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Satyamev Jayate

Discussion in 'Hangout' started by VahanPujari, May 6, 2012.

  1. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    I've watched all episodes till date and I'm having mixed opinions here..
    From the first few episodes I saw that Aamir khan was making some impact by trying to pass an amendment into the parliamnet for discussions and so on.
    But there after my opinions began to change about this whole show...

    my first point,
    What are they trying to do? Is this another "Oprah winfrey show"?
    Is this another media propaganda .

    What is the purpose of simply discussing these so called "social issues on national media" ? when there is no solution to it.
    I mean even if aamir has openly projected that this show is only to bring out the filth in the nation even then i dont think this is a good enough reason to start a show like this.
    What India needs right now is someone who can really stand up and fight for human rights, make the perpetrators pay for their crimes and turn around the current status quo . But all i can see is a dinner time discussion going live on the media.

    I mean who doesn't know that young females are forced into marriages and then into having children?
    W-H-O projected this out about India long before Aamir even started a show like this
    Who doesn't know that crime against handicapped is happening day in and day out??

    In that episode a guy was telling us how he went to the US and knowing his disability how the US folks had refactored everything for him even before he arrived.
    (All we want is to talk and talk and at the end just put a blanket over it and sleep)

    And why should anyone care about the stats.??? be it 1% of the population or 90% its very evident that social issues need to be targeted AT ONCE.
    Instead of doing that we are simply having a discussion about what is going wrong where and everyone is clapping about this issue?

    To say the least , I've handled such issues myself without the need of any media.. I've sought solution to such social issues and things are better in my neighborhood.. I didn't feel the need for such a propaganda and neither did my neighborhood.
    We all knew issues existed and we made sure it was resolved.
    From something as simple as ensuring that there is proper power supply (which was a headache) to making sure parks and other neighborhood requirements were met.. The struggle is relentless but we won in the end.
    (If you need further proof anyone can ping me directly I'm ready to share ORIGINAL DOCS, in case someone does not believe me).

    I know how hard it is to change things around here without power.
    So a man of Aamir khan's stature should have done more and better than to just discuss these issues , is what I'm saying.
  2. sid_10000

    sid_10000 Regolare

    Moral right? Who are we to question his personal life. He is doing good by talking about greater good of our country. We have long forgotten to stand for what is right and live by "chalta hai" attitude. His show is like a breath of fresh air and shows mirror to the society who has accepted to live / work according to draconian laws. Please focus on the content of the show / its medium / its linkages to facts / and people involved than personal life of a presenter.

    Jo aadmi tumko chaand dikhane ki koshish kar raha hai uski ungali main tum khot nikaal rahe ho. Think like a social being. Do not look at the earning of the man... look at the issues he is bringing out of the closet.
  3. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    A divorce doen't mean that the parties involved should have fought earlier and should have hit each other.

    In some cases it just means that there were ir-reconcilable differences and they had no choice but to opt out.
    So i dont think there is anything morally wrong with that,

    Having said that Indian culture has really amazing values and binds a family very well together .. I just pray that the male chauvinism declines and indians begin to look at everyone in the same way.
    no one is great, no one is weak. we all need each other (be it in the form of a wife or girlfriend or boss ) .
    Just hope all those who think otherwise understand it sooner than later.
  4. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    He is not bringing anything new. This all happens right in front of eyes & many other things which dancers have no idea of. The only solution, If everyone will be responsible for himself or herself. Common understanding is everywhere except human beings. Have you seen the flocks of 100s of birds tilting all together without any voice communication or signs made. Hurt a monkey or a crow & you will see 100s of gathering there in no time. errrr!!! i think it doesn't happen until some dancer says so.

    Why are people expecting so much out of this poor soul? This is the world we have created that we are expecting a dancer to mold it for us:D! Hospitals will keep destroying health, institutions will teach everything but wisdom, Temples/Mosques will do everything but divert away from creation so on so forth. I bet it won't make 0.00000001% of difference. Everyone including me (the dancer too!) needs to fight inside of him or her & win it!

    Avoid "listening & pretend like you are thinking", lets start to really think actually:mrgreen:.
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  5. FastLove

    FastLove Superiore

    Linea 1.4
    Where does this show originate from ?
    All Big Khans , Big B , Akshay Kumars of the world are Big on TV . Aamir carries a tag of being "Mr. Perfectionist" (and he takes it too seriously too). So , when Aamir decides to enter the TV Star League he thinks (in his style) .. "Kuchh different karne parega ...Different , Different !!" :cool

    So , he zeroes in on this Topic which touches peoples heart. At the end of the day its all for TRP and Star Biling, Status!! He can't be called a Star on Big Screen and a Flop on TV . So , every step for these Stars are calculated moves, what with their Production Companies getting into TV etc.

    Coming back to Satyamev Jayate and this discussion above :
    The sad part is that only thing that we appreciate is Bollywood and Cricket. Every Indian is responsible for all malice present in our society including female foeticide, dowry etc . But , We all, these very people will sit in a Movie Hall and in front of TV ( AAmirs coming on TV :clapping) and like to listen the same thing from their Hero's mouth and then feel emotional about it (for approximately 1 to 3 hours). The fact is the problem is still there and the TRP is getting bigger for the STAR. Everything else remains the same.

    Those who appreciate and sensitize to the topics discussed never started a Thread on this or any other forums when these Malices existed in our society and shown on different NEws Channels etc. all the time. If we are a concerned group of people, we would have seen and shared many such shows and documentary that Airs on TV for years including on Doordarshan that reaches more homes but has less commercial value.

    Its all "Rang De Basanti" on TV every Sunday morning now and eventually we will be shown the Figures earned by the Show and it being bigger or Smaller than BigB and Salman/ SRK etc.

