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Second hand GP

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by nmp, Nov 11, 2010.

  1. nmp

    nmp Amatore

    Thane, Mumbai
    Well guys I need you views on this.

    One my friend has checked GP Dynamic 1.3 in Mahindra First Choice, Pune. The Hip Hop Black beauty has clocked over 20k and 12+ months old. The price Mahindra's has quoted is @4.6L. No idea why the owner is selling it. Now my question is, is this a good buy? Please help.
  2. amolmane

    amolmane Guest

    Take the TD at long distance.& try to get information why owner is selling in such a low usage.
    I think 4.6 Lakhs is good price.
  3. gautamkhadse

    gautamkhadse Regolare

    GP Dynamic at 4.6 .. I dunno about the price , not opposing anyones views but I dont think its that good a price . I'd once read a review on T-BHP i think its titled "The cheapest punto on T-BHP" this guy bought a EPK for less than 4.5 . With the current valuation for FIATS ( I know its a sad state ) I think he should bargain . 4.6 is a bit on the higher side.
  4. mescotc

    mescotc Amatore

    Boisar , Tarapur
    First check the car in all aspects, & only if u r fully satisfied bargain it,
    Even if First choice doesn't deviates from 4.6 L buy it , bcoz u've liked it ,
    But they do generally bargain upto 10-15k (Ive tried for preowned Innova frm them, but opted for new punto later)
    In case of punto u could start bargaining frm -30k ,
    If u r satisfied with condition, place ur offer for 4.3L,
    If u wan't I can bargain on ur behalf as another customer for same vehicle , for a lower price than urs, to make sure u get the best deal !

  5. M A N U

    M A N U Amatore

    that punto was in delhi where road taxes are low mumbai has highest road tax after karnataka

    so first check out the OTR price of a new car and then decide
  6. nmp

    nmp Amatore

    Thane, Mumbai
    Thanks guys for your views.
    I don't think I can go to Pune just for Test Drive. However my friend has taken the TD and he is satisfied with it. The problem with Punto is - its a Class apart. My friend currently owns Vista Quadrajet. And you know very well that there is a tremendous difference between the two. And as Atul has rightly said if he likes it then will go for it.
    @Atul - Thanks for the valuable input for the bargaining. ::T
    From Innova to Punto ! Wow I must say space / no. of passengers was not your criteria to decide it.
    @Manu - Here OTR price is @ 5.75L for GP 1.3 Dynamic.
  7. sdp1975

    sdp1975 Amatore

    Yes, that punto was in delhi and it was a petrol.

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