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Shopping thread (Offers,Discounts,Freebies,etc)

Discussion in 'Hangout' started by Bala, Sep 29, 2011.

  1. sungoa2010


    which is the best online store to get map device?
  2. thomman85

    thomman85 Esperto

    i have not bought anything from Times of India magazine, but has bought ps3 games from flipkart and homeshop18 with cash on delivery.. works fine..
    bought watch and more stuff from ebay.. only trouble some experience was when i bought car arm rest from deals and u.. cash on delivery.. item was not as in picture.. send it back and got it replaced.. was a very long process coz of the vendor delay..
  3. Naughty

    Naughty Superiore

    I have bought many things from different websites.... to name few.... www.fashionandyou.com, brandmile | Shop online for exclusive brands at 70% off retail prices, Online Shopping India, Best Deals - Online Shopping India, Discount Coupons - DealsandYou.com, Snapdeal.com - Online Shopping India with Best Deals on Products, Retail, Travel & Services, Buy Shoes Online in India for Men, Women & Kids at Shoe Shopping Store, www.sulekha.com....etc...
    Never had any probs in any of the above mentioned website... I always opt for cash on delivery though...

    Even bought one mobile for my father in law from Times of India deal... it was Blackberry 9105... My father in law wanted specifically that model and it was withdrawn from indian market by RIM... as it was withdrawn from indian market by RIM, in grey market they were charging a bomb for that specific piece which we got at a good price from deals of times of india... cash on delivery in that case too and have no prob whatsoever till now...
  4. I bought a few 16 gb sd memory cards,and a couple of pen drives from tradus.in and opted for cash on delivery.they work fine so no complaints...
    I regularly buy some coupons or discount vouchers from snapdeal,and i had to pay by card.
    I tried buying ed hardy car freshners from vicky.in,and i paid by card,but the delivery never came,so after many calls to the customer care they confessed they didnt have it in stock,and they would refund the amount,which happened only after 2 weeks..
  5. anoop

    anoop Superiore

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  6. Hurricane

    Hurricane Amatore

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  7. johnny

    johnny Regolare

    Greater Noida
    Greater Noida
    Grande Punto 1.3
    I have bought stuff online from a number of vendors. I pay by credit card - I have a credit card with a "low" credit limit for online use. Only on two occasions did I have problems. In both cases, the item I had paid for was not available. However, in both cases I got reasonably prompt refunds.

    My impression of the various online stores is as follows:-

    techshop.in: They have a very good selection of computer hardware, especially 'exotic' brands. Their prices are slightly higher than, say, Nehru Place, but the stuff is genuine.

    watchkart.com: Huge collection of watches from a number of brands. Prices slightly higher than other portals, but genuine stuff.

    flipkart.com: Good collection of varied items. Very reliable site, but the prices are on the higher side.

    homeshop18.com: I only shopped for books. Their delivery was slow - about two weeks.

    tradus.com: Varied items with competitive prices. Prompt delivery. I have bought items from them at Mumbai. Unfortunately, they do not deliver to Greater NOIDA.

    snapdeal.com: Varied items with competitive prices. Very prompt delivery, even to Greater NOIDA.

    Once you buy from any of these sites, your inbox gets flooded with "offers"; some very good ones. However, I tend to shop only for items that I need.

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  8. Cubbie

    Cubbie Superiore

    FlipKart Experience : Kalenji Shoes from Decathlon

    Recently my company gave me 25k of Flipkart vouchers, and from that day onwards me and wife were glued to thier website to order some goodies for ourselves and in this pursuit we argued as to what we need to order and hated each other :mad: For adding things into wish list and cleverly we deleted each other's wish list :evilsmile.... After much deliberation we decided the budget split and played within our turf !!:rolleyes:

    I ordered many things and out if which the noteworthy one is a pair of shoes from Decathlon with a brand name of Kalenji. The running shoes are perfect fit or what you term snug fit and the price it comes for is worth a buy Rs 1179/- only. It's well built and takes care of the daily needs of running or jogging. Attaching few pics for reference. as usual FlipKart delivered within the promised timeline and packaging is very good.




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  9. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    This may help you guys :up
    Planning to list down the websites that sell Automotive products(Parts,accessories,detailing products) online ( In no order)

    1.eBay India - Online Shopping Mall: Free Auctions, Shop/Buy/Sell Mobiles, Cameras, Apparel, Computers, Bollywood Clothes Indian Products - This would generally be my first preference. Has lots of options and price is generally good. I ensure the seller has decent rating before buying from them.