    Life will go on ...

    Btw , i m completely in for Aamirs show and any other show that talks about eradicating all these Malices from society. But , i tell you my problem with Aamir :
    1. He takes up topics where only one side of the Story is told by one party inspite of the Case being in Court and being in front of a Judge. (Aamir is a Judge above all who only listens to one side ) and then looks at the camera and asks us ...To batayien doston , kya yoga iss desk ka :shocked

    2. The above thing essentially means that the party that reaches Aamirs Darbar first is a hero and the one who can't even give its version is a Villain :shocked (as per Aamirs convenience and the topic in question) . There are enough proof on the web on few of the medical cases discussed on the show that were pathetically handled by Aamir without knowing any facts.

    3. Aamirs tears are just too much over-acting IMHO . Yes these are sensitive issues but he surely goes over-board with his reactions to only extract maximum from the moment and it looks very obvious.

    4. There are individuals planted in the audience who are showed more prominently cos of their good /emotional expressions and some even pops in to interrupt Aamir and read out the script given to them. Thats where the show loses its meaning and feels like you are watching " Rakhi ka Insaaf" :p

    5. What i hate most is - He drives a Skoda Rapid in the show promos and promotes it and not a FIAT :boxer :wink:
  6. sashank82


    In South India (Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka) one can marry his/her first cousin - and this practice is acceptable too!
    And south India has far higher litracy rates compared to North and East India (proven fact). If that has not destroyed the cultural, health and social fabric and led to 'honour killings' at every vilage for every marriage, why can't 2 people from the same vilage - WITH NO KNOW RELATIONSHIP IN THE RECENT PAST MARRY?
  7. amit

    amit Superiore

    Navi Mumbai
    The problems being highlighted are social problems which cannot be solved in a 90 minute talk show although to Aamir Khan's credit he does talk of solutions. Problems like female infanticide & domestic abuse are problems that each individual has to tackle. Why is that 50% of the male's in India don't even think about slapping about their wives but the other 50% feels it's perfectly okay to do it.

    The first thing we need to do to solve these problems is to accept that they exist. We all know they exist but only by talking again & again on these topics will we find a solution. To solve the problem of domestic abuse, 50% of males in our country have to be sensitised. That's a tall order even for someone like Aamir Khan.

    Maybe there were a couple of talk shows that started the process. To the credit of the western world, they just don't talk, they walk the talk. That's something we Indian's fail miserably at.

    Why are we only talking about Aamir Khan's show. Every night at 9pm every news channel has debate's on the news of the day. The panel consists of all the famous media guys, society guys & politicians. They debate, fight & insult each other. Show ends, matter ends. Inflation keeps rising, government resorts to more corruption & money making and common man keeps suffering. What has those debates changed? BUT, they do serve a purpose. The purpose is, it helps educate us by letting us know the problems and where each political party stands in the issues being discussed. We come to know the hypocrisy & double standard's of our political parties. If not for anything else, we can take our revenge in the 2014 polls!
  8. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    amit, You are right.. I'm not just blaming Aamir's show , I'm blaming all those news channels as well who simply want to be the first ones to showcase a new issue but never want to fall back on them and take a second look..
    There are very very few issues that they do come back on and invariably they are some small issues that none seem to care about.

    My guess is that India has reached a stage where politics has become a dying game .... and the so called common man will remain so till his last breath .
    There are very very few govts that actually want to do something for its people and with the foolish decisions that our "LEADERS" are taking i dont see a bright future.
    Many FII are also thinking of the same. I think a day will soon come when the leaders will realize their mistake and India will become Vietnam.

    ---------- Post added at 05:54 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:52 PM ----------

    how will you take revenge?
    I was thinking on the same lines until a few months ago.
    You vote for congress? they are already neck deep in scandals.
    You vote for BJP ? you've already seen what nasty things have happened in south India because of them.
    Everyone is the same.
    I have come down to accepting the fact that let these fools eat money but at least get the job done...
    That's all I ask
  9. sungoa2010


    My attitude towards this kind of program is they are going to help some frction of society, which otherwise will not grab attention of any indian public. We know these things are happening but not bother to react to it. The We should not see it through Amirkhan but thraring abough those innocent people for whom there is nobody till yesterday but today there are people hearing about their problem. Amirkhan is just like any one of us. He is a good actor of bollywood who select good roles to act. The program need a person who can do justice to the theme of the program. He is doing justice to it. More than that there is no point in relating Amirkhan with that program. There is no need to get proud of him or there is no need to get angry about him. If at all something that has to remain with us after the program is the people and their issues that the program is talking. Imagine instead of Amirkhan some unknown presenter at DD doing this job. Will a thread appear hear? Do we discuss about his personal issues here. No we will not. So why to bring the celebrity factor here. Forget about Amir think about what we can do some where in some time in our life to wipe the miseries of our friends whom the program is talking about. I found a program in Manorama news about Mr. Koucheseph Chittilappilly(owner of Vgaurd group and wonderla ) who had donated his one kidney as a first person to an organization(Kidney Donation | Kidney Donor, Humanitarian - Kidney Federation of India :: Kochouseph Chittilappilly). Imagine if it is done by Amirkhan. But the result is same another life is getting benefited.
  10. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    I have already stated that it's permitted in many cultures/communities & nothing wrong with that, but not here. It's a strict no no or lose life by the hands of your family members, doesn't matter how much they love the person. It holds such a gravity. If this actor starts acting this non-sense locally here, he will be killed in no time by a very ordinary person. People don't give a damn about celebrity here if it doesn't resonate. One can marry an animal but not otherwise.

    Since We all don't know what the physics & biochemistry favors out of the two views, It's exactly the same "WHY" that i can also put on your statements.
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2012

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