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Second service Due - ODO 12300 KMS

Discussion in 'Pre service query' started by TheDrifter, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. TheDrifter

    TheDrifter Amatore

    Now its been 6months since I own my 90hp beast and covered 12300 KMS on ODO till date. I'm wondering will it be early enough if I do the second service now or wait till I complete the 15k mark. I dont find any problems with my beast till now except wheel alignment issues. I have Yoko 205-55 Tyres and the Tyre shop guy told me to get Wheel rotation, Wheel balancing, Wheel allignment done every 5000 kms, so I wonder now if that needs to get done with that guy or at showroom during my second service? Does showroom charge for Wheel alignment/Rotation during second service or its free?Can someone throw some light what would be the best?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. vishnu's

    vishnu's Amatore

    I think it will be better if you wait till 15K mark.With your current running it won't take much time to reach 15k. Regarding the wheel rotation and balancing it is better to go for a reputed centre than getting it done @ TASS and most of the time TASS mess up the whole thing(my personal experiance). Alignment should be free but i have read few cases which they charged.


    Grande Punto 1.3
    To my knowledge Wheel Alignment is FOC and if you want tyre rotation they will charge.
  4. TheDrifter

    TheDrifter Amatore

    Just checked behind the 2nd service leaf let and found that both Wheel allignment and wheel rotation are taken care of during servicing itself, so ideally they should not be charged.

    Thanks all for your prompt replies.
  5. darkshooter

    darkshooter Amatore

    Navi Mumbai
    Wheel alignment will be FOC but wheel balancing is chargeable. But sometimes they charge you for wheel alignment if you don't object.

    Saying this from my personal experience, You can confirm the same through FIAT call center.
  6. My odo touched 10750 and my second service is due on March as per manual its 15K or 12 months , Expert advise plss , Thinking to give my Punto to Mohandas motors , I had a collision with an SX4 recently and had my right side paint gone , need to do the painting too under insurance coverage . Need some views which is better option

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