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Strange AC behavior noticed

Discussion in 'Technical' started by soundar, Sep 19, 2012.

  1. I noticed this yesterday at 10:45 PM, while returning back from my office. I have driven the car for 35 minutes (around 28kms) on the commute.</SPAN></SPAN>

    I usually turn off A/C and keep the blower running, when ever I am less than 5 minutes from reaching home. Yesterday I did the same thing and observer some strange behavior. </SPAN></SPAN>

    1. I turned off A/C when I was around 2 KM away from home and kept the blower running.</SPAN></SPAN>
    2. After ½ KM drive, my car engine stopped. As there was no traffic, I turned on panic lights and managed to steer the car to road side. Car started normally on the first attempt to start.</SPAN></SPAN>
    3. I some what felt that very cold air being blown. I turned off blower and opened windows and driven back to home.</SPAN></SPAN>
    4. When I came out of car to open the gate, I noticed some strange noise (in sync with engine sound) from back side of the car. It sounded like noise from damaged silencer.</SPAN></SPAN>
    5. After parking the car, I noticed mist formation on the A/C louvers and center console.</SPAN></SPAN>
    I am yet to check my car again or take it to TASC. Any one faced such behavior before? Is it normal?</SPAN></SPAN>
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  2. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    It is certainly not normal and you must visit TASC soon.
  3. When I tried to start my car today, it is dead. Dashboard lights are not comming up when turned key to MAR position. Just called up RSA.

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    RSA technician declared that battery is dead :(

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    I had a good experience with RSA. Taking the call, booking the request, and coordinating with technician were excellent. Technician arrived bit late due to traffic and complex route to my home. However, RSA was constantly in touch with me and technician.

    Technician reported that battery is dead and I have to replace it. I checked the warranty, which was for 1 year. Battery gave a decent life of three years. Which battery should I go for as a replacement - Amaron or Exide itself or some other brand?

    Noise from muffler is caused due to a hole. He suggested getting it welded.

    One more shocking thing I noticed today it – engine oil level is bit above (about 5 mm) max mark. I think TASC filled 4l during last service. I regret my self for not checking the level periodically or as soon as I got my car from service.

    First thing would be battery replacement (or service if possible). For A/C issue and engine oil, I should take it to TASC.
  4. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Amaron always.
  5. srirambond007

    srirambond007 Amatore

    Amaron for a tension free living. U get flexible warranty system with amaron, for different prices u can choose 3,4 or 5 years warranty. All my bikes and cars run on Amaron (except my new punto :) ), very good experience till date for me and also for my friends. So I positively recommend Amaron..

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  6. Thanks for suggestion...

    Last Friday, I replaced OEM battery with Amaron Flo of same specification. Cost: Rs. 4900. Old battery taken for Rs. 500.

    I have driven around 100Km since then. A/C mist problem haven’t happened again.
  7. Took my car to TASC and returned due to crowd. Muffler problem is solved by road side mechanic for Rs. 50. Engine oil is leveled at a workshop near home for Rs. 50.

    Mistry behind mist is found. Mist in AC vents are caused due to Chennai's humidity. I have been driving on that day with open window, after turning off A/C. :)

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