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Stallion Italiano- ICEd (well Kinda)

Discussion in 'In Car Entertainment' started by pradz, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. pradz


    Hey guys,
    i had been reading bout Linea ICE threads from a long time now. Had been planning on how to go about it. But prob was i din have naya paisa in my pocket.. lolz . Somedays back i got 10k tht was pending for 5k+5k work that i had done for them some months back. Without wasting time i started digging in Linea ICE threads. Almsot everyone's budget finally crossed 10k. I listen to every possible genre of music. All depends on my mood. So for more Clarity n the Lil Thump were the priorities. Had enquired bout Components speakers from different Accessories shops here in Mysore. All seemed to suggest only one i.e JBL GTO6080 components with 70W RMS. So it was decided that JBL would be pumping music from front doors. So finally decided yesterday that today would be D day. Started imagining how my car would sound (P.S my decision of comps was puerly based on ppl's advice here, i had absolutely no idea as i had not heard any comp speakers before). And thats when the greed (so as to say) kicked in. I wanted Thump in my music. but upgrading rear speakers would mean sound proofing would have to be done and that would shoot costs up above 10k. So spoke to one of my cousin's husband. He suggested why not go for 6x9 ovals instead. Idea was great. but then the car parcel shelf base would have to be cut to accomadate the speakers. I remember i has basic Pioneer 300W ovals in my astra earlier and it use to sound beautiful with the boot adding the thump effect. gradually greed overtook n i decided to go for ovals even if i had to cut the parcel shelf.

    So today i went to the accessories shop. picked up JBL GTO6080. Told him i needed ovals for the rear. he agreed n the technician saw the space n stuff n decided to remove the shelf first to have proper look as to how much space was available. After ripping off the shelf. he decided that 2.5 spacer rings(notice a step in the mould) would be needed so as to avoid cutting of the metal part. So the work began and i finalised on JBL GTS 280W with 70W RMS. As the fitting of comps was going on. Again greed kicked in. If i had to upgrade to a amp sometime. then i might as well get better speakers now. So he showed me JBL GTS 400W with 100W RMS. But the box was empty and he didnt have stock. Then he showed Rockford Fosgate/Hertz/Powerbass(never heard of this before) n al. but tht was out of my budget. Finally i got Polk Audio 300W with 100w RMS. sorry dont remember the model. i'll attach some snaps hopefully u will be able to recognize the model in that.
    so the total cost was

    JBL GTO6080 Rs. 5250
    PA 300w Rs. 4400
    Spacer rings Rs. 300
    Labour Rs. 300
    Total Rs.10250
    Discount Rs. -750
    GT Rs. 9500

    Performance is strictly average. But much better than before. Bass is good from all four speakers. It was very late when the work was over so didn bother to set the bass/Treble/EQ setting. will try that tomorrow. But i doubt it would make much difference.

    Anyways i'm Happy with the result. uploading few pics taken in my 2MP mobile Cam. so expect bad quality.












    i took few pics after fitting but due to bad light nothing could be seen. Also i have not removed the rear speakers. they are only disconnected

    P.S- i'm bad at writing n stuff. so if the language is not to the mark, kindly forgive. That is the exact reason the ownership review is not yet up from my side :p











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  2. pradz


    Any idea why the images are jumbled up?? i did use the PLACE INLINE option correctly
  3. Viny

    Viny Esperto

    Looks good , can we have final pics after the installation was completed
  4. pradz


    i had uploaded few pics after installation. but they seem to be missing.
    i also got a mess to my mail by TFI saying "DO NOT POST AND UPLOAD IMAGES"

    any idea what this might be?
  5. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
  6. pradz


    Thanks for the info Ravi :)
  7. pradz


    here are pics of the finished product. sorry for the delay as i didnt realise the image problem was solved
    [attachment=1:22vawugc]Speakers 1.jpg[/attachment:22vawugc]


    Speakers 1.jpg

  8. Hi Pradz

    Looking really good.

    How is the bass now what are the differences you can observe.
    Can you show us pics of your rear door speaker or share the model.

    Have you used an amp for the speakers on the parcel tray. How did you connect it to the HU.
    Are you using stock HU?

    I also have 2 xplod 6*9 speakers 3 way speakers, looking for a way to hook it to my Linea.

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