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Second FIAT In My Life

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by Drive_drift, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. It’s been long time I have not updated my thread. I have completed 1 year with my punto on 17 June and the same time something important happening in my life.
    Completed my 2nd Free servicing on June 10 total cost approx. 5200/-. No major issue just carried second service mandatory stuff.
    I clocked 13,200 kms before I sold my punto(yes you read correctly I sold it with heavy heart). It was amazing journey with Punto.
    Reason for selling: Moving to US for long term.
    I visited Hyderabad to move my stuff from Bangalore to Hyderabad. And my friend who had been driving VW polo and Swift from many year, really like my car handling, control and breaks. And the complete journey he was just talking about my car. I was so happy and was explaining stuff to him.
    We have covered 650kms in just 6 hours, average speed 100km/hr. we were driving continuously at 150km/hr and 160km/hr. Really its was a fun driving this machine in highway. Don`t ask the mileage I got when we cover 650kms at that high speed, it was 13km/lt (I’m ok with that).
    For few days I`m driving my friends VW polo TDI, It’s a hell. Yes it’s a hell; car does not pull until you reach 2000rpm. The clutch is so hard that your knee and legs will pain in city drive, engine noise is too much. The Shock absorber really bad, the only good thing what I like is the build quality.

    What I liked in punto and why I would recommend people to buy this car:
    1. Handling at high speed, car control and breaks.
    2. Shock absorber is the best in all. No doubt.
    3. Seats are the best in hatch compared with cars in market today.
    4. Clutch is really soft. Really very good when driving in City you can drive bumper to bumper traffic with 2nd gear. Car pulls with charm.
    5. Great pick up that driver won`t know what speed he is driving until he see the speedo meter.
    6. The drivers view when driving in highway.
    7. The solid build, because of that it’s really stable in highway at high speed.
    8. Features list what it give with the price is really good; no other manufacture gives these features.

    Thanks TFI for all your inputs for the car, it`s really a wonderful car.
    Only issue people have about after sale service. And I would like to keep you posted that in Bangalore you need not to worry if you buy Fiat Punto.
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  2. Hi All,

    I sold the My Car on July 2012. was really upset that i m leaving her.
    But i replace Punto with Subaru Forester 2013 :)

    Its a wonderful car :)
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