discs, make sure to change the pads(even if it is expensive). Thanks.
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  6. RaviHegde

    RaviHegde Regolare

    14.62°N 74.85°E
    Grande Punto 1.4
    I have faced this problem in my Punto. See http://www.teamfiat.com/threads/brakes-jammed-after-washing-the-car.13698/ Basically old disk surface rusts because of water on the disk and the brake gets jammed. Driving the car for few minutes after washing the car to dry the water on the disks solves the problem.
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