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Speakers make BIG Difference....Infnity It is

Discussion in 'In Car Entertainment' started by Direct Stroke 90, Dec 28, 2010.

  1. The very first day I sat in my Punto and turned the Music on I knew I will have to either get an amp or upgrade speakers, didn’t know what to do :-| , read a few posts got really motivated with Johnny’s ICE upgrade and one more TFI member I am forgetting his name sorry :hit , guess he got an Bluapunkt (BP) PnP from east of Kailash from a store called Driven. As the confusion continued speakers or amp, amp or speakers, I searched a lot on the net for BP pnp couldn’t find it and a few stores in NCR, everyone says “out of stock” or company shutdown :shocked, don’t know the truth .

    However, I also searched the net for speakers and came across a brand “Infinity” :confused1 I was like why such a name (Dumb me) later I realised they are the better and high end products by Harmon Kardon the same brand that has JBL, that’s cool, wow this could be awesome (probably expensive). Was just taking to my brother about it and he has Infinity speakers at home yyyiiipppeeee :dance and man they sound just brilliant, he was all gung ho about it.

    Finally, came the day of installation one fine Saturday (actually last week), my wife had to meet with a friend in one of the malls, on my way back I just stopped over store in Gurgaon (just inquiry sake). I asked do you have BP PnP, “no sir product not available no warranty, company shut down, yadda yadda” :up a little disappointed. However, the guy at the store suggested speaker upgrade as the stock are useless and an amp will js kill them instantly. I didn’t want to believe him, however he showed me some options Kcikr, Rockford, some metamaxx and some other and then I saw The Infinity, I asked him for demo.

    The speakers look perfect not too loud subtle but sound was fab like super fab on the store I imagined them in the car. I said “Chalo laga do” (please install them) he calls for his best guy Ajay apparently Ex-Auto Psyche. Also, I got those dampeners as well “Dynamite”

    The guy opened the door panel and there they were tiny little really cheap made in china speakers :uh , I guess this was the worst speaker cones I have seen ever, Infinity has titanium cone and comes with tweeters :cool , as someone already had mentioned the speakers were riveted like really riveted it took almost 20 mins for the first speaker rivets to come off.

    Finally after about 45 mins of installation the system came to life, awesome clarity super bass, fab treble, I mean the speakers are just perfect I don’t think I would want to install amps now (not too sure). For now I have just installed 2 at the back and they are worth the time and money spent, just marvelous Infinity rocks.
  2. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Great, how much it cost you?
    And why you have not gone for front speaker change?
  3. 6500 for a pair with the dampners, December end sir Money is required for 31st :) Jan i will get the front 2 as well not sure if i should get the same or some other. any suggestions.
  4. redbull


    Man I must be the lucky one - I got speakers right for the music I hear. I admit there is no bass, but I don't need bass for melodious music. The surround is good - I mean really good. Of course, the music I heard in the test drive vehicle was actually sounding like cheap Philips sub-sub-contracted speakers from Jhumri Talaiyaa.

    I am happy and I have no intention of letting our self appointed experts meddle with my car for now.
  5. ansal11

    ansal11 Esperto

    hey direct stroke 90, have you got any pictures of the installation. Also, could you mention the price and the place where u got them installed.
  6. rk76

    rk76 Timido

    Hey Direct Stroke 90, can you please elaborate on model number, component details? What is the rating of installed components?
  7. @ redbull, i understand where you are coming from, but even the melodies on mine for sure didn't sound good, i mean the clarity isn't that great and you will know it only if you listen to some other of speakers, i guess i am beating too much on the stock speakers but ANY speaker would have been better even a Philips ;)

    @ Ansal 11 and rk76, I didn't click any pictures for the infinity one's however i have the old speaker pictures, i got the speakers for Rs. 5,400 pair from this store in Gurgaon called Music car. for more details on speakers here is the link.

  8. Here are the Stock Speaker Pics
  9. anirban


    I have also added infinity 6 inches reference series component series on the front and I must say it sounds a lot better than before.. I am looking to add 5.25 inches for the rear 02 way coaxial reference speakers soon..

    The total damages is Rs. 10000.00 including installations. :)

  10. Viny

    Viny Esperto

    re 10000.00 for infinity reference component? ? which model?

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