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Some people never learn: My Linea MJD Dynamic

Discussion in 'Linea 1.3 MJD' started by Aceman82, Sep 1, 2013.

  1. Surya

    Surya Superiore

    Namma Bengaluru
    Hi congrats for your linea
  2. Crazy Fiatian

    Crazy Fiatian Amatore

    Linea 1.3
    Congratulation on your MIGHTY Linea!! Have your enquired RDC as well?
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  3. Aceman82

    Aceman82 Timido

    next ntibedm
    Yes, I had went to RDC also and offers were more or less on similar lines but Ramkay's sales experience was terrific and the showroom is near to my home. In service also Ramkay's service centre was better (both in terms of space and location) and is on the way to office in IT highway. Hence went with Ramkay.

    Edit: By sales experience, do not expect the Sales adviser to know the difference between FGT vs VGT/Pollen filters vs Wire mesh filter/HPS vs EPS...etc :). I meant the general ambiance, eagerness of the sales staff to go the extra mile, the response time for any queries from them and in general the helpful nature.
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  4. ramvignesh

    ramvignesh Amatore

    Congrats :) It is a life time experience in buying a car especially a FIAT. I would treasure the moment I saw my car for the first time in the stock yard.
    Do post more pics.. And 9.7 L for dynamic is a great deal. This is a 2013 model right?
  5. Aceman82

    Aceman82 Timido

    next ntibedm
    Yes this is a 2013 Model. June 2013 to be exact.

    Ramkay Fiat was great in the sales experience. Anyways the car is registered but I had some work in office and hence was not able to collect the same today. Will collect the same tomorrow and keep the thread updated.
  6. kati shyamkumar

    kati shyamkumar Timido

    Congrats. Post some Pictures
  7. Aceman82

    Aceman82 Timido

    next ntibedm
    Sorry for the long delay, was not in India for sometime and then was busy in office works. Did not find time to update ownership reports,

    Delivery experience:

    Gave my Indica to Ramkay the past weekend and took delivery of the Linea the next week since the skies were bright and sunny and did not need my India. As Murphy's law states , the exact instant i came to Ramkay there was freak amount of severe thunderstorm with no place to take shelter.

    Perhaps the gods were asking "Why Fiat ?" because only they are left. Anyways came into Ramkay center fully soaked , dripping wet and asked for a towel:evilsmile.

    Ramkay delivery experience was good, actually it was very good. For the actual delivery experience and photos please visit Bsrej TJET thread since we took delivery on the exact same date/time and was shivering to take any photos.

    Loan was with SBI bank for around 50% of the car cost for 3 years Nil-Payment or Pre-closure charges and have finished around 30% of outstanding loan amount in pre-closure. I would recommend SBI for car loans since it very smooth and comes with no pre-closure charges.

    Initial Niggles:

    Well this is Fiat and hence expected a bit niggles which were,

    a) Right side door does not un-lock from outside. Reason: Lock not properly fixed or something like that.

    b) Fuel lid needed the hulk to come and close before it will shut. Reason: Same as (a)

    c) One of the hydraulic boot lever came lose. Reason: I feel that the screw was not tightly mounted. Still Ramkay wanted to replace the full Hydraulic Arm and weirdly they had the spare in stock and was replaced.

    First free car wash:

    Ramkay gave a free car wash/cleaning coupon which could be used before the first service and they did a pretty neat job with the cleaning.

    5000 Kms update:

    The Car did a couple of long trips to some temples in south of India plus the usual IT highway office runs and below are the observations about the car,

    a) It is sufficiently powered for highways and I never felt a need for more power or speed for that manner. Then again coming from a 50Hp Indica which was only slightly slower than a tractor my definition of high power would be very different from everyone else in this forum

    b) Rear bench is very comfortable though leg space could improve. Then again this car has the best rear bench in this segment which can seat 3 people in more or less comfortable manner.

    Only the SUV's like XUV500, Safari and sedans like Laura..etc has better rear bench but I did not want to spend another 8 lakhs for a better rear bench. Then again Safari was making me feel giddy and basically i hate ladder on frame vehicles. If I did not have the home loan it would have been the XUV500.

    c) Turbo Lag and gearing makes this car a pain in Stop-Go traffic. Then again I felt the Rapid and Vento even more painful and still feel that my Old NA Indica was better in Stop-Go traffic. My Indica was a donkey but it was a very good donkey in heavy traffic conditions.

    d) Car looks and feels heavy. Actually it very heavy and one of the things I love about this car. I hope that new Fiats does not go under any diet control.

    In short, looking back , i would have made the same decision about this car even if i had known about all these positives and negatives since with the 1L + corporate + ...etc discounts makes the Linea extreme VFM proposition.

    First free service

    a) Took my car for First free service with Ramkay motors and in the outset i would like to say the service experience was very,very good.

    b) Asked the SA to change the engine oil but he advised against the same saying that it might affect warranty and since I have a 5 year warranty it would be Fiat's headache to replace if something goes wrong. Anyways , the argument sounded valid and why to take a unnecessary chance to help Fiat it could lead to issues. ]

    Ideally i would have liked to replace Engine oil and a few filters but it is fine.

    c) The Total bill was Rs:0 which included wash, cleaning and WA/WB.

    Now some pictures,

    Linea standing next to TFI's favorite Amaze :-D with the same color:


    The Huge boot:

    The Boot.jpg
  8. Flywheel

    Flywheel Regolare

    The Linea is looking good as usual. You really seem to have filled the boot completely, I have still not managed to fill her fully till date , although I do plan to do it soon- I have bought too large suitcases just to see how much she will take ;).
    I am repeating what I said on bsrej’s thread, the SA has spouted absolute nonsense with regards to changing the oil/oil filter. No harm done now that you haven’t changed it but you can always change the oil and filters earlier.
  9. dhaya76

    dhaya76 Amatore

    Linea 1.3
    In first free service, I have replaced the the engine oil and the SA first said to go for top up but then he said he will change the oil. After the oil is changed, you will definitely feel a little more smoothness in the drive. As said by Flywheel, there is no harm in changing the oil and filters earlier.

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