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Speedometer is not working in my Punto!!!!

Discussion in 'Technical' started by Rajarshi, May 6, 2013.

  1. RaviHegde

    RaviHegde Regolare

    14.62°N 74.85°E
    Grande Punto 1.4
    Not at all. RIP speedo. Keep the GPS on on your phone. Use a navigation app. Most of navigation apps register speed as well as distance :) What the hell .. you can even see at what time what was the speed later if your navigation app records minute by minute data (most do). Only thing is - most of them don't add up different trips and show you the total. You will have to keep track of it yourself. Or toss up an android app to do that if you are using android phone and if you have the programming skills to do it. If I ever get this problem I will say thanks Fiat, I will use my phone!
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2015
  2. Rudresh S

    Rudresh S Timido

    Grande Punto 1.2
    I have the similar issue with my Punto Speedometer. Most of the time entire display goes blank or displays junk characters. But it works absolutely fine if the ambient temperature is beyond / around 30Deg C.

    My vehicle is hardly 3 and half year old and drove around just 17000 KMs.

    I am surprised see such behavior of the display. But more surprised when I see many people have reported on same issue. I wonder what action FIAT is taking on this issue.
  3. suman11

    suman11 Timido

    Driving Linea 1.3 mjd for 4years. The typical issue with speedometer only after gear oil change. I had changed gear oil from Garodia FIAT twice, and every time, immediately after change the speedo goes for a toss for few months. After that, it becomes normal and OK.
    I was told that the sensor inside the gearbox got damaged and needs to be replaced @ 4,500.
    I believe the speedo sensor is OK,they must be doing sometime wrong. Now I'm scared to change gear oil. Any one faced similar issue. And any solution to this will be much appreciated. Thanks.
  4. nurak

    nurak Timido

    Retro / Classic FIAT
    I have the Palio Sports (old but working).. The speedometer works once in a while.. But doesn't work most of the time.

    It is like the problems mentioned by other members here.

    No repair people in Nepal are willing to solve or know how to solve.
  5. avnsiva

    avnsiva Amatore

    Better get

    1. a Tablet or a phone with 5.5 inch screen or above
    2. OBD Reader
    3. Torque App
    4. A good phone mount

    You can get much more data than whats displayed in the instrument cluster.
  6. nurak

    nurak Timido

    Retro / Classic FIAT
    I am an app developer .. so that is not a problem, but I would prefer the speedometer/milemeter.

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