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SCOOP!! - The JEEP's have cometh !!

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by amogh, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. me_at_fiat

    me_at_fiat Regolare

    Mumbai, Pune
    Beauties .. Pune streets were never so beautiful. If FIAT just puts it on hoardings then no doubt all guntha mantri's (Premium Land owners) from here would already start booking these macho, super sexy machines in dozens!!!! Really pray that these insane machines will give Indian Jeeps run for their money.:rage

    Sales Agent: Tell me sir how can I help you?
    Ghuntha mantri: ?????? (What did he say?)
    Sales Agent: Sir, kahi madat karu shakto kaa aapli?(Is there any way that i can help you)
    GM: Kiti la ray hee? (How much does this cost?)
    SA: Sir, 30 lakhs faqt!!(Sir 30 lakhs only!!)
    GM: basss?? 4 pathvun dayy ghari (send 4 of these at my home):up
    GM: CASH chalel ka? (Do you accept CASH?)
    SA: FLAT on the floor!!!!

    Like VIRU...JEEP should say.." Gaaav waalo maii aaa raha hun!!!"..lol Bring it on FIAT!!

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    Amogh spot on buddy. Can you imagine quite a many people still don't know that FIAT have new products called Punto/Linea in Indian market. I have faced this problem in-person, when i told them that it's 'FIAT Grande PUNTO' they were puzzled and asked me that did they just launched it!!!
    guess what two of these fellows have bought the cars recently!!:eek:
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  2. fiatlover

    fiatlover Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.4
    I think advertising and marketing of the Jeep range would be really tough job for FIAT because they will have to first demolish the image that customers get when they hear the word Jeep. One cant blame them. Mahindra jeeps even had the Jeep logo designed the same way the Original Jeep. So telling "I am the original, what you saw till now were just duplicates, not even a copy" would be a tough job and should not be like just another FIAT advt we have seen so far in India.
  3. rudresh

    rudresh Regolare

    Hyderabad, India
    I think they should market Jeep as independent product, Not associated with Fiat. These cars are for rich and niche market. So have to attract the buyers accordingly.
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  4. jumu

    jumu Superiore


    Being similar to Mahindra could also be a blessing in disguise for Jeep or Fiat. Mahindra is the only brand which is beating the recession in sales and will continue to do so in the near future too. So to think that this JEEP is also from their stable could actually help the numbers for FIAT. For the ignorant, the JEEP will be a mahindra product ( which will be reassuring to him) and for the intelligent it will be the original that he has been waiting for. So I see this as a win win for FIAT.

  5. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Historically, in the USA, the Jeep brand has offered products in the premium segment at a lesser pricing than it's competitors. Case in point - Grand Cherokee vs the X5 etc.

    The 2013 Grand Cherokee SRT8 ( performance edition) undercuts the BMW X5M by a good 25,000++$ and the performance difference between the two is not day and night. Ofcourse the X5M is the better SUV of the two but the Jeep is a LOT of package for it's price.

    That is the brand's USP.

    I am expecting the Jeep Grand Cherokee V6 diesel to similarly undercut it's competition in India by a nice margin and reap the benefits. That is the way this brand works. It's not a Q7 to directly challenge the X5's and the Cayennes. It will create it's own segment - a sort of VFM niche segment.

    It has the classic butch look unlike the soft appearance of today's ultra expensive SUV's.

    Ofcourse, this is just my opinion. :)

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  6. Herbie

    Herbie Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.4

    I think for starters they need to keep the brand CHRYSLER independent... or else there might be (as stated by fellow members) another Mahindra/JEEP - Padmini/FIAT kind of brand absorption by people in general in INDIA :(




  7. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Guys, the brand WILL be independent. It's just that it falls under the umbrella of the FIAT group that WE are thinking people will club it. No one will.

    For the record both AUDI and Porsche are owned by the Volkswagen group. Yet no one says, " Hey i don't wanna buy a Q7 or a 911 Turbo because the Polo's engine sounds like a tractor". :D

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  8. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    hahahah Gurjinder 22ji too good comment.
  9. 50 L price tag is going to be a problem,anything more than the price of Fortuner is going to be tough for the Dealer to sell the product.
    Fiat will have to justify why Wrangler is better then Thar or GrandChrokee is good to buy over XVU/Rexton/Fortuner/Capitva.

    Looking at the way people are buying 1.5 ltr Duster/Quanto , i doubt majority really cares what is beneath the hood!!
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  10. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    This is not a Fortuner competitor! It is a full size SUV.

    Check the beast out :
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