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Strange noise from engine in 2nd gear above 3.5k RPM!!!

Discussion in 'Engine Compartment' started by N Kiran, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. N Kiran

    N Kiran Staff Member Janitor


    Yesterday I noticed that there is a strange noise, something like krrrrr krrrrr krrrrr when I accelerate in 2nd gear and after 3.5k RPM.

    So today, I tested the same couple of times in almost every gear except reverse :D. The sound comes only when I slot into 2nd gear and above 3.5k RPM as mentioned above. The other gears do not have this issue at the same and more RPM levels.
    I wanted to ask if some one had faced this issue earlier and if so what was the actual culprit and what was the diagnosis done to rectify the same.

    Since we have a plan to do a very long drive from Hyderabad to Ooty for the South India Meet in about a week's time, I am a bit worried if this issue might leave me stranded on the Highway or something worse.:(

    I have anyways scheduled a standard check-up for my car this saturday. But, from a local garage which is right opposite to my apartments.
    I would raise this query to the mechanic over there, but want to have an idea before hearing vague or unconvincing answers from him.
    I donot trust the TASS at the moment because they always create a new issue while resolving the current issue and I donot have time to run around them.

    Thanks in advance!!!

  2. teky

    teky Esperto

    Did the car get bottomed out recently - if yes, Kindly look if the engine guard has any bend. I had a similar problem although it was whilst using the reverse gear.

    It's interesting that we're hear even the minutest of noise and get worried about it lol. No car brand would have got such a sort of testing done!
  3. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Kiran Anna, is there anything in the glove box etc which can rattle?

    If not, ask the local mechanic to check if anything is loose and can make such a noise. I don't think this is related to the engine as such. Engine noises are fairly consistent and God forbid when they do come, they come all the time in every gear and every rpm. :)

    We can provide FIAT with a world class Quality Check Inspector if they want. Although i cannot disclose the person's name.
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  4. N Kiran

    N Kiran Staff Member Janitor

    Thankyou Teky and Gurjinder Paaji for the quick replies.

    The car did get bottomed in a pothole, but I donot think it is the engine guard. It was more like the bumper or some suspension rod. The speed was less then 5kmph as I had completely slowed down to cross the pot hole. Anyways I will check the engine guard too. But if this is the case, why only in 2nd gear that too after 3.5k RPM?
    I usually donot bother about rattles. Because it comes as a package. In my initial days of ownership I used to complain a lot about the rattles by reading posts of other members who have similar issues and the TASS used to create a new issue everytime I approach them for an issue.
    So stopped bothering about the rattles and started enjoying the drive. I also call my GP as RED RATTLE SNAKE, as it rattles a lot and slithers in the traffic like a snake :cool:
    I would not have worried about this issue aswell untill the next scheduled service, if it was not for my wife or if I were not planning for the South India Meet.

    Not at all Paaji. The rattle is not like the usual glass rattle or the parcel tray rattle which I already have and I donot bother about them much.
    It sounds something like, trying to insert a pen or sort of a thing in a table fan touching the baldes (I used to do this when I was a kid). Not very loud, but definitely audible. But again, only in 2nd gear and after 3.5k RPM.

    Hope you were not intending to make me the WORLD CLASS Quality check Inspector. :D And if my guess is right, I might know whom you actually are speaking about ;)
  5. Why are you revving 3500 RPM in second gear ,by doing so you are very close to redline.
  6. N Kiran

    N Kiran Staff Member Janitor

    @Sat: Sometimes I do that to make a quick overtake in city. I am used to aggressive driving particularly in city. I usually rev a lot and something close to 4000 RPM and sometimes more.
  7. @Krian, Diesel engines donot like to be redlined often unlike petrol siblings.
  8. N Kiran

    N Kiran Staff Member Janitor

    @Sat: Last week after filling up the tank, I took up a challenge from my wife not to cross 2k RPM in any gear to see how much FE we would get. But would go upto 2.5k ocassionally when my wife used to warn me and I would come back. I tried this for 4 days and that was the worst driving experience I ever had in my Punto. Whenever a gap builds up between me and the vehicle ahead because of the turbo lag and not revving, some one drives in between and it happens again and again with every gap that is created. I was so sick of it that I decided I would never ever drive sedately in city. I will try to drive sedately on Highway where I would not require to keep changing the gears.

    BTW, I am going way off-topic now. But the question still remains, what might be the reason for the clatter/rattle in the engine in 2nd gear and above 3.5k RPM? :(
  9. sungoa2010


    Usually in lower gear and higher rpm the car tends to vibrate. I think as teky mentioned there may be some loose part in under body that simply absorb this vibration.

    We are like critics trying to find where the notes are missing in a concert. Our cars engine sound is nothing less than that of a musical note:D
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  10. Dear All,

    Same Strange noise is coming in My Punto diesel active Model. When I shift the Gear from Second to Third, Some Kid-Kid-Kid Noise is coming from gear lever.
    My Car completed only 1900 Km. I visited Fiat service centre, they checked & do the oiling of Gear Lever,but still same noise is coming.

    When I changed the gear from 2nd to 3rd without moving my hand from gear lever then the sound does not come, other wise Kid-Kid-kid sound comes.

    Kindly help and advise.

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