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Scarlet Red comes home!

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by platinumshine, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. platinumshine

    platinumshine Regolare

    In our close and extended family there are Polos, Figos, Octavias,SX4s, i20s, etc but here is the first modern day Fiat Car and boyy she is HOT!</SPAN>
    Presenting my new Grande Punto Emotion 1.3 Multijet! </SPAN>:dance
    With blessings from God and elderlies, took her home on 20[SUP]th</SPAN>[/SUP] of July (with H 117km on ODO) and covered so far an enjoyable 601KM!</SPAN>
    Our previous and other current cars:
    1. M800 ( 5 speed MPFI) 2000 – 2011. Too good it was. </SPAN>
    2. Wagon R 2006 -2012 ( ever faithful) – my first car.</SPAN>
    3. Hyu i20 Crdi Asta (6 speed) 2011. This is my dad’s car and I occasionally drive whenever going on a long drive to north Canara. </SPAN>
    1. Gorgeous looks. Can go on and on about this :)</SPAN></SPAN> whenever I park the car, I turn back and keep gazing until I remember I have to go somewhere. Can’t stop!</SPAN>
    2. Handling, man! I took a 90 degree turn at considerable speed when I went to drop my wife to her office. Later I realized it was a sharp one but so effortless in Punto. Distinguishing factor.I haven’t yet exceeded 80km/hr but its so tempting to take her to three digits. Controlling due to the run-in period. Infact, the other day I couldnot control and gave it back to a SWIFT ;) Control!</SPAN>
    3. It feels really safe inside. Ride is great.</SPAN>
    4. I like the stance of the car especially from back side. If you view the car from an angle from the back, those stock 195 section tyres, looks awesome.</SPAN>
    5. The sound when the doors close is something different. Feels great.</SPAN>
    6. The engine is quite silent when it warms up. This is surprising to me. I thought only the i20 crdi had super refinement.</SPAN>
    7. The steering wheel, especially the thumb placement section. Very nice to hold.
    8. I dont have to shift gears downwards in city traffic. I can go comfortably in 3rd gear also. Unlike our i20 where its cumbersome to keep shifting down whenenver have to brake. I like this very much! reminds me of my Waggie (Wagon R) with great low end torque. :)

    Could have been better:</SPAN>
    1. Although the dashboard layout is nice but the material used could have been much much better. Fiat should bring the new Evo interiors to India soon. High time now!</SPAN>
    2. Doors don’t close neatly. You have to apply some force. But hey they are getting better or I have found the tactic where to put pressure to get them closed in one shot.</SPAN>
    3. During delivery the tyres had 43 psi pressure; I got it down to 32. This one is on the dealer’s part.</SPAN>
    4. The buttons on steering wheel are not easy to operate compared to our i20. </SPAN>
    None so far, apart from the mud flaps & mats given free by dealer. I have done the 3M exterior paint sealant program last Sunday. Shine shine! J</SPAN></SPAN></SPAN>
    If I wouldn’t have visited TBHP and TFI, I must admit I would not have bought a Fiat. Thanks to you all! TFI is a very helpful forum.</SPAN>
    I am sure I have forgotten something to write here J</SPAN></SPAN> Will continue it with the buying and ownership experience next. </SPAN>
    Until then some pictures.</SPAN>
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  2. Congrats platinumshine :)

    Can't see the pictures... :rolleyes:
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  3. amargawade90

    amargawade90 Superiore

    Congrss... Bro !!! Pic of Ur Ride...:p
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  4. Congrats ! platinumshine

    Really good to know you chose Punto though you have an i20 in Your Home. Usually families with Maruthi and Hyundai, when they upgrade their car or buy a second car, they feel comfortable to stick with the same brand they already have.

    And to your point for gazing the car at the parking, I walk reverse in my office car park gazing at my Red Punto most of the time. And when there are people watch me walking reverse, the proud feel is immeasurable.
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  5. prashantgupta84

    prashantgupta84 Regolare

    New Delhi
    Grande Punto 1.3
    Congrats for buying the best car in india.........
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  6. Arryan

    Arryan Regolare

    Linea 1.3
    PlatinumShine : Hearty Congratulations on your new purchase.
    Wishing you a long, smooth and trouble free association with your Punto.
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  7. Linear

    Linear Amatore

    Congrats. It's an awesome car - no doubt. Which shade is scarlet red?

    Where are the pics bro?
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  8. punto_emotion

    punto_emotion Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Hey congrats buddy! I too own a Red Hotty! And you are spot on with respect to thumb placement on the steering! This shows that even intricate design details have been taken care by Fiat. It just gives the sports car steering like feel! Awesome steering precission as well!
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  9. vivekrj.dieselhead

    vivekrj.dieselhead Regolare

    Congrats for your new companion buddy.
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  10. platinumshine

    platinumshine Regolare

    Thanks a lott guys! I am having some problem uploading pics, the 'choose files' button is greyed out on my iPad. I will upload pics later today from my laptop at home. Won't keep this thread starved of pics :)

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