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Speaker Change on my Emo Pack

Discussion in 'In Car Entertainment' started by johnny, Jul 16, 2010.

  1. Given that price was a deciding factor, I did went ahead with the JBL option today afternoon. (sorry, I couldn't visit teamfiat meanwhile to check the new updates till now during today) I was looking at VFM options in the range 5k to 7k. I was also apprehensive of having comps with out amps powering them. Since any way future upgrades were not in cards I went ahead with my posted plans today
    I went to sharp by 430 today and got the front spkrs changed to s265. All of a sudden I was feeling unwell and got some temperature and vomiting ( I was already running a temp during some time early morning) so I thought of getting the rear spkrs worked on later since it will take some more time. + we found that the stock rear spkrs are not having provision for 6.5" ( but was diff type and was smaller at 5.5") and so some metal cutting would be required for fitting  6.5" s265. So I have told him to source s205 5.5" and fit it tomorrow or Monday when i can go there again.  Couldn't check the fronts with diff settings as I got into bed sooner. But defntly higher volume levels seemed far better on my return back

    @teky, thanx 4 the invite, mate. Couldn't catch up really. 
    BTW, what s ur estimate for kicker/ morel?

    @johny: i kept aloof from trying going with the comps and it's additional tweters. Had to. 
    And yeah the stock ones were riveted and they were drilled through. So doesn't have a great reuse opportunity , may be!
  2. teky

    teky Esperto

    Hope you are feeling better now. All my estimates have gone for a toss now, well it expected. So at the moment the equipment list looks like this
    Kicker 600.2 - 5,200
    Auditor 2 channel amp - 6,500
    Kicker sub - 7,000
    Dampening - 2,600
    Install & wiring - 2000

    I'm planning to run the sub off the amp and components off the HU. The rear co-axial will be cut-off permanently. The list may definitely get changed once we start the install :-D

    Hoping you are joining the mini meet on 12th to meet Amogh. If everything is set right you can audition my system before plonking the rear speakers.
  3. If I am healthy enough, I think i can try to join in:)
    Pls PM ur no.
  4. teky

    teky Esperto

    Finally something different to what was planned happened

    Kicker DS 600.2 went in the front, The old speakers had to be drilled out. I immediately noticed a huge improvement in sound stage, The mid bass was there and the vocals really came alive. Thought this is my ideal set-up and wouldn't want a sub and amp. After listening to number of other tracks for close to 15 minutes I felt that bass was very much laid back and was never felt. The installer then recommended a pair of Morell Maximo 6*9 co-axial mounted on a MDF plan replacing the rear parcel tray.

    I went out for a break and when I had returned the install was done. A great improvement from where I left last time. The bass had increased and was nicely coming along with the front components. I thought for a moment why would I need a Sub & Amp, left as a very much satisfied customer.

    Anyone wanting to do any ICE install I highly recommend Saravanan of powerzone, He takes his own time to get the install done but does it in a clean and professional way. He understands the requirement very well and never over sold anything.

    I thought my ICE upgrade will come to an end, But that's until I heard Vignesh's ICE. So a amp and sub is going to get added in the first weeks of January. The total damages were 11K including labor and wiring, Will be getting the damping done along with the sub & amp install.
  5. Was trying to find the spec sheet of the models mentioned online. I found it via Preeti Global Link that u mentioned in your other post. Thanks.
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