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Skoda Rapid buying decision

Discussion in 'Non FIAT Cars and two wheelers' started by pushkaraj, Apr 24, 2014.

  1. pushkaraj

    pushkaraj Amatore

    Thank you kiran

    Thank you asimpleson

    I can not appreciate all of you enough (you, kiran bora, mchanna, roadking ,prashant gupta, limraj, pdydev, ramjn, punto_emotion, shams, Krvasdev, N Kiran ..) for looking at it really positively. You made me feel that its not mistake to talk about other cars on this forum , Thanks.
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  2. kailasmenon2000

    kailasmenon2000 Superiore

    Thats a good question. I considered Rapid when we had a plan of changing petrol Honda City to a diesel sedan. My bro liked the car very much. Though we cancelled the idea later here are my views.

    What I loved

    1. High quality interiors.
    2. Stability in high speed drive.
    3. Build Quality
    4. Lighter steering than Linea which will help my parents to drive easily. Though Linea's steering is my personal fav, my parents don't like it. (Btw my mom is an excellent driver :)
    5. Powerful Engine.
    6. Love towards Skoda brand as Im big fan of Octavia since it got launched in 2002.
    5. Love towards Skoda Yeti, Laura & Fabia as my friends own it.

    What I didn't like.

    1. Noisy Engine
    2. Vibration in clutch like Mahendra's old jeeps & SUVs.
    3. Looks. Though its a decent design, I always love more creative & stylish designs like Linea, Fluidic Verna, 3rd Gen Honda City, 2014 Ford Fiesta. Compared to these cars Rapid & Vento looks like a 'Safe Design'. Also I don't like the idea of all Skoda , Tata cars having the same grill, front design as a part of branding.
    4. Heard lots & lots of negative feedback about Skoda & Volkswagen after sale service. I can even stand Fiat guys being lazy or carefree, but can't stand the arrogance which Skoda & Volkswagen guys are famous for.

    Overall if I have to chose a car other than Linea, it would definitely be a Rapid or a new Fiesta.
    Im telling it for sure coz I know I won't be buying another Sedan when I have a Linea. My next upgrade would be a SUV keeping Linea with me :)
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  3. pushkaraj

    pushkaraj Amatore

    That's my plan too , SUV is something i always wanted to buy BUT still confused weather its loves or infatuation :D .The review you saw only listed sedan Actually with my Flexible budget , i test drove from Amaze to Toyota innova - Amaze, rapid , Vento, Linea , verna , Ecosport , Ertiga , city petrol, city diesel , Duster , Terrano , XUV 500 ....but frankly we don't have much options in SUV segment :-(

  4. limraj

    limraj Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    SUV is my interest too. I in fact, considered Duster (and Rapid) when we were looking for new car.
    Duster did put a smile on my face when I test drove both 85 ps and 110 ps. But, it was overpriced by at least 2L.
    Yes, for the budget/running expense conscious, there are no real options in SUV. [Now Ecosport is available, but it is not that an enthusiast would look for]
  5. pushkaraj

    pushkaraj Amatore

    For me , more than finance ,i was not fully convinced that's why i did not take decision of buying XUV500.
    Say Linea is awesome car but what buyers debate about fiat service network/after sales - No worries on how technically good car is , Same was case with rapid - buyer were worried about After sales everybody found car great. In case of XUV my confusion was on technical aspect also say suspension , spongy clutch. I would have definitely put that extra burden if i had been technically convinced.

    On Duster , 85 PS was disappointment , i had to push it hard on highway to make out some performance. 110 was good but again when you open door and seat -it does not feel like SUV , it feels more like car /crossover . When i say SUV i refer to XUV , Toyota fortuner , safari that kind of design , seating position.

  6. asimpleson

    asimpleson Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    I liked the safari always, except I cannot understand why they could not plonk in 1.9 jtd or mjd engine in it and make it relevant for better emissions and fe and performance. 2.x dicor is not bad either but could have been better tuned.

    :p heartsent for our mutual benefit .. !
  7. Tornado

    Tornado Superiore

    Sahyadri ranges.
    Western Maharashtra
    Avventura 1.3 90 HP
    Monthly running justified diesel. & we are a family of 4+2/3+1/2,so needed a safe 5+1/2 or 6 seater.
    We were thinking of using only one car for long family trips as my father feels tired doing very long drives.
    Budget fixed by my father was equal to the price of 'best' car in India, i. e. Swift ddis with safety (features) . i. e. 8.25 L. Later I had to stretch is to 10 L(equal to the cost of new Balerno as it is best FE car in India ) as I was not getting my requirements full filled in that budget. And decided to go for almost new but preowned Diesel car.

