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She came, walked into my heart and conquered it !!

Discussion in 'Linea 1.3 MJD' started by riturajmnnit, Oct 24, 2012.

  1. riturajmnnit

    riturajmnnit Amatore

    Bengaluru, India
    My lino and me finally covered our first long trip in 3 days :)

    Distance Travelled: 1200 + (Blr - Chennai - Pondicherry - Blr)
    Mileage Overall - 16.4

    About Blr-Chennai:
    It was horrible for first 3 hour, long stretches of JAMS after Electronic city express way. We took 3 hour to reach A2b
    After that it was a bliss, did 150 at few instances and for sure the car is built like a tank, no vibration at all even at this speed

    My lino got a small scratch, all thanks to the b2b jam and one Indica guy, who tried to squeeze in from non existing lane I hope this can be touched up easily (no dents). Will post a pic.

    Return (Pondi- Blr)
    Horrible is the word. My GPS (which had free maps) failed me, it took the shortest route.
    It brought me on Viluppuram Road from Pondicherry, and all the way till Villupuram roads were decent but undivided double lane road From Villupuram to Thiruvanamali, roads were getting worse with big small potholes here and there and driving in night was getting scarier, so I took a detour to vellore to join GQC and from their it was again good road and I was consitently doing 90-130 kmph.
    Saw two accidents on the way and it was bad for a Diwali night

    Overall, it was a confidence boosting drive (Considering this is my first car and I had no driving experience), hoping to improve mileage with time

    Some pics of the trip :)



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  2. riturajmnnit

    riturajmnnit Amatore

    Bengaluru, India
    After 2 weeks of sitting idle, as she was here and I was in my hometown. I took out Lino for a midnight drive to Devnarayadurga. For Bangalore ppl, its another untouched spot. We were pleased to find no company in the hills.

    The drive was as usual awesome :D She is a beast for sure, I am lil worried about mileage, was able to hit only 14.8 KMpl :( Of the 200 KMs driven, almost 50 KMs was in city traffic and at time b2b :(

    Leaving you guys with some pics :)




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  3. punto_emotion

    punto_emotion Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3
    I got my Punto's pooja done at Devarayanadurga within a week of taking delivery :) Infact my present profile pic was shot during this trip :up

    Well, mileage depends on various factors. Devarayanadurga does have few kms of mountain driving. So this also might have an impact.
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  4. riturajmnnit

    riturajmnnit Amatore

    Bengaluru, India
    Wow :) Couldnt get into temple as it opens only at 8 :(
  5. riturajmnnit

    riturajmnnit Amatore

    Bengaluru, India
    Well its been long that I updated my running with Lino.

    We finally did the much awaited Goa trip:
    Left bangalore @4:30 AM on friday i.e 25th Jan and stopped over at Kamat, Ranebennur for breakfast at 8:20 AM. Decided to take a diversion from Bankapur to Kalghatghi and though the road was scenic for sure (passes through a bird santury), but roads were very narrow and the day being eid, lots of procession was goin on. Finally we touched karwar @12:30 PM

    But after that we had to stop, as my friend had to attend a meeting (official), reminded me of Hrithik Roashan from ZIndagi Na milegi DObara, we had lunch somewhere in goa and left that place @2:15 PM. SOmehow my GPS failed me and made me go through Margao city, which again killed 1 hour due to numerous eid procession. Finally we were able to reach Panaji at 5:00 PM.

    Distance: 700+
    Mileage : 16 :(
    Drive Time: Close to 10 hours

    We had awesome time in and around Goa. We were staying in Dona Paula in a place called Landscape Town, that was a mini europe of its own, check the pics here
    The view from all rooms were awesome and Odxel beach was 5 minutes walk.

    We had dinner at a very fine place as suggested by our host (Irish Couple). The place is near Dona Paula beach called Sea Pebble. You get to sit right next to sea with the sound of water strokes soothing your soul. Food was also amazing.

    Day 1:
    Went to baga and did some sports ride, but was highly disappointed with beach, so headed on to Morjim Beach, spent the whole day there. This is one awesome place with very nice and scenic beach and pretty much nice change rooms. We thought to cover Agauda fort same day but was stuck in Jam near Calangute.

    Day 2:
    Started with Agauda Fort, though there is not much to enjoy there, clicked some picks and moved to Chapora Fort (where DCH was shot), took a trek down to a beach where you find only foreigners and its again a very clean beach. Enjoyed for couple of hours with lunch and then moved to Ashwem Beach, the best beach undoubtably. The shacks around has their own ambience and I have decided, I am gonna stay here on my next trip.

    Day 3:
    Started early morning 4:30 from Goa and we were past Karwar by 6:30, then we decided to hit Gokarna (Om beach) but fate had something else written. Somewhere around 7:15, we spotted a live accident.


    Which kind of spoiled the trip, still we decided to go ahead and visit Om beach, we reached there at around 9 AM and was back to Ankola by 10:30.
    Further the trip was just usual, we were able to reach kundanahalli in Bangalore by 5:30 PM.

    Somehow I am not happy with mileage of my car, may be because we revved it way too much on NH 7 (130-140).

    Leaving you with pics..... 59.jpg DSC00102.jpg 55.jpg






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