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Self Not Working in T-Jet after Clutch work

Discussion in 'Electrical Systems' started by ashish27, May 6, 2016.

  1. ashish27

    ashish27 Novizio

    Had Clutch issue - So got dual fly wheel replaced along with sleeve bearing in clutch system on 4th May 2016... had clutch & pressure plate replaced in around 4 months back...

    Self not working... Got check all electrical systems, spark=plug check cleaned, turbo system working properly...No error codes showing during analyzer check...

    Selfstart problem only started after Dual flywheel replaced...

    Pl. advice... Fiat workshop looking but unable to correct it...
  2. vIjAy_kHaSa

    vIjAy_kHaSa Esperto

    Ask them to check if current is coming to starter solenoid when ignition is turned on if not wiring,body computer, relays and fuses have to be checked if everything turns out OK ask ASS to swap starter from their TD vehicle and if it works replace starter motor.
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