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Skoda Rapid TDI driving experience

Discussion in 'Non FIAT Cars and two wheelers' started by gurjinder, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. Italia-Linea

    Italia-Linea Staff Member Janitor

    We own a Vento in family, but the Rapid is better and more insulated than the Vento.

    The engine remains crude on both the cars. If on idling you press the accelerator you will feel as if engine is trying to jump out of the body.

    The steering feel between Linea and Vento is lightyears apart. Linea is the king here.
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  2. Me too, but never knew that nikon has the same designer..

    Fiat, nikon and yamaha
  3. arunprasad

    arunprasad Amatore

    Linea 1.3
    Nikon D3 was designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro. It was well received and appreciated for it's ergonimical design.
  4. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor


    There is a balance/tuning issue in the engine for sure. But the funny thing is, when driving it is perfectly fine and even revs freely.
  5. I was told that the secondary fuel pump used in the VW/Skoda is noisy creates a feel of engine being harsh and Noisy.
  6. RKK

    RKK Amatore

    LOL:evilsmilerolling on the floor.

    Very True. Driven numerous cars, and more I drive other cars, more I praise FIAT's steering. Rock steady.
  7. karan desai

    karan desai Superiore

    Morbi, Gujrat
    drove a rapid elegance for 250 kms. great engine. very well insulated cabin. no wind noise at all. yes the clutch jerks most of the times. overtaking is a breeze. but but but, the steering is lifeless and i found it pretty scary given the amount of power the car has. a chicane type of maneuvering will scare the hell out of you, or even a tight turn can be scary. nothing to match linea here. the confidence fiat gives while cornering no other car in its category can even come close. but most people dont notice it in the test drives and buy cars with "pick up". i salute fiat for the steering feedback they provide.
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  8. Joseph

    Joseph Novizio

    Bumped across this thread only today. I loved your review Gurjinder. I own a Skoda Rapid apart from my Punto. The Rapid is a fantastic car to drive. It accelerates madly after the turbo band and overtaking seems so easy. The car is very well poised just like other European cars and moreover I can see the bonnet while driving :D. Also I dont feel like Rapid has a lifeless steering, yes it might not be as good as the Linea(which is absolutely true) but not lifeless.

  9. caffeineam

    caffeineam Amatore

    I seriously thought I was the only one fidgeting with the seat (forwards, backwards, upwards, downwards, drive, repeat) every time I get the car back...
  10. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    1.6 TDI has to be a powerful engine, a psychological advantage over FIAT's. I had 90 HP alongside a Rapid, there is a thread which got locked, check it. It's just a tad faster... i mean just... hardly 2-3 kmph advantage side by side relatively if you compare both at 50 km/hr onwards. So much so that fuel quality can neutralize it. I know people would jump in with sheets/stats but i had it side by side so i have no doubts. The shoves are just because of Car's suspension & thrummy engine incapable to contain it's whiplashes which humps the car big-time giving a feeling that it is one rocket of a car. No it's not:-D, for all that suffering, you enjoy hardly 2-3% performance edge. What i mean,You shouldn't get such nasty backbone breakers in 1.6 MJD-VGT Fiat's though you are significantly faster than other 1.6's. That is conclusion from Verna CRDI & Polo TDI when i drove last time in Delhi's jam packed road. They were pain to drive in city, 200% efforts with lesser avg. speed. Polo TDI also gives the feeling that it's way faster than my 90 HP, doesn't matter 90HP absolutely humiliates it, tested & confirmed. Sorry, You need to go a bit deeper to realize truth.
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