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Skoda Fabia service experience at 83000 km

Discussion in 'Non FIAT Cars and two wheelers' started by vigneshrace, Feb 22, 2014.

  1. vigneshrace

    vigneshrace Amatore

    Hi Fiatians,

    My brother own a skoda Fabia 2011 model.That diesel hatch ran about 83000 kms in 3 years.It is undergoing a 6th paid service in chennai.The parts required to replace are clutch plate(40k),Suspension(20k),Some general wear and tear parts(10k) and general service (10k).So, totally the estimate given was 90 k today morning.We are highly disappointed about the estimate and asked the service guy to hold till monday morning.

    Could anyone please suggest me what should we do?
    Is this the same case in fiat after crossing 80k kms?


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  2. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Clutch plate 40K, is it so costly?

    BTW, you can check so many ownership thread, unless there is something really wrong, the service cost will be one 10th of that.
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  3. asimpleson

    asimpleson Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    I suppose flywheel price is also included. Best to ask other reputed workshops. Prices were revised when more parts were localised by Skoda. Significant savings can be achieved if he choosed to go to a private workshop. Surely there must be some reputed fellas with good service teams.
  4. Lunafiatic

    Lunafiatic Amatore

    Vignesh, please ask around and read other forums to check if anyone had the same issue. I don't think a service would cost that much. As Aseem rightly said, after the parts were localized, the cost of the parts were dropped significantly. Do not under any circumstance get the work done without getting a second opinion. As far as FIAT is concerned, I have not seen anything costing that much. However people who have crossed 80k can advise better.
  5. Ganges

    Ganges Esperto

    Driver Seat _/
    Grande Punto 1.3
    Change it, if only there are any bad symptons.
    i havent changed anything till date,very soon will change the battery.
    Yes,the important thing to change is to change the Timing Chain.
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  6. vigneshrace

    vigneshrace Amatore

    Finally Car serviced for 39k.
    Clutch plate and general service!!!!!

    No spare availability of Suspensions and so we skipped that work .

    Skoda SA quoted 20 k for changing the suspension!

    Hence we are planning to change it in some other local workshops..
    Considering BOsch, mahindra first choice-Please suggest a service station for changing the fabia suspension at a cheap cost?

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  7. Anup

    Anup Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Boy ! talk about high maintanence .... :mad:

    Talking about the spare, well you can get the quote from the ASS, then you can check with Reputed Spares dealer, usually they will be lower than the OE part price and it will be OE part itself. Bosch garage would be a better bet.
    Here in B'Lore we have quite a few of Reputed Spares dealers who can arrange for OE parts but the Price tag usually will be taken off and will be sold at the Market price(More the demand higher the Price logic).
    You can also check for Aftermarket once, the most trusted brand is Koni shocks and a large accessories retailer will have or arrange for it, the advantage of a Koni over OE is even though it is expensive it has a high life,
    You can check with Methods Auto who has a office in Chennai.
    M/s Methods Automotive Pvt Ltd
    Block C,B2,Parsan Paradise Apartments
    #46(old#109),GN Chetty Road
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  8. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    I have just crossed over 72,000 Kms and it has been abused to hell. Summation, Not slowing on speed-breakers and doing 0-100 every-time it moves from rest. Problems I faced...

    1. Bent Swinging front right arm, due to lying concrete poll roadside and hitting it underneath at speed around 50 km/hr, came to a standstill without any braking, my mistake. Still calculating it as car's bad built quality:mrgreen:. Those Maruti's or Hyundai, talk about front tires pointing in different directions just like Mike tyson gave a full fist at someone's nose. They can't be driven, they had to be towed to workshop. I drove it for 15 days and looking into Wheel balancing or alignment problem till i suddenly saw that bent swinging arm one day. Hilarious! --- changed on my own (INR 2400 + 400 labour)

    2. A leaked joint of AC pipe at compressor, that may happen when you don't slow down on rough pavements, still a genuine FIAT failure, not expected at all (changed on my own, INR 5100, including labour and gas filling)

    3. Swelled Inter-cooler due to over-revving (changed under warrantee)... Bad FIAT India, Min. stress for an Inter-cooler tube to withstand = Max. Air pressure that Engine can ever demand at any given point of instance... You failed here for me, include it as quality check if you are reading it. It like excusing an LPG gas cylinder swelled to 4 times it original size because 10 KG LPG gas inside it was putting too much pressure on it's walls. It must withstand that routine pressure, shouldn't it?

    4. Link Rods seal leaked (not slowing down on rough pavements again, obviously, still bad built quality. Though I jumped only mediocre & not the real big one that scrap the underbody speed breakers@120ish, it should have stayed intact... (INR 3100 + 400, on my own)

    So if you call it unreliable vehicle at 72,000 (90% driven in jam packed traffic of Delhi), it has set me back say INR 3500+5100+2800 = INR 11400. If I had driven it like many Maruti/Hyundai owners do, no way it would have charged even a single coin out of Rs 11400, 0% likelihood.

    Every car will do it's job if it is driven for commuting purpose, I don't entertain reliability in that way. I like to abuse hell and batter it, see how much it can take and then form my opinions accordingly. You look for reliability, I search for sturdiness with beautiful exteriors, a very rare match but not impossible to find. A step or two above the reliability, if you will.

    If you talk about any other sturdy car I can think of, I would have picked Fabia as the only car that looks like it could take some of the beating. Not sure if to this extent but still way better contender than others. Try selling me a Maruti or Hyundai at half of it's price because it's reliable. Sorry no disrespect to anyone but I prefer calling puppy... a puppy actually.

    I wouldn't dare that in Maruti or Hyundai even if I get paid for doing so, they would simply kill me!! If I manage to survive, have to sell my kidneys to keep them running. Punto, it drives better and better each day & way better than it was brand new. Experienced and confirmed! This Inter-cooler might suggest what degree of torture it went through. Just compare it with a normal Inter-cooler.


    I recently drove a Yellow GTX with 2,50,000 on it. It was owned by proper enthusiast and it made me learn one new thing about a FIAT. If you want to enjoy a FIAT, don't drive a brand new, drive which has clocked some good 2-3 lacs kms with proper maintenance schedules carried out and you will know what I am talking about. They are like wines! I am already worried about my next replacement some 15-16 months later. I am not that rich to spend 20 lacs on a Superb or an Accord to have same kind of freedom, Pray that FIAT would help us with an Abarth Punto update.:)
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  9. vigneshrace

    vigneshrace Amatore

    Hi all,

    My Bro's Fabia crossed 1L mark and it is going smoothly !!!

    Skoda is rocking if we maintain it properly.

    Now we are servicing our car in BOSCH centre Vadapalani which is far cheaper
    than Gurudev motors,chennai!!

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