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SPARE PARTS QUALITY & Related issues.

Discussion in 'Fiat OEM Spares & Accessories' started by asimpleson, Apr 16, 2014.

  1. asimpleson

    asimpleson Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    SPARE PARTS QUALITY & Related issues.

    Hello friends..!

    Every once in a while one finds a mention or post regarding Spare Parts Quality, Fit-Finish, Material Quality and plenty of other aspects of quality related issues.

    Let this thread be an attempt to document (with pics where possible) all major and minor issues related to spare parts selection, quality, durability and manufacturing compromises (if any) that affect the longevity and good upkeep of our beloved cars.

    The idea of this new thread is to not go on bashing around at Fiat, but rather hope that it comes to their notice one way or another when more people complain about a similar issue with enough and tangible proof or reasoning.

    For example, one of the hottest topics for some time with an open poll and discussion is brake pads. But till the time we find the solution of what could be a suitable viable replacement, tried and tested by some or many of us, the discussions keep getting a new lease of life going around in circles until and unless some very important and valuable posts, suggestions and ideas are accepted and carried forward by Moderators and other members alike, approved as well known and documented issues with possible solutions.

    Let’s all come forward and make an assessment of quality issues, mainly of spare parts that are sub-par or in contrast to other manufacturers of similar segment cars. While it may be interesting to compare spares and quality items from top of the line brands and cars, lets also be pragmatic by not expecting something from Fiat when other car manufacturer too cannot deliver it at a given price point.

    Having said this, it will be very nice to see pics and acknowledgment of spares and other quality items that have been provided by Fiat. We must give credit where due, just the way we exercise the right to criticize; so don't hold back in your generous comments and pics about those as well.

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  2. asimpleson

    asimpleson Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    Fuel Lid release come Boot Release breaking point..

    Recently the Fuel Lid release come Boot Release broke off. How often has this happened to people on the forum?:confused:

    It’s a simple part (not too expensive) but the replacement part too faced issues within a week. While affixing the new part the cables were not checked by the service guy, and this resulted in the breaking of the new part as well.

    It took them a lot of time to fix this simple looking part since it was bit tricky to fix it such that the cable/s release worked at the slightest pull. The first time this took about 1 hour with 2 more guys trying to help do it. The second time it took a full 2.5 hrs for a single person to go back and forth checking the install. At one point the boot lock would not work even with the key giving the guys a very tough time completing the install.

    What came to my observation after a third new part was fixed, was the quality difference in the 2010 component, which looked much more ‘original’ as against the new ‘original’ part, provided by Fiat.

    It certainly looked like the part is not as good as the one they had fixed in 2010 Lineas. (see comparison pics)

    11-OLD and NEW PART 3506x2188.JPG

    The portion of fuel lid release where it broke.
    2-Old part fuel lid lever break point 1397x1049.JPG

    1-New part top view no spring 1600x796.JPG
    5-boot lever new part side view 1600x682.JPG
    When seen lateraly the alignment of fuel lid lever and boot lid lever is also mismatched.
    This was not the case in the older factory fitted part.

    Rusty metal o-rings thingy for alignkey bolts in the New Part
    03-rust new part lateral whole 3615x1732.JPG
    02-rust new part lateral 2229x1175.JPG

    01-rust new part 2428x1520.JPG

    09-rustfree old part metal bolt sleeve 1 2572x1603.JPG
    10-rustfree old part metal bolt sleeve 2 2919x1824.JPG

    04-spring hook break closeup new part 2150x1160.JPG
    In the pic above the plastic hole design is also flawed in the newpart. It's merely less than an mm at the point where the spring hook tore through the plastic.

    4-Hook Spring 990x1327.JPG
    In the older ones the spring did not give away with above average excessive force also.

    See manufacturing date stamp to note the injection moulding quality.

    The older part was a more "original" one than the new one. More evidence with the plastic injection mould quality. The mould quality and process and material used initally in the older Linea parts is also apparently much better.

    08-moulding date clear old part closeup2 1747x1092.JPG
    07-moulding date clear old part closeup1 1670x1042.JPG

    (see the missing and broken numbers etc.)
    06-moulding date unclear new part closeup2 2505x1561.JPG
    05-moulding date unclear new part 2132x1332.JPG

    It looks like a simple case where the manufacturer seems to have changed the vendor or has not bothered to do adeqate quality checks while sourcing the components. Or maybe they do not have better control over the QC aspects. Hope they find and improve the quality in future.
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  3. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto

    The perenial quality issue candidates for Fiat vehicles are:
    1) Door locks - Umpteem no of times it has been reported in the forum of the door locks going bad during running (which is a precarious situation) and in some case within a month or so in new delivered vehicles.
    2) The plastic quality used in AC air vents, Manual release knobs, Seat height adjuster, Rear wiper arms + blades, Front wiper arms + blade, Glove boxes, rear parcel tray suports. The list is quite a long one.
    3) The window operating motors which fail during the operation leaving the windows half opened.
    4) Issues with battery, their covers.
    5) Fuses, relays used for key operations like AC.

    In the process of localization I think quality is taking a serious beating.

    I hope Fiat really deep dives into making the quality process more stringent to avoid early failures of the components. If they want to push the sales charts and compete in the market they need to make the quality process better. Opening new dealership and workshops is only the only solution to stay in the market, its the after sales which makes or breaks the brand image.
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  4. sine04

    sine04 Regolare

    Mysore/Bangalore, Karnataka.
    Mysore/Bangalore, Karnataka.
    Fiat Enthusiast
    Recently I had to replace the water pump in my '09 Punto. The replacement part carries a few design changes ( for better or for worse only time will tell ), but somehow it looks very flimsy.

    The old part-


    The replacement part-


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