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strange clutch problem

Discussion in 'Fiat OEM Spares & Accessories' started by vivek_lko, Mar 28, 2016.

  1. vivek_lko

    vivek_lko Amatore

    Hi guys, My 2010 punto 90hp has done 70K and all the service has been done regularly.

    Today faced a strange issue in the morning.

    I started the engine and the gear just wouldnt' engage in the 1st gear (it remained locked in the neutral) even after pressing the clutch fully . Putting it in reverse caused a strange grinding noise. I switched of the engine and was able to put the gear very easily in the 1st . I pressed the clutch , then started the engine drove the car for sometime end then everything went of smoothly .

    Next morning the same issue ; the gear stuck in the neutral . I noticed that the play in the clutch pedal had increase quiet a lot . I switched of the engine ; then tried something different as compared to previous morning. I pumped the clutch pedal 10-15 times and noticed that the play has reduced and the clutch pedal was now giving a "good" feeling. I started the engine in the neutral and quiet easily was able to slot the gears as though nothing had happened. All the gears worked properly.

    Can anyone throw light as to what can be the issue ? My CSC was already replaced by a steel one almost 3 years back so I dont think the CSC should be an issue here.

    Also for the last few days when I take a sharp turn , i get an indicator that says "Brake fluid low , dont proceed " . However if the turn is taken gradually at slow speeds there is no warning.

    can these two things be related ? is the clutch fluid and the brake flui shared via the same container ?

    Thanks for throwing some light on this .
  2. Sujit508

    Sujit508 Regolare

    Bangalore , Karnataka
    Retro / Classic FIAT
    1. Check the Fluid level , yes both are shared in the same container
    2. Bleed the brake/clutch.

    if not okay. then, the suspects are
    3. MSC/CSC
    4. check for clutch/brake lines for any leaks.
    5. Clutch Pressure plate
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  3. puntophile

    puntophile Amatore

    Indirapuram NCR
    Bleed the brake and clutch fluid properly. There is Air/vapour in the slave circuit and probably the CSC has a leak somewhere.
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  4. vivek_lko

    vivek_lko Amatore

    Thanks @puntophile and @Sujit508 . I dont see any drop of leak on the floor where the car is standing. Can it be an internal leak ? I dont think that the fluid is volatile ?
  5. Rahul2013

    Rahul2013 Timido

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Bro u need to change gear box. Same problem I faced.

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