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speaker set for GP mjd active??

Discussion in 'In Car Entertainment' started by vaibhavfication, Dec 5, 2010.

  1. vaibhavfication


    Hey guys....
    i know this has been discussed alot of times but im planning to get an audio system for my punto active mjd and pretty confused regarding which speakers(set of 4) i should go for?
    since i have no knowledge at all relating to this topic.
    i generally prefer to listen music at medium noise levels but at times do listen to it at very loud levels !!
    so could you plz suggest me the speakers( front and rear ) which would give
    1. excellent clarity even at loud levels( which do not need any amps or woofers..
    2. which can be easily accommodated in the space given in the respective doors?
    3. which wattage to go for which would not give any amount of extra load to the cars electriclals ,
    4. which size and shape?
    5. what is Damping and is it necessary?
    6. Is there a need for tweeters ?
    7. what are these 2/3 way co axial...etc terms signify and which 1s to go for??

    as of now im just aware of the regular brands like jbl , sony , pioneer ,jvc etc but i guess there are better 1s available now in the market.!!
    my budget is around 6-7k (set of 4 speakers)

    i am based in delhi so if someone can suggest me a "jaan pehchan" wali place to buy or any wholesaler from whom i can get a discount ..i would be grateful.

    cheeeers ::T
  2. japa78

    japa78 Amatore

    I did some research and put this pack in my Linea Active MJD

    HU-Pioneer-4250 price-6k,front JBL component-265C-4k,rear JBL Coax-265-2k,total 12k,xcellent quality of sound,the HU takes in SD card too.great combo,any audiophile will like it,when you install amke sure that no cables are cut,a cable adaptor is available.see my posts and fotos on this.have fun!!
  3. I have the foll.setup in ma Punto Dynamic
    HU-Pioneer DEH5950(2007 model,pulled out from ma SIENA,very good model din wanna give it off)
    u can go for 5250 coz it has 3 rca preouts
    then i have a
    JBL GTO 608C components 6 n 1/2 inch-3.9k
    JBL GT5 S265 coax in the rear.same 6 n 1/2- 2k
    JBL CS1215 12" SUB-2.5k
    JBL Gt5 S422 2 channel amp-2.5k
    wiring-700 bucks

    the outcome is very good.needs damping though.otherwise a very good combo of stuff

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