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Second FIAT In My Life

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by Drive_drift, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. Hi All, TFI`s

    I m a happy Guy (I m single;))to be owner of Fiat Grand Punto 1.3 Emotion Multijet Bossa Nova White.
    I started learning driving car in 2009 May and was in plan to take a used car for learning driving skills. So I fixed my budget to 1.5lac for a used car. And at that price I only thought of one car other than maruti and Hyundai, that was my Fiat Palio Elx 1.2. I drive that car for 20k kms (approx 2 year of ownership) before I got my punto. What to say about Fiat palio, just an amazing machine with very well build, ride quality, space and handling. Maximum speed I touched in that with 5 people was 165km/hr. After driving her for 20k kms city and so many highway drives it have not even broken one time on road. I was just pleased with the machine and its reliabilities. What I think after that about FIAT - "Fiat a trustable Brand".
    In between Dec 2009 I bought a car for parents a family car. So I got Hyundai Accent Executive 1.5 petrol. Till date I have driven that machine 4100kms and its just awesome car but build is bit poor compare to Fiat. I know I should not compare Hyundai and Fiat. Told my parents that I will get the car to Bangalore as you are not driving the car much, but later thought it’s for my parents and I should not take it from them (I know they would allow me to take. But what to give them the happiness, as they have done so many things for me.)

    To be continued ..... sona hai to jaag jao .. break ke baad :D
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  2. Punto Dream:
    I was thinking of her from 2010 June and was reading every review posted on net about this car specially the MDJ 1.3 version. And was decided on Fiat Grand Punto 1.3 Multijet will be my next car to own. I had bugged up my all colleague about the car and comparison, even my laptop have Fiat Punto wallpaper, people giving me so many suggestion to take this brand etc. I just want to be odd from other people :steering . I was planning to take my new car in August 2011 as my appraisal period is that time, can spend some bonus amount on my car also don`t want to ask money from parents. This dream come true on may 2011 was looking for a exchange offer from Fiat to Fiat and my luck was so good that Fiat India have open a exchange offer.

    Dealer experience:
    Then I tried prerarna motor, took TD and told them that I came for exchange offer. The SE told me that the evaluation of used car person is not there and I need to contact the main branch for the same. I was bit disappointed with this as I already called & conformed them that I need some person to evaluate my old car. SE conformed that he will send people to my office and do the evaluation of the car and offers will be communicated with sale Head over phone.
    Monday Morning got a call from prerana motors and 2 people came to my office did evaluation and we started negotiation on the offer and used car price. After 30 mins of talk over phone the deal was done. I gave 20k for booking amount, and gave them the necessary documents needed. Got a scan copy of the quote offered which was spoken over the phone.
    SE told 15th June 2011 I will get my car, but I told him clearly I need VIN number before. So on 2 may 2011 I got VIN number and it was May 2011 car. In mean time was I was in mail communication with the Sale Head (Mr. Vijay) he is very professional and organized in my case. I got a mail from him saying that received the loan amount and the car is in their stock yard and I can come for PDI anytime. I told I m out of station and will do the PDI on 15 june and delivery on 17th 2011.
    Did the PDI as per TeamFiat checklist. Everything was very well organized by the dealer and was very smooth for PDI. Dealer also done PDI(got a dealer PDI sticker windshield) and everything was up to the mark for a new car. No gaps, no falling plastic\rubber, no scratches.
  3. Finance:
    I was think for finance for the car and directly chosen HDFC (as already take other car financed from them), got the loan work in 2 days rate of interest 12.25% reducing balance.
    Delivery of car:
    The day I have done PDI on the car 15th June 2011, I can`t sleep for 2 days. As I was waiting for 17th june, the delivery day. He confirmed that I can come at 11am as it will take some time to do final PDI and documents checking. Reached at 11am, my car was ready to deliver. Was washed properly cleaned everything was done.Did the documentation check.
    I sold my used fiat Palio 1.2 ELX(2002) to them (I was 2nd owner) at 90k. I was getting upper back ache, hard clutch, petrol price are the reason for selling it out.I told 30k as exchange discount.Sunfilm garware, perfume, idol, floor mats, Took 5500/- offer pack.

    About Car:
    What to tell about this you all know.
    First 0kms to 50kms I felt a bit turbo lag.
    First day driven 80kms in city, and next day went to long drive with my friends (bandipur safari)
    Till date done 740kms in 6days looking for going more drive as I usually do.
    So let me talk about what I like:
    Handling -awesome.
    Looks – love it, everyone on road turn and look on the car. My colleagues (especially girl want to seat in my car)
    Mileage of the car I just love it I got 20kmpl on highway. Driven the car less then 100km/he speed. I came out of petrol fever. In Rs1000 only 10 liter petrol and 22+ in diesel .. I just feel like I m very rich here.
    Engine sound its very less compare to other diesel engine I drove. I can`t hear much engine noise in Car cabin. TD car was making too much noise even in the car cabin. I think it was 2009 make TD car.
    Shocks-just eat up all the bad roads. Discovered on 1st and 2nd day only. All my friends like the car and was asking why we are not getting jerks when speed breakers are coming. Actually they were drinking tea and beer. And didn`t feel any jerks at all.
    AC-same like my previous car. I was confident that FIAT will make the same AC was he have delivered earlier years. I hate Hyundai AC, you can`t drive the car in City with AC on.
    Speedo Panel is very well made and lot of features. Love them.
    Seat fabric best in all hatches what are there now in india.
    Gear ratio: It good but not better than Ford Figo. But I m ok as I know more miles you run in punto more refine it will be.
    Love the soft clutch after using hard clutch of palio.
    Got better agonistic in driver seat as i don`t give my car to drive anyone else. The secret is no one knows driving in my gang when go for long drives.
    What I didn`t like:
    Need head pillow for long drives.
    Rear seats are strictly for girls (ladies).
    Speakers it’s ok but could be better. Till volume control 18 it handles but after that its cries.
    For emotion variant they would have given USB, AUX.
    Plastic quality – we all know it should be better. My old palio was just awesome in this category.
    Rear view mirror – its ok for me got used to this now.
    Tyers – 2011 model emotion is coming with 165, they would have given 175.
    Wait for more updates.
    Have long list of long distance travel coming soon.
    Enjoy some pictures guys :D
  4. enjoy the Pictures on delivery day




  5. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Drive Drift very nice review. Your efforts (to write this review) can be seen while reading this review. However some more pics will do justice to this review. :p

    Congratulation for new BNW Punto.
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  6. point_petes96



    Congratulations for getting the super-stunning,masterpiece in the all-time favorite color BNW
  7. @kedarbendre
    thanks .. yes soon some more picture will be upload looking to take her for a weekend spin.. the limitation of character made to split the review.
  8. rajesh karia

    rajesh karia Amatore

    congrats Drive_Drift on your new Punto-BNW, nice clean review. I too have just bought a Linea E-BNW, jst done 480kms so far, will put up an ownership review & pics soon..

    cheers :)
  9. Congrats for your new car it looks great.Even my first choice was BNW but i went for T wine as we already have white Verna and white d zire in my family.
    Of course my brother bought one more BNW Punto last month.
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  10. thanks All,
    congrats Rajesh(your name reminds me of my elder Brother, he is no more, anyway your my bro :) ) and sreekanth.. for your new acquisition .

    Sreekanth.. actually i want to take RED but parents were not ok. and they said Light grey which i have already in Hyundai Accent (silver).. so chosen BNW the best.

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