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SOUTH INDIA MEET @ Sept 15-16 OOTY - Report from Pg 60

Discussion in 'Team Fiat Meets' started by Nimish antony, Jul 11, 2012.

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  1. NitinGirish

    NitinGirish Amatore

    Yup, I also spent something close to 6k. I don't think any of us had any expectation from FIAT to support/sponsor this event. Personally, I am cool with that.

    Hats off to the organizers though. Especially the money handling part:clap

    EDIT: FIAT shouldn't use these events for their marketing though. Thats when it would be unfair.
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  2. thomman85

    thomman85 Esperto

    i wonder what speeds the other Fiat were doing...!!?!

    Anand was waiting for the KL team in the lobby at Coimbatore. not knowing him.. i sat next to him.. that's when is noticed the classic and went out.. and i was saying to my fellow friends that we should find the owner and ask him to join our meet, it will be a great addition .. inside my mind i was thinking.."only if it could climb all the up" but Anand was too good with it.. maintained a consistent speed all the way.. after the high speed run thru Coimbatore-Mettupalayam Highway, we stopped for the others cars to catch up.. and to all our surprise.. the 1st car we see is the Grandpa Fiat cruising away with ease..

    Those who came for the meet would have noticed how easy it was for the 50 year old Fiat to climb the exit after the photo session... woww....
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  3. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Flywheen the All India meet at Goa thread is already up. Jump into that thread.
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  4. I believe clevermax who was miles ahead of me must've been doing 150-160. I thought i was fast, but Cinju was at my back all the time, a few metres (or feet) behind, so the challenge was there. I've never been a fan of speeding, but this was something that pumped up a lot of adrenaline.

    Plus, I don't think I'll be touching 120 again before the next meet... :)
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  5. He he.. it was probably you..! I remember letting you pass on the Annur - Mettupalayam stretch when I was doing 120. :)

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  6. thomman85

    thomman85 Esperto

    very true... DSC_0849.jpg
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  7. I dunno how the images of cars can be made out if they click cars that go 140-150, for instance.
  8. And my clutch seems to be gone bust. It was getting very difficult to shift to second & third at times while going to CBE. The issue appears after the car has been run quite long at a stretch. This seems to be the beginning of a clutch issue, as many members say.. :-( Giving the car for fourth service tomorrow, waiting for the diagnosis!

    Car has done only 37K Kms, is that the normal clutch life of Punto MJD? My Palio's clutch was changed only at 65K Kms, it was not even the very end of life for that clutch.
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  9. I should really thank Tensingh, Service Advisor of TAFE Reach, Chennai. With the Steering issue in my car I was sure I am not gonna make it up to the meet. I told Tensingh, about the meet and also told him I should attend it at anycost, so do whatever you can and fix it. He really looked into it sincerely, and did his best to fix it. And WOW, the issue was gone to a large extent. Even without telling him to check the fluids, he topped up the steering oil, coolant, engine oil. He advised me to change the brake pad and I did so. Before the issue was fixed i cudn't do even 80 KMPH. But after the fix, I confidently touched 160 KMPH.

    Now Coming to the Meet.

    Once Again we showed our Height of Addiction is taller than Ooty. We should prove it is even taller than Himalayas.

    - A Salute to our Super Senior - Super Select
    - The 2 S10s. guys I am really jealous of you. after seeing your cars, esp'ly the Blue Footed S10, the first time I felt I shouldn't have gone for a Punto.
    - T Shirts. The Design reflected FIAT's design. Simple and Elegant. I was really worried how the T shirt design is going to be with the wordings and all. But this was neatest. Thank you guys.
    - Organizers did a great job. Kudos to them.
    - Pair Driving with FlyWheel was a wonderful experience. Sure we will do it again Flywheel.
    - As some other mentioned, lot of Brotherhood.
    - Ravi sir's comment " Like the saying "Once a Thief, always a thief", We are like " Once Fiat, Always Fiat"". Super Liked it.
    - When I was busy taking the pictures of all the cars in that parking, a Non TFI person called me and asked If I belong to this group. then he told me he has asked his wife and son to come over there to see the beautiful sight. He was praising the effort like anything to me. Then I asked him if he is here on vacation. He said 'No, I am the owner of the Hotel lake View'.

    Bitter Experience :

    On the ghats, My SON got uncomfortable and started Vomiting. I was in panic and had to stop the car somewhere. There was a place with some space off the road, also there was a large and deep pit, almost 4 - 5 Feet deep. Took the car off the road to park, applied the brake and the Car stopped just at the edge of the pit. I was aware that I have to take a reverse when I am taking the car out. By that time my Son started screaming like anything. After cleaning him up, he was still screaming, may be his chest was burning because of the vomit. When we were about to start, I totally forgot the Pit and also it was in the blind spot. I put 1st gear and pushed the accelerator. BANG !!!**&*^*. The Front left tire was inside the pit and the right rear wheel was on the air. The Car was resting on the left runner board like a See Saw. I couldn't take a reverse also. I thought we are into a deep @#$%^&*. One good thing I did was when moving the car, I turned the steering to right to get to the road. Luckily, that save our car from falling into the pit with both the front wheels inside.

    Good Time in the bad time was, Rajesh karunanithi was waiting for us a little. He cam running to the spot. The locals, vehicles passing by all stopped to get the car out. Somehow rajesh got into the pit and along with others they pushed the car so that the Wheel inside the pit to get some ground contact. Then I got into the car and took a reverse, the car was out of the Pit completely :). A great Relief. I was feeling guilty like anything, thinking I would have spoiled all the fun out of careless. But Fortunately nothing serious. BTW my son stopped his crying immediately after the car fell into the pit and was observing everything so interestingly :) So Rajesh comented to my son saying 'Your dad is ready to anykind of offroading to console you' :) Thanks Rajesh karunanithi for being with me all the Time. He stops when ever I stop to feed or to console my son, We were together all the time. A nice Company, me and My wife got there. I should thank this TFI Meet for this.
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  10. Wonderful report and pics of the Meet out here. Enjoying every bit of it, and saddened I could not make it :-(

    The Drive, The passionate bunch,.. and The Climate - all would have just made this meet the best ever for our memories..

    Waiting for more and more visual treats..!
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