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Speed Fiat : Chandigarh

Discussion in 'Service Center Reviews' started by ankurjain, May 15, 2016.

  1. ankurjain

    ankurjain Timido

    I had been a silent spectator on this website but some recent "positive experiences" of Fiat On Road Assistance and Fiat Service I though I should share for the benefits of others.

    Have a 2011, Linea T-Jet Plus (driven 90K Kms single owner). Had taken my family (wife + 6 month old kid) to Mcleodganj from Delhi. The battery went dead in the middle of nowhere, (the car would not move even after push start) near Dharamshala and local mechanic identified a alternator problem. Then began the confusion where everybody local started recommending to fully charge the discharged battery + carry a new battery and drive upto chandigarh (250 Kms).

    Called multiple service centers in Mohali, Chandigarh, Delhi. Every body had a version of what to do, how to get it towed etc. It was late Saturday evening.

    A very straightforward, professional and geniuniely personally caring experience came from Mr. Ravi (Service Manager) Speed Fiat, Chandigarh
    1. Don't drive the car even on a new battery. The new cars have everything through battery, ECUs, Fuel Pumps etc. So it would do may-be 50-60 Kms but not definitely 250 Kms. The local mechanics are used to older cars.

    2. Call Fiat Road Side Assistance to get the correct prices and safest mode for towing to Chandigarh. Fiat Road Side Assistance works at remotest place I was also and got it towed "Flat Bed Towing Vehicle" where 200 KMs of towing charges were free from FIAT and I had to pay for 360 KMs. Fiat Road Side Assistance call center was very responsive and actually proactive in getting all the things arranged to vehicle getting delivered in Chandigarh.

    3. Once in the workshop, Speed Fiat ( GM , Mr Alam and Service Manager Mr. Ravi ) went out of their way to get the Alternator child parts (Not sold by FIAT as FIAT only sells complete alternators) from local Denso (It is a Denso Alternator) dealers and get it fixed locally. Now this was a major major help as most other service centers had recommended to replace the Alternator with a 8 day waiting time.

    Got my car fixed in a day and drove back home with Family. Have been getting my car serviced from all fiat service centers in Delhi for last 4 years and a Maruti Wagon R for last 10 yeasr, but such a prompt, personal, professional, genuine care for customer I have never expereinced ever.

    Highly recommended and deep thanks to Mr. Ravi (Service Manager, Speed Fiat Chandigarh) and special thanks to Mr. Alam.
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  2. Sachin patel

    Sachin patel Amatore

    Punto Evo 1.3
    We are here just because of such nice people who are working for Fiat and for us beyond their boundaries.
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  3. karaka

    karaka Amatore

    Punto Evo 1.4
    Good to hear positive side of the ASS world. Did this happen recently. Were you able to complete your trip with what happen.

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