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Short vacation remembering the kings

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by NitinGirish, Oct 9, 2011.

  1. NitinGirish

    NitinGirish Amatore

    Haven't posted a travelogue before so pls do take a lenient view of the mistakes:)

    End August/early September I was thinking of going on a short vacation during Dussehra. We had an off on October 6th, applied for leave on 7th and it was approved. With four days in had, was thinking of where to go.

    Initially thought of going to Chickamagalur to stay at Eagle Eye Resorts. Until I came across this http://matthuga.in/index.php

    Clciked on 'Nearest Places' section on the website and found out it is indeed close to lot of sight-seeing places. The prices are very competiive too. Whats more, I made a booking by mailing them and doing a net transfer to money for three days, i.e. 6th, 7th and 8th October.

    My plan was to visit these places:-

    5.Kallu Sanka
    6.Jog Falls

    I did not want to just 'finsh-off' looking at places so didn't strain myself with visiting too many places. I went alone so had to balance between driving and enjoying the sights rather than making it an endurance race.

    Jog Falls-1.jpg

  2. NitinGirish

    NitinGirish Amatore

    No approval required for thread! Super:clapping

    Day 1: Bengaluru-Matthuga-Jog-Matthuga

    I left home at 6:15 AM and hit the tolled road to Tumkur. Stopped by at Kamat Resturant at 7:15 AM. Breakfast was below average, Sambhar had gone bad and the potato dish was cold. I don't think he serves fresh food. Avoid this place. When I re-joined the highway it was 7:40 AM.

    Rest of the journey on NH206 till Matthuga was uneventful. Roads are bad in patches, especially between Arasikere and Jajoor.

    Reached Matthuga at 12:45PM. Room was ready and I just dumped my bag and myself there. Rested for half hour after which I was called for lunch.

    Ate, rested and re-joined NH206 around 3:00 PM to see Jog Falls which is just 8kms from Matthuga HomeStay. The last 4-5kms to Jog is awesome twistie land. Dangerous but fun. Most vehicles struggle here on the uphill and it reminds you of Traffic in Bengaluru flyovers:D

    Anyways, reached Jog and saw this:-

    SDC10577.jpg SDC10578.jpg SDC10579.jpg SDC10580.jpg SDC10581.jpg SDC10582.jpg SDC10583.jpg SDC10584.jpg SDC10585.jpg SDC10586.jpg SDC10587.jpg SDC10588.jpg SDC10589.jpg SDC10590.jpg

    Came back to my room at around 5:30ish rested, ate diiner and ended day 1.
  3. NitinGirish

    NitinGirish Amatore

    Day 2- Siddapura-Changragutti-Hareeshi-Banavasi-Soraba-Kalasi-Matthuga

    Woke up on day 2 at 6:50 AM to see this outside my window


    Without wasting much time, got ready and went down. Breakfast would be served only at 8:30 AM. That was too late, so I hit the road to Siddapura around 7:45 AM.

    Road just behind Matthuga homestay.
    SDC10600 - Copy.jpg

    Reached Chandragutti around 8:55 AM. I drove slow, listening to music and shooting a video of my drive (not advisable:wink:).

    Disappointment awaited me at Chandragutti since the temple was not open. The priest would come in only at 10. I was disappointed, may be Goddess Renukamba didn't want to provide appointment to me that day:(

    These two are the only two pics I managed to click at Chandragutti

    SDC10609 - Copy.jpg

    SDC10606 - Copy.jpg

    Locals advised me to drive through Hareeshi to Banavasi as the roads were better in this route. Took that advice and reached Banavasi to be greeted by this:-

    SDC10611 - Copy.jpg

    Priest there gave a brief history about the temple and the speciality of the pillars. After Darshana and Mangalarati I set about clicking the beautiful temple. My photography skills are nothing to write about and in a way I am comitting crime by not properly capturing the work of great sculptors. But could not resist the temptation and here you go:-

    View of the temple from front
    Banavasi Temple Front View.jpg

    Idol of Lord Yama, never seen one before
    Lord Yama.jpg

    SDC10620 - Copy.jpg

    Shanta LakshmiNarasimha
    SDC10624 - Copy.jpg

    Lord Agni I think, not sure
    SDC10625 - Copy.jpg

    Ardha Ganapati, other half is supposed to be in Varanasi
    SDC10635 - Copy.jpg

    Lord Kubera, he is smiling. Maybe because he knows he drives the world:D
    SDC10638 - Copy.jpg

    My eyes went moist looking at this. I presume this is Lord Shiva & Goddess Parvati. Perhaps only Kalidasa can explain the beauty of this
    SDC10639 - Copy.jpg

    Lord Indra, notice the sculptors skill in carving the last three fingers on Lord's left leg
    SDC10641 - Copy.jpg

    There are few other pics but I don't want to bore people furthermore:)

    I was very hungry by this time. I enquired with the parking lot attendant about places to eat breakfast in Banavasi. He suggested 'Hotel Sudha'. Had Vada and buns. Not bad. Tanked up at the HP bunk for Rs.500 based on local's recommendation.

    Next destination for the day->Kalasi.
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