    I already drive Avventura Emotion mjd so, I was in market for second car (to be used by my father who is a retired principal & now full time farmer.) So I had a chance of trying various driving combinations & permutations.
    So following cars were in the list
    1)Terrano : My father loved it for GC, ride, handling & my daughter loved the child seat in the boot, Could not get a preowned one in excellent condition & prospects in that budget. Also side facing child seat is not a safe idea.
    2) Fiat Linea : 1 already own a MJD & I am a former QJD owner, also similar are the interiors of Avventura & Linea barring colors. I love Avventura interiors. Also there was not a single preowned Linea 2014 available. And brand new Linea is costing 10.80L after discounts hence exceeding budget.

    3) Skoda Rapid : MT, I almost booked a used December 2014, 10K KM run Rapid with cruise control & alloys (Ambition plus) @7.75L.But thought that it is not an upgrade over Linea. Only plus point in this Rapid was 105bhp & 250 Nm. Also later found that the car had visited SAAS for excessive black smoke & knocking sound, Also SAAS had mentioned that Oil sump needs to be replaced in the service history . After taking the car on ramp they said sump is fine and doesn't need replacement! Hence cancelled the car.
    Also was searching a sparingly used Linea Emotion so that I can remap her better than Rapid. But no fiat owner obliged. & was less likely to oblige at a cost less than 7.7L.

    Skoda Rapid TDI DSG AT :Got to see a March 2015, 8kkm run Top end (elegance plus) Things available extra over Linea Emotion are , 12 more horses & 40 to 50 Nm more torque, projectors headlights, bluetooth music streaming &, a DSG AT. So I felt it is a immediate upgrade over Linea Emotion mjd.

    VW VENTO Topend AT : all the preowned 2014 or 2015 cars were costing more than 11.5 L. hence ruled out.
    My wife said she will also learn driving car if we get AT.

    Honda mobilio S ;it was a sweet deal @9;80L but built quality was not as good as European cars. Also fellow TFI an @acechip had warned me about long wave bouncyness of mobilio after passing over undulations on highways especially when seats are reclined in want of comfort on long drives.
    Also seat thickness was comparable to Muncipal transport.

    Finally bought Skoda Rapid Elegance plus AT @9,90L
    Things missed in the Rapid over Linea are GC for which I will have to spend Rs 10K on indisuspention kit & Steering wheel for which nothing can be done.

    What to say? I am sad or happy? Finally a staunch fiat 'handling 'lover had to punish fiats for not bringing AT or 1.5 \1.6 L. I hate you fiat for selling 1.6 L to MSIL but not providing it to n number of owners of 1.3 MJD or its siblings as an upgrade.
    But I still love you fiats fir not selling the steering wheel to other brands & retaining me as a fan.

    Henceforth, Avventura will serve my father for short trips & farm trips. And on long family trips he will be driving the AT & I will be driving Avventura. Plan for single 6 seater car is cancelled.

    Beware FIATS, I am a avid fiat lover and I will become a bitter basher of Fiats if you bring a 1.6 L or AT Linea /Agea or the palio adventure within one year of my 1.5 LRapid AT buying decision.!!!!
  8. acechip

    acechip Superiore

    @Tornado,another option in the AT space could have been Ecosport. It seats 4 comfortably, and also has great GC and a decent performance, with additinonal safety features like ESP/TC/HHA and 6 airbags.
    Only downside is lesser boot space.
  9. Tornado

    Tornado Superiore

    Sahyadri ranges.
    Western Maharashtra
    Avventura 1.3 90 HP
    After spending one year on the lap of Avventura's suspension , it would have been difficult to digest the ride of Ecosport due to hard suspension.
    Also ES is overpriced, they hiked prices twice just because it was selling in good numbers.
    ES AT exceeded my budget too.

    More than Fiat's steering wheel & GC , after driving Skoda Rapid diesel dsg AT for 1kkm, what I miss in it is Linea's suspension.
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  10. Turbothinghy

    Turbothinghy Esperto

    Punto Evo 1.3 90 HP
    @Tornado : You found the Skoda suspension lacking in what aspect viz.v Linea? Asking out of curiosity. And does vento also have similar traits( of course if you test drove it).

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