    2.Welcome To Purplekart
    - Harresh's online shop. Sells ICE products along with other general accessories including bulbs,wiper blades etc

    3. Engine Cleaning | ModifyMyCar.in - a part of LetsModify.com - I use this to buy fuel additives. Sells Abro, STP etc. Apart from this also sells other general accessories. They ship through blue dart and on time. Good expereience with them.

    4. Automotive Spare Parts India, Auto Parts and Accessories Online, Auto Parts Suppliers in India, Car Spare Parts - Automotive Soul - Sells Iftex System D and System G online. Probably the only store that sells these online. Good experience with it from our members. Respond to emails promptly. Ships via DTDC sometimes.

    5. India’s largest online car care product store - online car care products - Majorely targetted towards detailing products. Also sells other accessories. No experience with them yet.

    6. Buy Car Accessories Online | Car Accessories India | Carware
    - Another shop selling many decent detailing products. Also sells general purpose accessories. Has most of the sparco products at reasonable price. The Hyderabad based seller is giving 10% discount exclusive for GH members. Just register in their site and send a mail or talk to the number. They will send the discount coupon details. You can use it for 10 purchases/ 6 months validity. My shopping experience was really good with them. I bought Muc-off 5 brush set and some more. - Baranjil

    7. Snapdeal.com - Online Shopping for Mobiles, Computers, Fashion, Books, Appliances in India - Probably well know to all.

    8. Machpower Tools | India's Online Tools Store | Buy tools Online - Online shop for buying any power tools like driller, polisher, pressure washer etc. Sells Skil,Bosch,Karcher,Black & Decker etc.

    9.Car Care, Car Care Products, Car Care Equipment (6012Grid) Direct import from outside India i think. Has some not so known products as well as some known brands. No experience as yet and they have free shipping.

    10. New cars | New Bikes | Car on road price | Used autos | automobile in India | Vicky.in - Another local accessories and car products seller. Has some negative reviews floating around in the web. Gearhead Members review here

    11. Auto Trends, car accessories, auto trend, accessories for car, auto accessories, car seat accessories, car audio accessories, car accessories online, car accessories india, auto parts accessories, honda accessories, toyota accessories. cheap auto accessories, auto accessories store, ford auto accessories, maruti auto accessories, India, Pune, Nasik, Delhi, Chennai, Bombay, Ahmedabad, Surat, Vashi Autotrends HomePage - General Car accessories store. Almost stocks all interior and exterior styling , lights , Floor Mates etc. No experience shared yet.

    12 http://www.naaptol.com/buy/automobil...utilities.html : Like ebay , used different sellers i think. Sells jacks , electrical accessories etc. No expereince shared yet.

    13 Car Accessories Shop Online, Buy Auto Accessories India : Sells ICE stuff and perfumes. Stumbled upon while googling. No experience.

    14 Car Mats India,Buy Bucket Car Mats,Water Proof Car Mats,Car Floor Mats Delhi - Star Car mats for different indian car models. Looks good. No personal experience yet.

    15 Buy Car Accessories Online in India - Best Price, Free Delivery, Widest Range Secure Payment : CarLounz.com - Ship through blue dart.
    16 Car Studio - No personal experience yet.
    17 Car Accessories | Car Bluetooth Kit | Car Audio Systems | GPS Car Navigator - No personal experience yet.
    18 New Cars, Used Cars, Car Accessories - Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata - No personal experience yet.

    19 Buy Car & Bike Accessories Online :: ChangeMyTyre.com : Free Delivery – Great Prices
    - Along with selling tyres , changemytyre sells some car and motor cycle accessories. One of our forum member had a bad experience with them. Shipping was late and it took multiple follow ups to get the items

    20 Okloot Car care - Car Care - Good experience reported from our forum member when he bought muc off products 2 years back. No recent experience though.

    21. www.shopclue.com

    All the sellers listed above accept payment though credit card/debit card and some offer COD too. I have not listed the ones which work via NEFT or anyother modes of payment.

    These are the websites i generally check and compare prices before buying. Do let me know if you guys know anyother websites apart from these. I will also keep the list updated as and when i find new sellers.

    Source: Gearheads: http://gearheads.in/showthread.php?1...iling-products)

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